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Ever since they were first introduced, more than 150 years ago, lever-action rifles have been a favorite with shooters. Used by select troops during the Civil War, and known as “The Rifle That Won the West,” it is an action that is still in use today. Omaha Outdoors offers a wide selection of lever-action rifles for sale online, from manufacturers including Winchester, Henry, Browning and Marlin as well as others. These rifles are available in many calibers, from .17 HMR and, of course, .22 LR to the well-known .30-30, .45 Long Colt and more powerful rounds such as .30-06 and .444 Marlin. Whether you’re looking for a great “plinking” rifle, a deer hunting gun or one to remind you of the glory days of frontier life, you can find what you’re looking for in our inventory of discount firearms for sale online.

Versatile and Reliable

Many a hunter has carried a lever-action rifle in the field, whether hunting rabbits with a .22 LR or striking out into the North Woods after a trophy buck with a trusty “thuty-thuty.” Rifles with this action have been chambered in such a wide variety of calibers that they lend themselves to use with almost any size game – up to and including moose and bear. With a quick reloading cycle – as fast as the shooter can work the lever – the action allows fast follow-up shots or taking on multiple targets. Lever actions are also great favorites on the range, as well; they’re just plain fun to shoot! Their accuracy stands up to any other action, too. Of course, lever-action rifles are great for introducing new people – particularly youngsters – to the shooting sports. Nothing can better bring a wide grin to a novice’s face than being able to shoot a real “cowboy” rifle! Don’t forget the Single Action Shooting Society events, in which lever action shooting is an integral part. With all that going for them, there’s no reason not to have a lever-action rifle in your collection.

A Long Tradition

As an action for repeating rifles, the lever mechanism was adopted long before the bolt action. In 1860, just before the opening of the Civil War, both the Spencer repeating rifle and the Henry rifle were introduced and used in the conflict. While there were not enough produced to arm more than a fraction of the troops – only 8,000 Henry rifles in .44 rimfire were produced by 1965 – these repeaters were used to great effect in combat, particularly at the Battle of Nashville and during the Gettysburg Campaign, where their rate of fire of 20 rounds per minute far exceeded the 2 to 3 rounds per minute for standard-issue muzzle-loading rifles. Confederate troops bitterly described the Union’s lever-action rifles as one “that you can load on Sunday and shoot all week long.” Even after the war, lever-action rifles continued to be used in the military; George Armstrong Custer’s troops carried them at the Battle of the Little Bighorn (although the results can be attributed to tactics, rather than armament). The British Army also adopted the lever-action Martini-Henry in the 1870s and continued to use it through the First World War. Still, the lever action is, and will always be, most associated with the American West.

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