Wilson Combat Hackathorn Special Video

All right, about a year ago, Bill Wilson and I were discussing Wilson Combat 1911s. I have a number of them and one of the things I mentioned to Bill was I’d like to have a really nice one.

Now, in my part of the world we call them go-to-town guns, down in Texas and Arkansas they refer to them as BBQ guns. The reality is, when you go to town, you want a nice gun on, or you’re going to a special occasion. I live in a part of the world were people open-carry. It’s a standard way of life, particularly in the mountain west. I wanted a really nice attractive show piece pistol.

What I had in mind at the time, I told Bill is that I wanted one of his pistols, I wanted it blued, I wanted a blued finish and I wanted ivory stocks on it. You can see I am kind of a fan of ivory.

End result, I spec’d out a pistol, here’s what I’d like to have, and Bill sat down and we worked together and we came up with the specifications. It’s a 5 inch Wilson Combat 1911, all steel. The gun obviously is fit and made to the detail that Wilson does, so the guns are very accurate, extremely reliable.

Some of the unique things to the pistol I wanted was for example, I’m a big fan of fix-sights, I use the Wilson Battlesight on my particular personal gun, I’ve got a Gold Bead Front Sights and ears.

One thing I found when you carry a pistol, on a regular basis. Particularly if you do carry it concealed, the long grip safety sometimes can particularly if you bend over, so Bill offers what they called “concealed carry.” It’s a bit shorter and a corresponding hammer design that doesn’t protrude as far back, as a matter of fact when the hammer’s back it’s nice and flush. For me, I find that an extended amount of the Beavertail grip safety, even though I have a big hand, I really don’t need it. I just need enough to protect my hand, so that was a feature.

We did a modification slide. I like what basically the ball-end cuts. Reminiscent of the very first 1911s and I like grasping grooves. A lot of people say well why front grasping groove? The normal way we cycle a gun, or check it or load it is we reach up here and we load it like so. There are times it’s handier to reach up and grab the front of the slide. I like to grasping grooves up here, so I can grab, if I want to prep-check I can do it like so. I like that feature.

Everything else in the gun is fairly similar, for example, he offers a short, medium and long trigger, even though I have a long hand. What I find, if you have a long trigger and you’re wearing gloves, and I live in a part of the world where you’ve got to wear gloves in the winter time, that long trigger can actually produce a shortage of space. The medium trigger allows me plenty of room with the glove.

I asked him to put a Wilson MagWell on it, in this case, the bullet proof. the one-piece is extremely rugged, beautifully blended in. I like a mag well, people tell me you don’t need them, but under stress, reloading this pistol, that little extra effort of getting the magazine in, being able to find the mag on seat in the pistol. I think, even though it adds a quarter inch to the length of the butt, the advantage it has particularly under stress with gloves, cold hands, whatever, seating that magazine and getting into the pistol, I like the MagWell.

My personal gun that Bill did for me has ivory grips, but the way the gun normally comes is with the Starburst grips, which, by the way, are extremely attractive and very functional. They feel great on the gun.

Pistol’s set up to have about a 4-pound trigger, mine is superbly accurate. It’s basically, a little bit of bevel on the edges of the slides, the frame — The gun doesn’t have any sharp edges that’s going braid your hands or tear up your holsters or whatever. In blued finish, I think it’s quite attractive.

Now, for a lot of people blue may not be practical. Obviously, they offer the armored tough finish, which is extremely rugged and durable. A variety of colors and to suit your needs, this one’s black and gray, kind of a personal favorite of mine. This version, by the way, has the green fiber-optic front site, which I have to tell you, is quite functional.

I had Bill make me a second gun and this is it, it’s a .9 mm, and you notice mine has a fiber-optic site, it’s the armor tough finish with ivory. The bottom line is the Hackathorn Special, is a gun that reflects my taste and my needs for a go-to-town gun. Functional everyday, I shoot a 9mm a lot more than I used to. Mainly because my hands now have been so beat up from shooting a lot of .44 mag and .45 autos over the years that, quite honestly if I shoot my .45, my hand suffers. I shoot a lot of 9, the pistol can be made of any other calibers, and you know, .9, .38, Super, .10 mm, .45, whatever you want. My .45’s a carry gun, my 9mm tends to be my shooting gun.

It is a really nice pistol, one I am proud of and I’m pleased to see that Bill thought it was worthy to offer in his catalog. I think it’s a pistol that you will ideal.