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EOTech HHS II EXPS2-2 HWS / G33 w/ STS Mount w/ QD Sight

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Model: HHS II
Finish/Color: Black

Getting your rifle fully equipped for battle condition can be difficult, but more than this it can also be very expensive. In addition to the basic optical upgrades, you likely want to get a magnifying device to allow for longer shots. With everything you need for tactical performance, this EOTech HHS II EXPS2-2 HWS / G33 w/ STS Mount w/ QD Sight is one of the best values available today.

The HHS, or Holographic Hybrid Sight, was designed for those operators who want to get their gear all at once. Combining the holographic performance of their EXPS2-2 sight, which offers a double reticle to provide more accurate distance shots, with their G33 magnifier, this HHS is just what you need. The included STS (switch-to-side) mount allows for almost instant changing between 1X and 3X magnification while the sight provides 20 brightness settings to get the right one. The fog-resistent magnifier ensures you don’t lose sight of your target and the no-nonsense features make it easy to install and use in the field.

So, when you need to get a battle-ready optical solution to attach to your favorite rifle, remember that this professionally-designed HHS is ready to deliver.


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