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Firearms may seem simple when you are using them, but there are a great many parts that go into making a quality weapon. Whether you learn how to work with all these parts or just stick to basic maintenance items, it is important that you at least have an understanding of what is involved. This allows you to identify potential performance issues your weapon might experience and gives you the ability to work quickly through whatever challenge you come across. When you need to get the actual parts, you turn to a company like Brownells.

With our own knowledge of firearms and passion for shooting, Omaha Outdoors understand that there are a lot of parts to keep track of between your different guns. This is why we keep an assortment of Brownells products in stock and ready to ship, allowing you the luxury of strolling through the items at your leisure. If you have any questions about what parts you might need, please pick up the phone and call us directly. One of our service representatives will be more than happy to help. Otherwise, shop with confidence and enjoy your stay.

Growing As a Gunsmithing Powerhouse

During the 1930s, Bob Brownell enjoyed working with firearms and doing some gunsmithing work on the side. As his hobby began to turn into a source of profit, Bob realized that there was something more to what he was doing. In 1939, he began officially working as a gunsmith under the Brownells name. By 1947, his new company released its first catalog and made its objective clear to become the first complete gunsmith supply house in the world. For the next few decades, the company continued to grow and in 1973 it moved into a new facility and within 7 years the company facilities were expanded twice. Now, after over 75 years of operation, the company has expanded into multiple locations and developed a new corporate structure that they believe helps them provide better service.

Custom Rifle and Shotgun Parts

Since they work as a full service gunsmith, Brownells is best known for their various parts they manufacture and work with. Though the company itself will deal on a larger scale with a variety of manufacturers, they also build many of their own rifle and shotguns components. For the AR-15, they design a BCG, which is built after the M-16 platform and provides a long life to ensure your weapon works smoothly. Similarly, they produce a variety of buttstock kits, which include the appropriate buffer tubes.

Though AR-15s might be one of the most popular platform, they also offer other options, such as different barrels for your various rifles and complete parts kits to perform maintenance. When it comes to shotguns, they make similar options, giving you all the little springs and pins you need for a reliable performance. They also make their own tactical shotgun stock for those who need reliable performance from a home defense weapon.

Handgun Parts Built by Brownells

After you secure all your long arms, you will also want to consider the different handgun parts offered by Brownells. As you might expect, the 1911 is one of the most popular models in this category. For this iconic pistol, they create their own quality wooden grips, replacement springs, pins, and all the other maintenance items you might need. Beyond the 1911, they also work with a few other choice pistols, all of them chosen based on their popularity by shooters to customize from home.

Brownells Emergency and Survival Gear

As a firearm owner, you probably have some level of interest in the outdoors. You also understand that it is your responsibility to stay safe and protect your family in an emergency situation. Whether you consider yourself a full-fledged prepper or just look to keep some emergency supplies on hand for a rainy day, Brownells also assembles a variety of items that will suit your needs. To begin, you might pick up an ESG Pack, which can serve as a great bugout bag. From there you can pack it with the supplies you need.

If you want some specialized kits already assembled for you, Brownells also covers you in that department. Their 72 Hour Food and Water Kit has all the food and water one person will need to survive for 3 days. While you are on the road, you might pick up the Essentials Car Kit, which has emergency supplies that could come in handy if your car ever leaves you stranded. Those with some medical training might turn to the Essentials Paramedic Kit instead, which is sure to provide for everything you need.

Get the Rest of Your Shooting Accessories at Omaha Outdoors

With all the firearm parts they manufacture, it makes sense that Brownells also offers a great assortment of different accessories. If you want to install new parts on your weapon yourself, you might be interested in picking up some of their gunsmith tools, which will help you get the job done right with a quality construction that will last. After you do this, you might want to browse the rest of Omaha Outdoors and find some other shooting accessories. Perhaps you just need to pick up a new grip for your favorite pistol or some new magazines for your battle rifle. Whatever the case might be, you can find these items in one convenient marketplace.

So, whether you are looking to grab some Brownells parts for your customization job or just looking to get the other accessories you need, Omaha Outdoors can be your one stop shop. Our dedicated representatives are friendly and knowledgeable about all variety of shooting endeavors, able to help you get the items you need with the attention you deserve. Simply add the items to your cart and place your order when ready. We look forward to shipping your new accessories directly.


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