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Desantis Nemesis Holster for Glock 42 w/ ECR for Viridian Reactor

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Glock 42

Model: Nemesis

With its slim dimensions and low-recoil .380 ACP chambering, the Glock 42 makes for an excellent concealed carry handgun. Of course, nothing works better with a G42 than a good Reactor 5 laser sight, which takes the “safe action” trigger and turns the weapon into a true point and shoot pistol. When you decide to make this change, you’ll also want a Desantis Viridian Reactor 5 Nemesis Glock 42 to aid with concealed carry.

When it comes to in-the-pocket holsters, the Nemesis begins by building its exterior out of black slick pack cloth, which helps to keep it securely in place. From there, they use high density foam in the construction, allowing for a better way to keep the outline hidden from prying eyes. Because it is in the pocket, it allows for ambidextrous use, making switching between left and right-handed carry simple. Finally, it comes ECR equipped, which is especially useful for making sure your Reactor is automatically on when you draw. This version is meant for your Glock 42 with Reactor already attached.

Those who need a holster to hold their G42 equipped with a Reactor sight will find this in-the-pocket option fills the role quite nicely.


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