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EOTech 552.LBC2 Holographic Weapon Sight

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Model: 552.LBC2
Finish/Color: Black

Selecting an optical device today can be tough. Rather than just settling for something basic, you should consider checking out the many options offered by EOTech. Beyond the basic holographic sight capacity, this EOTech 552.LBC2 Holographic Weapon Sight also integrates a laser system to ensure the best accuracy in close quarters.

Trusted as the go-to optical choice for many military units, this holographic sight is packed with helpful features to keep you on target. In addition to its water resistant design up to 10 meters, the body is constructed to be extra tough, ensuring it can endure the conditions you would encounter in battle. The addition of the Laser Battery Cap 2 uses an integrated visible and IR laser, giving you an extra edge in close quarter battles. Running off 2 AA batteries, the sight itself will last for up to 36 hours, or 12 with both lasers on at room temperature. The lasers are both adjustable for windage, ensuring you can stay on target. With 20 daylight settings and 10 addition included for night-vision devices, this is an option you can definitely trust to work.

If you want a robust military-trusted holographic sight to add to your rifle, you won’t go wrong with this offering from EOTech.


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