My Top Kimber 1911 Pistols Video




Hello guys, Big Daddy Hoffman 1911 coming to you. I’m out here on the range with my friend Jess from Marble Beach, South Carolina. How are you doing, Jess?

I’m doing good, buddy.

Always a pleasure having you on the range.

Always great to be here and to shoot.

Yes sir, and it’s always a pleasure being on the range. Guys, I did shave my beard there and I got a haircut. Does it look any better?

You look a little younger.

Yeah. Anyway, while I got you out here today, Jess has got a little itch for a Kimber pistol. I’m going to help him scratch that itch today.

That’s what I’m talking about.

Let’s go over here on the table and I’ll show you what we’re going to shoot. Let’s get it done.


Alright, here we go, a bag full of Kimbers. We’ll be using PMC Full Metal Jacket, and I’ll let Jess tell you what we got in this bag. What have we got right here, Jess?

Well, right here we’ve got a Tactical Pro II, and then moving up here we’ve got an Ultra-Crimson Carry II with a laser sight on it.

Yeah, that’s the one I carry all the time.

Right above that we’ve got a stainless Ultra Carry II, sharp looking.

Oh, yeah.

Then here we’ve got a Custom Shop, and then here we’ve got a Kimber Team Match for the USA shooting team.

Yes sir, that’s my favorite.

Beautiful gun.

Yes sir, it is, and it’s a great shooter too. Alright, let’s go shoot these bad boys.


OK, Jess, what are we going to shoot first?

First we’ve got the Kimber Team Match.

Alright, let’s do it.

That’s sweet.

Let’s load it up again.


Alright, I’m going to give it a shot. Jess, come around over my shoulder right here.


I’m going to see if I can kill all Evil Roys. Are you ready?


You hit?

I think Roy is history.

Evil Roy is dead.

OK, are you ready, Jess? Let’s get over the shoulder shot here.

It’s ready.

I think Roy’s got trouble.

Yes sir, his brother is dead now.

That’s right. Let me toss up these targets right quick, OK? Guys, that’s the beauty of shooting steel. You’ve got a brand-new target to shoot at, how about that?
There we go.

Alright, this time we’re going to be shooting the Kimber Stainless Ultra Carry II. Alright, Jess, come over my shoulder here. We’re pretty close, guys, I’m just going to jump between the three targets because I haven’t shot this one in while and I’ve got black sights on it. Are you ready?



That’s it. I missed one, I think, or two. I missed two. Whose counting? Let’s go do it again. Let’s see how you do with that one, Jess.

You know what? I think you missed three.

I think I need to get my glasses checked.

At least I beat you.

That’s right.

That’s all that counts.

That’s all that counts.

How did you like the way it felt?

I love it, Kimbers just feel so good.

That’s small enough to carry, actually.

It is.

Alright, Jess, what have we got?

Here we’ve got a Tactical Pro II.

You notice the sights on this guy, you’ve got the night sights. The last one we shot was this one. You’ve got all black sights, so sometimes black on black is a little harder to see when you’re shooting steel. I do like these sights, I’m a lot better.

I might be able to hit something.

You just might. Go ahead, sir.

That’s what I’m talking about.

How did it feel?

It felt great.

Isn’t there a great difference in the sights between black and the white?

The sights really made a difference, I didn’t miss one. It was easy to just quickly adjust it and see without having to take a long time between each shot.

So you can shoot?

Oh yeah, if I’ve got sights.

That’s good to know, buddy. Let’s get another shot on that one.

Let’s do it.

OK, Jess, let’s see if you can ring some steel here, I want to get a close-up.

Good shooting. Love those sights.

Yes, sir. OK, I’m going to try this one, Jess, with these night sights on it and see what happens. OK?

I like this pistol. OK, Jess, what’ve we got?

Well, we’ve got one from the Custom Shop, a Pro CDP2.

Let’s see what you do with it.

I missed the first two?

You missed one anyway.

Or could it be the shell went through it so quick it didn’t make a sound?

It could’ve. What do you think about it, Jess, so far?

I tell you what, these Kimbers just shoot so fine.

Am I scratching the itch a little bit?

Now I want to get two or three of them.

Everybody needs two or three Kimbers.

That’s right.

I like the grips on this one, they really feel good in your hands.

They do, they really do.

Alright, let’s do it.

Not bad.

That really feels good.

Alright, let me try this Pro CDP. Are you ready?


Alright, safety off, eyes and ears on. Here we go.

I love these Kimbers. OK, Jess, what’ve we got right there?

Here we’ve got a Ultra Crimson Carry II with a laser sight on it.

Yes sir. You just grip it and the laser comes on?

Yes sir, right here.

This is the perfect size to carry and I carry this one a whole lot.

I’m going to try this Ultra Crimson Carry II. Come on over my shoulder, bud, see if I can knock down some of these poppers. Come a little closer. Get right over my shoulder here. Ready?



Yep, that’s why I carry this one. I love it. Let’s let you shoot it some more.


OK, buddy, let’s see if you can knock down those poppers, alright?


Well, you still left one standing. That was a championship round, so I get the trophy, right?

Yep, Big Daddy has got the trophy today.

I hear you, buddy. I love that pistol.

I do. That feels so good in your hand and that laser sure makes it nice.

It sure does.

As you would say, that’s what I’m talking about.

Alright lets close her out.

Thank God for every little thing. Thanks, Big Daddy, for letting me shoot the Kimbers.

OK, guys, remember to stay in the – alright, sorry. OK, guys, keep up the fight and support the NRA.

Stop gun control.

Alright guys, alright. Alright.


Yeah, you know, I’ve got brain block here.

Dain bramage.

Is it dain?

Dain bramaged.

Not daim, I think it’s baim.

Take two letters and turn them around. Instead of brain damage, dain bramage.

You’ve just got ladies on the mind. That’s all it. Ready? I’ll do it right this time. [dog barking] If the dog would quit barking.

Maybe you could make a blooper video out of this.

Yeah, dadgum dog barks and everything. Alright, buddy, you got to shoot five Kimbers.

What a day.

Have I scratched that itch for you?

Well, it makes me feel like I want to get five Kimbers, but I’ll try and set on one.

Which one did you like better?

I really like this Tactical Pro II with the sights that you’ve got on it.

Right, so you like those night sights.

It was much easier, I didn’t miss with this one. I like that.

Yeah, that’s very good. That’s a very, very good shooting pistol too, and you’ve done well with it.

The grip feels so good, it’s a good-feeling gun.

Right. We’ve been out here on the other range shooting a little bit, guys, so he’s done real good with it. We weren’t shooting very far here just for a video effect, but when I close out this video I’ll put him at the 50-yard line and see if he can hit the gong with it. You think you can?

I think with these night sights I can.

I hope so. You’ve got to get you a Kimber.

That’s right.

For me, just being out here on the range, I like this USA Team Match. It’s a great shooting pistol for me. I seem to do well with it, but I do have a little trouble with black on black. For carrying purposes, like everyday carry, I’ll choose this one with the laser on it that I showed you, the Crimson. Let’s see, what is it? Ultra Carry – what does that say, Jess? I can’t see it. There you go.

Ultra Crimson Carry II.

Yeah. You know, when you turn 60 years old, you need a little help sometimes.

That’s right. I hear you, buddy, I’m with you.

Alright, guys, remember to stay in the fight against gun control. Keep up the fight, man. We’ve all got to support the NRA, because it’s never ending. Also, I’d like to say something about trying to get off these cigarettes. Jess smoked for 40 years, I smoked for 45, and these electronic cigarettes is about the only thing that got me off of it. I’ll tell you what, you sure will smell and feel a whole lot better. I’ll post a link underneath the video showing some of my favorite E-sticks, so check it out if you like. As always, guys, remember Big Daddy loves you, hoo-rah.

Thank you, Big Daddy.

Always a pleasure having you, Jess.

Enjoyed shooting the Kimbers.

OK, God bless you all.