Top 3 Best Concealed Carry Guns Under $600 Video

Hey guys, what’s going on? Chad here from Green Light Shooting I’ve got the infamous Brian my cousin, my friend. One of the most knowledgeable gun guys in the business here with us today.

We’re gonna be talking about top three concealed options under 600 bucks. So if you’re on a budget. You’re looking for a nice concealed gun. These three will definitely do the job. Let’s start out. What do we got?

Yes, I mean there’s nicer guns out there, right. 


You can spend – the sky’s the limit. What we we’re trying to do here is get something that these are good entry-level guns.


Right, and by the way you can spend less.


I don’t think you should.

No, these guns are reliable.


I would trust these guns. Lower quality you’re kind of pushing it.

So let’s start here. Let’s start with the lowest priced option here.


This is the Smith and Wesson M&P Shield 9mm. Really nice option for conceal to carry for a couple of reasons. First of all, it’s what they call single stack. What that means is, if you look inside the magazine on a normal gun, the bullets kind of stagger back and forth a little bit.

What that means is it’s gonna be a wider gun.


You got to make room for almost two stacks of bullets.


In a single stack, they sit one on top of the other. In a 9mm where the bullets really aren’t that big, that means we’re talking about a gun that’s really, really thin.


Awesome for concealed carry because you can have that right up against your body. Nobody’s gonna be able to tell that it’s there.


The other thing you get Smith and Wesson reliability. You’re never gonna go wrong there. The price on this is phenomenal.


I mean to get a brand new nine-millimeter gun that is quality for $400, $430 you’re really, you can’t go wrong with this option.

No, and it’s a fantastic gun. As you guys know, one of my favorite guns out there is the M&P Pro. This is on that same line.

That’s right.

They’ve just taken it down single stack, shortened everything up. It’s a phenomenal gun. Something you can count on.

That’s right moving up a little bit here.


Now we get into the Springfield. One thing that a Springfield Armory is well known for is bang for your buck.


They include a lot here first of all, fiber optic sights.


Makes it a little bit easier to see in kind of low lighting conditions. Even good lighting conditions makes it easier to see. This is also a single stack.


For just a little bit more money, you’re in about the $450 price range. This comes with a lot more stuff.

Yes, so you get a nice carrying case. You get some extra magazines. You get a holster. I think a magazine holster. You just get really almost everything you need to get stated with this gun.

Some of the great things about ours both of these guns really. They’re just really easy to take down, really easy to maintain. How many rounds does it hold? Like seven or eight rounds, something like that?

Yes, it’s got, well it depends on the magazine that you have in here. This is a 45. This also comes in a 9mm version.


Either option is fine. It’s a personal preference choice quite frankly. In the 45 version, this is a five round magazine. There’s also an extended magazine you can put on there that gives you a little more room with your pinkie here. This one holds seven rounds.

Yes, and I think so going down to the nine-mil I think you’re at seven with the stock magazine then nine with the extended. Does that sound right?

Sounds right.


The other thing that people like about the Springfield line are there’s a couple of safeties on this gun.


There’s one on the grip and there’s one right here on the trigger.


You’re not gonna drop this gun. It’s not gonna accidently go off. There’s too many things that have to be perfect in order for you to pull this out and actually pull the trigger so really a good safe option, reliable option. Once again, that single stack thinness that stays nice and tight up against your body.

Definitely yes and we did a video on that gun specifically you can check that out right here. Moving on we have the infamous Glock 19.

You got to love Glock.

Yes, I’ve said it once. I’ll say it again. You can’t make a top lists without including a Glock somewhere man.

That’s right.

These guns are just, they have too great of a name to ignore.

You got to love Glock. The Glock comes in all kinds of different sizes. In fact, we’ve got another video that just lines up the different sizes of the Glock, right.

Right, yes tons of options.

This is the Glock 19. This is a 9mm Glock. This is what they call their compact. There’s bigger versions of this. There’s smaller versions of this. All of them are fine. It’s personal preference thing. This is not a single stack.


This is staggered so you can see the collection of bullets that go in there.

One thing we should point out with it being staggered you get 15 rounds in this mag.


Where as you were getting single digits in the other rounds.

You get a lot more stopping power in here. The other thing is there’s a lot more weight to this gun.


It’s bigger. It’s heavier. It’s gonna have substantially less recoil than these other two options that we’ve talked about. It’s very, very comfortable to shoot. This is a really good – I like this size a lot because it’s a good compromise between wanting a gun that’s comfortable hold and wanting a gun that’s actually concealable.


You get all of the Glock goodness that goes along with it. Price range on this one for a Gen 4, by the way Gen 3 or Gen 4 both are fine. I wouldn’t stress over the differences between the two. For a Gen 4 you’re gonna be anywhere from about 550 to 600. That includes a hard carrying case. It also includes three magazines.

Yes, and I think even adjustable back straps right.

It does yes. It comes with a couple different back straps you can swap on there but really a great overall gun. There’s a reason that it’s kind of the top choice among law enforcement as well.

All three of these options I think are really quality guns for staying within that budget. If you’re looking for a first concealed carry gun, I think these are all great options. Yes, if you have any other suggestions, definitely leave them in the comments below. If you have any other questions on them, leave them in the comments or shoot me an email over at and I’d love to help you out.

Yes man I hopefully that just kind of gave you a good starting point. If you enjoyed the video please like the video, subscribe to the channel. Share the video, all that good stuff. If you haven’t seen these other two videos, check them out. And we’ll catch you next time on Green Light Shooting. Thanks so much for watching.