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Desantis Nemesis Holster For Sig P938 w/ ECR for Viridian Reactor 5

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Sig P938

Model: Nemesis

A good 9mm can go a long way as a concealed carry pistol, which is why so many have come to trust the Sig P938 for its use in the urban jungle. When they also attached a Viridian laser to their pistol setup, they can achieve one of the quickest draw and shoot times in their life. To accomplish this, they will also need the right holster though, which is where Desantis Reactor 5 Nemesis For Sig P938 comes into play.

Designed as a pocket holster, this Nemesis series offers ambidextrous performance that anyone can use. It was built to hold your Sig P938 with Reactor 5 laser already attached, which gives it a snug fit in the field. With a high density foam construction, it helps to break up the outline of the weapon and allows for better concealed carry in your pocket. Featuring a black slick pack cloth construction, it helps to ensure the holster remains situated securely in your pocket, even if you live an active lifestyle.

When you want an in the pocket holster that was made specifically for your P938 while it has an affixed Reactor 5 sight, this is the one to use.


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