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If you want your children to understand proper firearm handling, the only way to really accomplish this is to get them out to the range. Of course, most standard weapons can be really difficult to handle, which is why many shooters look for a good .22 LR to perform the training with. Since many of these are still made to be full-sized, it can still be difficult to get your children started out at a young age. To help overcome this challenge, Keystone Sporting Arms, LLC offers Crickett rifles, a special line of .22s that are built specifically for the youth shooter.

At Omaha Outdoors, we keep a variety of these Crickett rifles in stock and ready to ship. This makes it easy to sort through the option available online and make your selection. Since our number one priority is customer service, we work to give you the fastest shipping times available in the industry. If you have any questions, please contact us directly. Otherwise, feel free to place your order below.

Introducing Keystone Sporting Arms, LLC

Originally working as auctioneers, Bill and Steve McNeal were approached in 1994 by a man with a Chipmunk .22 rifle. After inquiring more about the rifle, they attempted to purchase the company, but when this offer fell through they decided to build their own youth rifle. They began with the Davey Crickett sing shot rifle, which they launched in 1996. Working under the name Keystone Sporting Arms, they expanded from a small family owned business to begin offering a variety of other rifles. Now, stationed out of Milton, PA, they offer some of the best youth shooting rifles and accessories available on the market today.

The Crickett .22 Rifle

After about 2 decades, the basic Crickett rifle still stands as a testament to the innovative approach to youth shooting. The rifle comes ready to accept any variety of .22 ammo, including Short, Long, Long Rifle, standard, or high velocity rounds. It uses a manually cocking, single shot bolt action system and offers a 2 1/2 – 3 pound trigger pull. The rifle includes a rebounding firing pin, which helps to automatically block the weapon and prevent accidental discharge. It also has the option of coming with an internal safety lock, to prevent unwanted use of the rifle.

It operates using a 16 1/8” barrel with a 12” length of pull. Young shooters can learn how to operate the rifle using the standard iron sights. Most importantly, the weapon weighs in at around 3 pounds and offers an overall length of only 30 ½”, which makes it ideal for a youth shooter.

Over the years, the offering has expanded to include a few different configurations to appeal to shooters of different ages and skill levels. One option includes the .22WMR option, which is chambered in the .22WMR and uses the same basic operation. Another option is the Bull Barrel model, which works with the same calibers as the base model. Finally, you can opt for a target model, which replaces the standard iron sights with a scope base. This will allow you to better prepare your child to operate a weapon with a scope (sold separately) and is slightly heavier as a result.

Try a Crickett .22 Pistol

Whether you want to get your child used to one-handed shooting so (s)he can better understand using a pistol or you want a compact weapon for varmint hunting, the Crickett .22 Pistol is another popular option available today. It is available in either the .22LR standard calibers or the .22WMR only model. It uses the same single shot action as the rifle and a comparable trigger pull. The barrel rests at 10 ½” and overall it measures 17 ½” long. You can opt for a black or pink synthetic finish.

Crickett Accessories at Omaha Outdoors

In addition to the basic rifles, Omaha Outdoors also carries a variety of Crickett accessories to ensure your child can have the best learning experience. This includes basic gear like eye and ear protection for the range as well as safety equipment like lock keys for your rifle. If you want to put a scope on one of your Crickett rifles, you can also find the scope and the mounting gear online at the right price. Naturally, this also includes cleaning gear and the other basic maintenance items you might need to keep your weapon working at its best. Finally, you might consider buying some targets, slings, or a mini gun case to hold your new rifle.

Our mission at Omaha Outdoors is to ensure all our customers get the individual attention they deserve. Whether you know exactly what you want or you have a question about your order, please feel free to contact us directly. If you prefer, simply add the item to your cart below and proceed to checkout. We hope to become your number one provider for all things firearm related, and that starts with giving you the educational tools you need to teach your children right.


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