Top 5 Awesome Bullpups

Welcome back everybody. This is Eric and Chat here of Moss Pawn and Gun. Today we’ve got another Five Gun video for you. This has been a video that’s been pretty dang requested by you guys. You wanted us to do one on Bullpups, well guess what. We’ve got some Bullpups here today. I always wondered why they call them Bullpups. It’s kind of a curious name.

‘Cause it’s kind of a short squatty version of a full-size rifle, full-size dong, and you’ve got a little short squatty version Bullpup bulldog.

You know what you call a big group of crows?

Well, it’s not a flock I’m imagining.

It’s a murder.

A murder of crows.

A murder of crows.

I’d like to murder some crows.

Oh, well anyway we’re talking about Bullpups. So guys, Bullpup is basically a term applied to a rifle where the main form of operation in the area that the gun picks up from a magazine is behind the trigger. Now generally that makes the overall size the gun much more compact, and generally more ergonomic depending on the way it’s designed. You’ll see in a moment, several of these guys are very ergonomic. Some folks are not a big fan of Bullpups. They don’t like them because they don’t like the way they point. The don’t like the balance. The tend to be rather rear-heavy depending on the sign.

They don’t like the controls, because the controls are in a strange position. Usually the magazine and the trigger assembly is switched.


From a standard rifle on a Bullpup, and everything is to the rear. They’re not up here where you normally would find them, so a lot of people don’t like it. They don’t like the learning curve.

They are different. Some folks don’t like the sponginess of a Bullpup trigger, so as a result the hammer is to the rear, usually a five-control mechanism’s all the way up front with the actual hammer assembly being much near the rear of the firearm which lends itself to having to require some form of linkage to link the trigger to where the disconnecter hammer and everything is. Sometimes Bullpups have a tendency to have spongy trigger. Without further ado, I am going to discuss some Bullpups here I definitely think are in the top five.

Oh yeah.

One of my favorite, and it’s certainly not a mystery is the PS90. This firearm is 50 shades of awesome, all right. It’s a Bullpup, okay. It feeds from a 50-round magazine. Fires a 5.7 X 28 mm. cartridge. Very high velocity zipping little .22 round. Basically it’s a .33 pill moving at some pretty fast speeds. Blow-back only, so some pretty simple operation. Very easy to take apart, and disassemble. If you guys haven’t seen it, we’ve done a video on a real deal P90, and those things are just wicked awesome. It’s literally like having a pack of hornet inside of a gun. When you squeeze the trigger it’s like letting 50 of them flying at your target. It’s pretty cool. The ergonomics of the gun are just, they’re amazing. Some people like at it and say, what the heck is this thing? To me, I pick it up and you handle it right, and it just feels right in your hands. It’s so compact. It does, it’s a very odd looking and futuristic looking gun, but it’s just an awesome gun. This is my personal P90.

Well, this is one is a civilian legal version, if you will. It has a 16-inch barrel where the standards have what, about a 10-inch barrel?

Yeah, right they stop pretty much right here at the end, that’s why it has this little finger device here to keep you from accidentally moving her hand over the front of the muzzle, and shooting yourself in the hand.

A lot of people SBR those, and actually put the 10-inch barrel in place just to give it that nice compact look. Although it’s not select fire, it’s still a cool little gun.

One of the interesting things about things about this particular firearm too, in terms of being a Bullpup is that it is completely ambidextrous, everything is. Magazine release is ambidextrous. It could be accessed from either side of the firearm. Your safety, your trigger obviously, and of course since the clam shell that this receiver’s made of is pretty much symmetrical the feel, and controls of the gun, charging handle, everything is exactly the same, and bottom eject. A lot of people don’t know the PS90 does have a dust-cover. It’s a little hinged guy right down in here. It pushes in place, and the brass ejects out of the bottom of this shoot. PS90, in my opinion, is probably one of the most modern firearms out there in terms of just the concept, just the way it’s set up, the theory of it, the way it’s meant to be a good personal defense weapon. In my opinion, the P90’s king in the Bullpup world.

Well you’ve got a couple other FN Herstal guns too, or one other FNH gun. The FS200, which we don’t have here, but is also a very cool Bullpup. Very interesting design, the thing looks like it’s out of a science fiction movie.

Yeah, and it uses the same trigger pack.

Uses the same trigger pack as the P90.

That’s another story. Now getting onto shotguns, all right. We got a Kel-tec KSG. Many of you guys have seen these videos all over YouTube of KSG’s going off. They’re really neat guns. Some folks hate them. Some folks like them. It seems that with the KSG, you’re either going to get one that runs awesome, or you’re going to get one that has some minor issues. Now, after talking with some of the people at Kel-tech, they have gotten some customer’s feedback on some issues that they’re having. Manual of arms issues that they’re having with operating the gun. I believe they have made a few rolling changes that they’ve incorporating into the guns to help with that a bit.

A couple of changes to the way that they actually produce firearms. They got a new setup at their shop, and they’re doing things a little more organized. They’re slowly bringing better quality firearms out on the market, but it’s just one of those things. Right now, the one’s that are out there, eh, it’s kind of a hit or miss. It is a love hate thing with the KSG.

The thing about the KSG, you’ve got a 12-gauge shotgun with two magazine tubes, and it is a Bullpup. If you look at the receiver of the firearm, the barrel. Especially like you have a shotgun receiver stuff all the way up to your shoulder. Now when you shoot it, it feels like that too. They have very stout recoil pulse.

They’re light-weight guns.

It’s a light-weight gun, and they have a relatively stout recoil pulse with a heavier combat load. It’ll hold seven in each side, and one in the chamber to make 15 rounds of three inch. You can run Gillian mini-shells in it. You can fit 23, 11 in each side, and one in the chamber. 23 Aguila mini-shells, and you’ve got this little thing just cooking. You can pump them out all day long. This is an awesome Bullpup, and it’s a shotgun. For some of you guys that like the design of a Bullpup, but you want a shotgun, there you go. You got a KSG. So moving down the line we got this M – I’m sorry, here Chad’s going to explain to you.

I’m sorry – Actually, it’s a Bullpup. It’s a clone of a Steyr AUG. Made here in the states, and it’s made by the same company that makes the Microtech 9’s, it’s Microtech Small Arm’s Research. They started producing these in, I think ’07 ’08, give or take. They’ve only made about 18,000 of them. The latest model’s take AR mags, the E4’s. They’ve got a few generational changes to these guns. The original gen one’s had a forward assist over here, which was kind of odd. From what I understand they were plagued with some problems. The gen two’s they started changing some things there. This is actually a gen three model, and it will take the Steyr AUG mags as well as the factory insert mags. Just a joy to shoot. Just a real smooth recoiling rifle. Very natural to point. Grip forward, the grip forward actually folds in and out of the way here. Charging handle’s on the left side. You can switch ejection from left to right hand operation. You have to change the bolt assembly out for the eject yourself, and such. Quick change barrels. Just an all around awesome gun. Got a little Vortex one to four power PST on top. Just a fun little rifle.

That’s a perfect optic for that rifle. If you’re running a Bullpup, those little one to four power PST’s are just great little optics. Nice and light-weight. They’re not priced too expensive. Tell you what, that rig right there is something that I really like, the overall scheme of that. It kind of holds true to the original Steyr AUG, and gives a nod to the Steyr AUG, with them doing their own thing.

Well they come in a little bit better price point than the AUG’s themselves. Steyr is still courting the guns here in the states in a firm in Alabama, but they’re still running close to two grand, I think. Some of the inserts, you can have those in the used market for about 13 hundred bucks. Which is a pretty good price for the example.

Now talking about prices now. The PS90’s just to drop you guys a little hint here, for some reason the market on PS90’s is a little light right now. You can get used PS90’s for a very reasonable price.

I’ve seen some go for nine hundred bucks.

I’ve seen some as cheap as nine bills. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced Bullpup, and you’re okay with 5.7, honestly the price on the 5.7 X 28 probably a little higher than some people want to spend, but if you can get by the ammo price the PS90’s certainly worth the look. Of course 12-gauge is pretty reasonable. Moving down the line, you guys know that we’ve always been a fan of Tavor.

We have.

We got a 16-inch Tavor here. The IBF has ragged legged Tavor to rear along, and rear D use. Now the gun that’s used on the front lines by the IBF in Israel is the X95, which is a slightly different version. A little bit more compact than what you see here.

Not only that, but it also features a couple of same ideas as like the M16’s do. It’s a got a push-button magazine release right here at your forearm. Your forefinger here and it connects back and what not. It’s just a  –

The leg is redesigned.

A little bit more modern, but the real C95’s, the ones that had iffy’s, and little short stubby guys, and we’ve some of the pictures of the important models they just got along. They were sticking out a front just to meet import regulations. All around, just cool guns. You can switch them out for left to right hand operation. Fully ambidextrous, pretty much. Cool thing about the Tavor, they have built in iron-sights in the rail. Which is pretty neat, that’s a feature that you don’t see on other Bullpups, or really any other rifles for that matter.

You know what’s crazy is the Tavor is one of those guns that a lot of folks look at being, okay well it’s obsolete because of the X95′. I don’t think that the Tavor is anywhere near obsolete. It’s a very modern firearm. Israel has always done really well with keeping up with demand for firearms research, and really just pushing those products out into their military use, and just make it awesome. Of course, IWI doing a great job with importing all these guns and making them available to guys like – This year, this is kind of off subject, but they brought in their new ace, which of course is a really nice AK. So they are making efforts to get those really cool guns in the hands of American shooters, and rightly so. Bullpups are certainly in the mainstream now. A lot of folks are into them. The Tavor, in my opinion, is the poster child for the Bullpup. If someone didn’t know about Bullpups, once they learned about the Tavor, they knew about Bullpups overnight. That’s the poster child for Bullpups. It’s the Tavor now, it used to be AUG and guns like the AUG, but the AUG, the funny thing about it, it is such an older firearm. The AUG was designed back in the 80’s.

’87 or something like that.

It’s not –

Or actually older than that, late 70’s I think.

Right, it’s not really a modern firearm in the truest sense of the word compared to how modern the Tavor is. This particular Tavor’s nice. It’s set up with a six power charging cog, ACOG. Very nice optic there. We’ve also got a Geyser trigger. Mr. Geyser’s making triggers for the Tavor now, which is just an awesome trigger. It really gets that trigger pull down nice and light. Release a lot of that smoothness. A lot of creep and over travel, just a lot of things that Bullpup triggers leave to be desired.

Yeah, well they’ve got the trigger pack, but they’re also producing the new trigger bow for it as well.

Yes, it’s an actual trigger itself. This one doesn’t have it in it, but I’m going to have to – This is Fred’s gun, I’ll have to remedy that for him. I’m loving the Tavor, I think I’m going to have to pick one up. I’ve been skating around the idea. I’ve shot Fred’s here a little bit, and it’s certainly an awesome gun. I’ve shot Tim’s over at Military Arms channel. Great guy, by the way, but we’ve shot Tim’s and it does really nice. He also has the Geyser trigger installed. There’s certainly a contender. They’re here to stay. I’ll be picking up a Tavor before long.

Yeah, talking about other Bullpups on the market, we don’t have the Desert Taken DUR’s, which are big in the buzz lately in the firearms industry just because they are a neat design. Kel-tech as well, got some cool stuff. They’ve got the RDB, or the RFB.


RFB is three oh eight. Takes FAL magazines. This is their older into to the Bullpup market, but now they’ve got the new RDB and .223 and 43. Which are really, really cool guns. We’ve been following the, basically the development of those for quite some time. Put a lot of input into their final development and what not. I think they’ve got some prototypes that are almost ready to go.

They do, I think they’re just about ready to start getting those things produced. Hopefully Kel-tech will listen to some of the qualms that some of the customers have put forth about availability, and when they’re going to produce the things, and all that sort of stuff. That’s a gun right there that I really can’t wait to get my hands on. I’ve shot a couple of the RFB’s, and one of the nice things about the RFB’s is that it lends itself really well to being suppressed. They can be suppressed really easily. They’ve got a fully adjustable gas system. They are truly ambidextrous, both in controls, operation, bolt stock, and forward ejecting. You don’t have to worry about brass kicking all over the place. Pretty awesome overall gun. Very simple to disassemble, for the most part. For cleaning and maintenance. Honestly, when it comes to Kel-tech’s firearms, this gun is probably one of the best guns they make.

What’s cool about the RFB2, this is the nice short compact package like 16.5 inch barrel or so. They have a 24-inch barrel they call the Hunter. We shot that thing with the high-powered Vortex octagon, and that thing was pitting the ace. It’s a nice small package for what you get. You get a 24-inch match grade barrel in a gun that’s as long as a standard M4.

Now one thing I will say about that Hunter, it is a heavy gun.

It is the style.

If you’re going to be toting it up mountains and stuff, it’s a great gun if you don’t mind humping the extra weight. The 24-inch barrel is a heavy barrel, and heavy is in that term.

It is.

It is a relatively heavy profile barrel, but very accurate. Very reliable guns. Of course, I’ve never had a malfunction RFB, so they’re very good guns. Guys these are five Bullpups here that we thought would be very cool to throw in this video. This is a video you guys have been asking for us to do for quite some time. It’s been really interesting to see the amount of comments and suggestions that we get from you guys. We get an overwhelming amount of phone calls and support for the channel, and we do appreciate that. You guys have been great, and we’ve got some of the best fans and the best support of any channel, I think on YouTube. Our people that follow our channel are the best people that are out there. I’m convinced of it, and a lot of the smart people. I can’t tell you how many phone calls I’ve gotten from you guys where you really pose a lot of questions that make us think, but also that are very well thought out, and well educated questions. We can really see the kind of people we’re working with, with you guys as viewers. A lot of you guys are real smart, provide a lot of good input, and we appreciate that.

Well we get a lot of ideas for videos from you guys too, so keep them coming.

Absolutely, well guys we appreciate it. We have many more Five Guns on the way. More gun gripes. More Firearms Facts, Five Guns, maybe some 10 Guns in the line. Before long we’re going to start doing a few of those. More long-range videos. Guys, got so much going on, on this channel. If you’re not subscribed, please take a moment to subscribe. Check out some of our other work. We appreciate you watching today. We’ll catch you next time.

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