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If you are on the fence about what firearm to purchase next, you might want to sort through some of the options online to find the one that most fits your needs. Are you looking for a great concealed carry pistol, or a piece for you to display at home? Do you need something with more stopping power, or something that offers more recoil control? When you can answer these questions, you might want to spend some time looking through Omaha Outdoors staff favorites, which gives you a convenient place to look at some of the most popular products to see if any of them match your needs.

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At Omaha Outdoors, we carry many hard to find firearms at prices that consistently beat the competition. This includes many limited production products from some of the top manufacturers and also more unique configurations of firearms. Sometimes you might find a great concealed carry pistol for your wife or girlfriend and other times you might look for a 1911 that was custom tailored to fit the tactical operator.

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