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Colt Expanse M4 223 Rem / 5.56 NATO 30 RDS 16.1" Rifle

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Product Features

Barrel Length:





Collapsible / Folding Stock



Capacity: 30 RDS
Model: Expanse M4
Finish/Color: Black
Caliber: 223 Rem / 5.56 NATO

Do you need to get a new battle rifle but don’t have the budget to get one of those more expensive performance models? Are you looking to start with a basic AR platform and use it to build a more powerful model on your own? Have you never shot an M-4 or AR-15 before and want to try out an entry level model to see what they are like? Whatever the case might be, this Colt Expanse M-4 is just the right tool for the job.

Chambered in the versatile 5.56 NATO cartridge, this rifle will easily take both your battle rounds and the less expensive .223 Rem ammo for practice. It offers a 16.1” barrel with a 1:7 right hand twist for accuracy. The adjustable front post can be worked on for elevation, while Colt leaves out a rear sight to keep costs down. This allows you to decide if you want a fixed option, a more popular folding rear, or even a more precise reflex sight. With a direct gas system action, it provides reliability when it matters most. Furthermore, the adjustable stock makes it easy to get just the right length for your individual needs.

So, when you need a rifle that was designed to deliver all the essentials at a price you can afford, this Colt Expanse may be just what you need.



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