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FN Herstal (FNH) Bronze For Sale - Buy FN Herstal (FNH) Bronze

If you want a unique bronze FN Herstal handgun, you have come to the right place. Manufacturing within the firearm industry has changed a lot in recent years. While there were only maybe a handful of companies that offered quality options years ago, more and more manufacturers today are getting their hands on precision machining techniques. Fortunately, these companies are able to mass produce weapons with much more reliable features. After all, modern machining has made it possible to have consistent production that some believe compares with custom work. Of course, shooters today understand this. As a result, they no longer judge a firearm solely on how well it performs. Instead, there are many factors beyond the basics to consider. After all, if all of the companies you consider can shoot straight, offer reliability in any environment, and deliver life-long performance that doesn’t waiver, what else do you look at? For many shooters out there today, the place to turn is custom color finishes on their favorite models. When it comes to getting a custom finish, Omaha Outdoors is the place to shop.

What FN Herstal Bronze Model Are You After?

Since we do our finishing work in-house, Omaha Outdoors is able to offer some options when it comes to the color you are after. With bronze, we have two very popular options that many shooters like to consider. The first is the burnt bronze, which delivers that classic bronze look, offering a bright finish that could be described as almost golden. Alternatively, those who are really after an aggressive look might also want to consider the Spartan bronze, which is darker in color and offers a sort of reddish finish. The great thing about choosing Omaha Outdoors is that we can work with any of the most popular FN Herstal models to add this coat. This means we will work with that FNX just as easily as with the popular Five Seven. Whether you want one of the pre-finished models from our inventory or have one of your own you want to modify, we can help.

Applying the Perfect Cerakote Finish

At Omaha Outdoors, we leave nothing to chance when applying our custom finishes. This is why we use a cerakote to apply that finish and offer the service of our expert technicians to make sure it is done right. In case you aren’t familiar, this unique coating goes on as a liquid and dries to offer a ceramic-like finish. The result is both harder than most weapon finishes and also seals in corrosion very effectively. Performing a careful and precise application, each new finish is inspected to ensure quality and consistency. After it is determined that the finish looks right, we also perform a function test in-house to ensure that everything still functions properly. As a final measure, we ship out the gun with a 12-month workmanship warranty. This warranty is intended to protect from any mistakes in application, which could lead to cracking, bubbling, or peeling. Fortunately, we know that our coats were applied properly, so you should never have to worry about these issues. Always keep in mind though, this warranty will not protect your finish if you choose to abuse the gun. This leaves you with just one question: where can you get the cerakote applied? Fortunately, Omaha Outdoors offers a couple of options. As you will see below, we usually keep some of those options in stock. You can opt for a single coat on the slide, one on the frame, a matching coat on both the slide and frame, or even request to have one color added to the slide and another to the frame. For custom orders, simply give us a call and expect it to take 10-15 days for completion on average.

The Omaha Outdoors Advantage

Beyond having this custom finish applied by one of our certified technicians, here at Omaha Outdoors we have so much confidence in what we do that we offer a special 12-month workmanship warranty which each of these models. This way, the finish is protected from bubbling, cracking, peeling, or other potential defects that might result from improper coating techniques. If treated right, this type of finish should last for many years to come, so just avoid scraping your new gun against metal, rocks, or other hard surfaces, or exposing it to extreme torture tests. When you are ready, you can go ahead and select the items you need from below. If you are having trouble finding the model you need or you have a custom request, simply pick up the phone and give us a call directly. Our customer service team is available throughout the week to help process your order and give you the custom attention you need to keep you shooting at your best. We look forward to delivering your new gun from FN Herstal and thank you for making us your number one outdoor shopping destination.


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