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EOTech XPS2-SAGE Holographic Weapon Sight

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Model: XPS2-SAGE
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When using non-lethal methods, you don’t really have the luxury to close one of your eyes to shoot. In these situations, you always need to keep your eyes open and stay alert for any threat that might present itself. To help accomplish this, shooters have gone to using alternative sighting solutions such as holographic sights. If the SAGE is your system of choice, you may consider an EOTech XPS2-SAGE Holographic Weapon Sight as your optical platform.

Specifically built for use with the SAGE less-lethal 37 mm rifled launcher, this model comes ready to be installed on a 1” Weaver or 1913 Mil-Std rail. It comes submersible up to 10 feet and offers a 9 ounce carry weight to keep your weight down. The sight image is designed for the SAGE system, allowing a unique reticle pattern to keep you on target. The 20 different lighting settings allow for use during any hour of daylight and at nominal settings its 123 lithium battery will offer 600 hours of continuous use.

So, if you use a SAGE system and need a sight to ensure you stay on target, this option developed by EOTech is definitely one to consider.


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