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FMK AR1 eXtreme AR-15 Stripped Lower Receiver

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FMK Firearms



Model: AR-15
Finish/Color: Black

There are many advantages to building a rifle of your own. Beyond the satisfaction of having designed your own AR-15, the building process will help you learn all of the necessary parts, making maintenance that much easier down the road. You also get to configure the rifle exactly as you want it, allowing you to leave out any unnecessary features while getting the best of what matters to you. If you want to have the best build experience, you probably want to work with a stripped lower and this FMK AR1 extreme could be just what you need.

Manufactured using a proprietary composite polymer, this lower was built to stand up to just about anything. While traditional aluminum lowers might dent or break from stress, this one will bounce right back into shape. Perhaps as important as this, the polymer construction always for an impressively light weight. Since it is compatible with standard mil-spec lower parts, you can build the rifle as you want it. To back up their strength, this lower comes with an unconditional lifetime warranty.

So, if you are looking to build a new AR-15 and want to work with a lightweight option that still provides the durability you need, this eXtreme lower is the place to start.


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