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Fishing Tackle, Equipment, and Gear For Sale

Shopping online for fishing gear has never been easier at Omaha Outdoors. We have the top brands you’re looking for, to catch whatever you’re fishing for, wherever you are. Different fish require different types of tackle, and the right fishing equipment can make or break a trip. The more you specialize your gear, the better chance you have of success. Looking for bass in southern lakes? A good baitcasting reel, strong line, and an assortment of lures that can work every inch of the water depth are necessary items. How about trout in western lakes? Spinners and spoons are mandatory, as well as flies that match the local insects. You’ll also want floats and water bubbles to help get your line out where the fish are. Or maybe you like to hit deep-water catfish around the dams, muskies during the full moon, or tarpon in waters so clear they look like they’re hovering in mid-air. No matter what you’re chasing, your odds are always better when you dial your fishing setup in to match the fish you’re after.

And luckily, the only thing that beats feeling the tug of a fish on your rod is browsing for fishing tackle online in the comfort of your own home. Day or night, rain or shine, you’ll find the fishing equipment you need to land the big one in our online fishing equipment store.

Start with your rod – do you want extra sensitive action for those subtle trout nibbles? Extra strength for lugging a monster flathead from the depths? Extra length to reach out and drop your fly next to the undercut bank fifty feet upstream? In our store, you’ll find the right rod for any fishing occasion.

There’s also a reel for every fishing situation and every fish. Whether you’re casting spinnerbaits with a smooth sailing baitcasting reel, stripping line as you roll cast, or you’re looking for a lightning-fast gear ratio for quick retrieves, you’re just a few clicks away from the right reel for your next fishing trip.

Finally, choose your line, check out our fishing lures for sale, and browse our selection of dry and wet flies and streamers. You may even find the perfect new tackle box for all your new gear. The top brands are found right here for you to build the perfect fishing “command center,” and in less time than you think, you’ll have everything you need to limit out on your next trip to the water, turning “fish stories” into TRUE stories.

Shopping online for fishing gear just got a whole lot simpler, more affordable, and fun. That’s because at Omaha Outdoors, we’re just like you – we love to fish, too. It’s why we’ve gone to great lengths to give you quality choices at money-saving prices. And when you order from us, you’ll also get the kind of customer service you expect from people who care as much about fishing as you do. Come check us out… you’ll be glad you did. And the next time you haul in a keeper – be sure to send us a picture!

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