Walther PPQ vs. an Assortment of Glocks 17 / 19 / 42 Video

Hello YouTube friends, I just wanted to give you a brief review today of a couple of guns, I’m not going to bore you with showing you the case or showing you the owners manual, or anything like that. I think when I a lot of people look at when they are buying a gun is, well, what else is out there.

What we have here on the table, we’re reviewing a few things here. My friends asked me, this is my Glock 19, I recently bought a Walther PPQ, and I’ve begun concealed carrying this PPQ. Now, some comparisons will come up because some people say, well, you know, Glock 19, Walther PPQ, similar, very similar in size, capacity and all that.

Well, how do they actually compare? I was going to do a couple things for you, you can look up dimension online, but they’re a few things it won’t quite tell you. I’ll use this gauge here and tell you, for example, the width of the gun.


Now, if you’re looking at a Glock, you’re looking at dead on one inch right there. You come down here to the frame, you’re looking at 1.15
Turn your… You’re getting a glare.

Okay, so we’re looking at 1.15, 1.16. I’ve always carried the Glock 3rd gen, with this little piece on it, and you see with that, without biting into it too much, I was looking at a 1.3 inch wide grip. I’ll slide that off here because a lot of people won’t do it, or they’re use a thinner grip anyway. Take my rubber sleeve off, without that sleeve, your 3rd gen Glock down here at the handle comes in a tenth of an inch thinner, looking at about 1.17.

Now, PPQ, it’s wider, it’s taller, but let’s talk about that in ways that matter. Let me put them up here side-by-side. You see that the Walther here on my right has a tapered slide. Okay, and that does make a difference, because, let’s start doing the micrometer on it. If you measure here on at the very top, within those serrations you’re looking at less than an inch. You’re looking at 0.89 or so, you get up here at towards very top, not too scientific, but looking at about 0.8. Get down here at the bottom, a shade over an inch, an inch and eight-hundredth, seven-hundredths. You get down here on the frame, the sides actually a little wider, still looking an inch and an eighth.

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Now they reason you see a wider number on the internet, is because they’ve got to measure by this magazine catch. You look at that magazine catch, 1.33 inches, but that’s not necessarily indicative of how wide this gun actually is because it’s really not. I mean except for that one little bar, it’s not that wide. Now, if we measure here at the handle, right there, we’re looking at 1.12, I have to look back at it and memorize my Glock number, but it’s very, very similar.

Now, this gun it’s hard to see, maybe with the serrations, not the best gun safety you’re seeing me model here, but it’s wider in spots, it’s like 1.3 here, you come down here it’s 1.24. If you back up some towards the edge, you can find spots where it’s one inch back here. It’s, turn the gun upwards, 1.5 towards the front and if you look at it here from the bottom, it’s got like a swell to it.

In some ways that may matter to you, if you put this in a holster, it may not matter as much. Now, another thing is the height. I didn’t measure the height here because it’s pretty hard once I do. We extended this thing out, from about the bottom, not including the site, you’re looking at about 4.6 inches.
Now with the Walther, holding it in, you’re looking at right at five inches, without the sites. Glocks 17, about the same, so height-wise it’s the same. Now, that may sound like, well the Glock 19 wins, but not so fast, because you’re not carry these guns with no magazine. I don’t know if you can get down and see the heights here, but you’ll notice that the Walther has this little lip, now when you put the magazine in your Glock 19, look how much it just grew. You put your magazine in you Walther PPQ, it doesn’t make is quite as tall, because there’s just little height to it anyway.

Then we look at three empty magazines in these three guns, now they’ve all been safety checked, just do that for the safety, nothing there, empty, Glock 19, the same way, empty.

Now, if you look at it from this way, if you look at them height-wise, they’re sitting on their sites, all of a sudden that height difference between your Glock and your Walther doesn’t look at much. Let me eject that for a second. With that shoot alone, it looks like, wow, that Walther’s a lot taller, but it just kind of holds the magazine more. Now, let’s measure it this way, Glock 19 with a magazine, which is the way you’re going to carry it. You’re looking at closer to 4.9 inches, from the bottom of the magazine to the top of the slide. If you look at sites, about 5 inches, about the same.

Now, if we look at a PPQ, 5.1 inches, 5.2 inches or so, top of the slide to the bottom of the magazine. Sites are kind of tall on that one. Now, you’re looking at about a quarter-inch difference on your Glock 19 — Oh, your 17, sorry, you’re looking at 5.3.

Now, the other thing maybe weight, like to come around, we’ll weigh them, borrowed the food scale here. Glock 19 empty, no magazine, or magazine empty, 23.8 ounces. Walther PPQ, same scale, and keep in mind this is a threaded barrel so it comes in a little tiny bit heavier than the regular one, 24.8. We’re looking at about an ounce difference.

Now, a Glock 17, 25.1, not a lot of difference in any of them, now, we haven’t really messed with this .42 yet, but you can see right there, much, much lighter gun. Also, I’ll get some quick measurements on it. I mean it’s not even an inch wide, 0.8 or so right there, you come down here to the handle, 0.86, much smaller, much smaller firearm.

Then we come down to holster. Now, I picked this up, this is an Apples-Oranges, my PPQ, I picked up this holster at the Dixie Gun Show. See more of a fat boy’s skin here then you’d like to see. This holster is designed so you can tuck your shirt in. You see the leather clip is separate from the holster and you can tuck in your shirt. Belt loop came undone there. You can sit here and tuck in your shirt and in theory hid the gun, and that’s a pretty big gun.

Now, one thing, like I said you’re seeing more of a fat boys skin than you want. Because of that tapered slide and because of the way you carry it, that doesn’t really bother you. The way it tappers up, compared to when I carried a Glock 19 earlier, I’ll stick the Glock in the same holster. See a little bit of a difference here, the Glock didn’t have a slide, may not matter on this holster as much as it did on my other one. When you’re carrying it all day, those serrations kind of get there and bother your skin. Which you may say, hey that’s the difference to go to Walmart for five dollars and you can buy yourself some tank tops and take care of the problem.

As far as safety, I didn’t bring my snap caps out here. Some people talk about loaded chamber indicators if you’re worried about safety. Couple of people wants some kind of loaded chamber indicator. Walther does have one. You see here this bar, this is flat right now, but when we load the chamber, you can see a red right there. This thing is ready to go. It’s not the best gun safety, I should have brought my snap caps out.

Let’s say we load it into the Walther, or the Glock, sorry. The Glock, which you see right here is a piece that kind of flat right there. When we load it, it comes out with your finger, and you can kind of catches, so if you were to check this gun, you would hold it out, you would take your finger and rub, say notch is out, much be loaded. You know then that you have one in the chamber. The Glock 19 to 42 or 17 to 42, we won’t go over those the same way. The last thing I want to do, is down range I have stapled up some targets. I’m just going to eight minutes.

Yes, load some rounds here, fire all of them, so that you can see mussel flip. One question came down about bore access to these guns and the Walther does have a little bit higher bore access. It does have that going against it, so you do have to worry about that. Load a few here into the PPQ. You may have a mag preference, the Glock has this like plastic coating over their magazines and they work.

While I’m loading this, one thing I’ll show you here, if you look at the Glock 19, I don’t know if the camera can pick it up or not, but it looks like the frame is like bent on all of them to me. First time I went to a gun shop, years ago and held a Glock, the first thing I said was, wow, this thing feel cheap. I stand by that they look cheap; I know that the Glock fan boys will say a Glock is not cheap. They’re true, a Glock works, it works very well, it’s a spectacular firearm. It does everything is expected to do. Yes, that’s a fully load one there.

It does everything it’s expected to do, but as far as quality and machining, if you look at that PPQ, you don’t see that. I don’t think we’ll ever catch it on camera, you might. You can see say daylight between the frame and the slide of a Glock, on almost any of them.  Plus, there’s that little awkward bent thing going on.

On a Walther, you can see a little bit of daylight, but not nearly as much and I don’t see that bend to it. To me, it’s just a better machine gun, Before we load them up, bore axes right there. All right so, as far as barrels go, I won’t look directly down the barrel of a gun, but if you look at the sides, not much difference in them there. That’s the heights, you can see the triggers, I mean we’re talking maybe a quarter, maybe an eight of an inch higher on the Walther.

To me the ergonomics of the Walther, make up for any amount of extra muzzle flip you may get. Go ahead and hook up my earmuffs here. I’m going to fire three of these. I’ll start off with my Glock 19, I haven’t shot this without my glove in a while. I’ll shoot this at one, or you going to watch and I’m going to fire five shot just straight. Watching for the muzzle flip, and then I’ll let five go really quick. These are the Nato Rim. I’ll step up a little bit closer. You want to come around some

All right, now we’re watching the muzzle flip here, what some people…

There you go and we killed a tree limb officially there.
Something may have happened.

I’m not shooting very well today, next thing is we’ll bring in the Walther, and we’ll go for another target. Load this one up. Go for that left one there…

Then Five.

At least for me you can always call rigged, but I did shoot better with the PPQ. This one has the big back strap on it, makes it a little bit longer, chamber that one.

You see probably the most controllable there, probably this Glock 17. What you’ve got to keep in mind when you’re trying to conceal either of these guns, is that if you go for a PPQ. You are basically going to be concealing a full sized handgun. Now, I’m 5’10”, I’m 225 pounds. I have a pretty decent size hand on me. Either one of these, I mean the Glock 17, I can put that right in the same holster. It’s built for PPQ, I can probably carry it just as well as I can carry a PPQ. Just for ergonomic reasons, just for how I like how it feels, my vote would go to the PPQ.

Nothing necessarily wrong with the Glock. What you want is a good conceal carrier, if you’re a small frame person, you probably need to be shopping for a Glock 42, maybe a Smith & Wesson Shield, or now there coming out with — They’ve got the Walther PPS, they’ve got the CCP coming down the line.

What it all comes down to though, if you want to conceal any of these firearms, the Glock 19, The Walther PPQ, the Glock 17, you’ve got to ask yourself a question. Can I carry a full-size firearm because that’s really what they all come down to. You’ve seen the shooting, you’ve seen the muzzle flip. I think that’s about all I can give you. In regards to these guns the happy choice in no matter what you choose you’ve made a good choice, and make the ones best for you, thanks for watching.

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