Tactical Walls – Hidden in Plain Sight Demonstration

Welcome back everybody. This is Eric here from Moss Pawn & Gun. We have another interesting little video concept for you today. We’re going to be talking about concealing guns around your house. Now, I know there’s a lot of things out there, some people will just throw a gun under the mattress or under a couch cushion or in a drawer or in the cupboard, stash it away and call it good but I’ve actually discovered a product that I just really wanted to share with you guys and it’s called Tactical Walls. Basically, like behind here we got the shelf and it’s looks like an ordinary shelf. All right, I’ve got this magnet keys that go on the bottom, okay. Relieve the pressure and you got concealment, okay.

Now, there’s a difference between a gun safe and concealment. Concealment just means that we’re hiding it, okay. Something like this we’re hiding these guns in plain sight, okay. This is their… what they call their rifle length shelf on the top of it you have a perfectly usable shelf that mounts to the walls. As long as your walls are build to code on 16 inch centers then you should be able to mount on pretty much anywhere on the studs, no problem and you got brackets on the top. Now these shelves will support a pretty dang good bit of weight here but really interesting concept because they’re… with the economy being what it is, there’s a lot of people stealing from each other, a lot of thievery going on, a lot of people breaking in folks houses.

Now, the argument can be taken either way when it comes to concealment in the home. One school thought is “Okay, there’s a huge gun safe right there, now I know everything in the gun safe has to be valuable so there’s where I’m going to concentrate my efforts” have had it and the idea’s okay. Well, maybe they won’t ever get in the safe and your stuff is completely secure. Now, a gun safe that’s fine but what this is designed for is for people that may not have a gun safe in the house or they may live in a smaller area and not have this… quite a much room to put a gun safe in their house. This allows you to use room that you would use anyway, you’re already going to have a shelf so it allows you to use that space and utilize it to the maximum effectiveness for the amount of space that you may been given room.

Now, also a robber, someone in your house, they would probably walk right by this and never know that it had guns in it. You remove the magnets, all right and what these magnets is they just trigger this little locks under here. Hear that? Okay, no big deal. Now, this particular shelf houses my Makarov collection, I’ve actually got… I got a CZ 52 and a CZ 70 and the all CZ 27 over here but for the most part, my max all right and those are just hidden in plain sight. Now, guys I’ve got several of these shelves that we’re going to go around the house. I’m going to show you a couple of them, kind of the ideas that I have for them in terms of the way they need to be configured and again, you just have little key magnets. Really, really cool concept, this is something that I strongly believe in. I think it’s an excellent idea, an ingenious idea in fact and really, it’s one of those things that anybody can integrate this into their home without it looking odd and it will make sense and it will hide things on plain sight.

Let’s go along here. We’re going to look at a couple of others. I think you guys will really like this. All right guys, so we’re moving along, same concept. This particular shelf is their pistol length shelf. This one obviously smaller, so this one is placed actually right next to my front door, so let’s say there’s a bump in the night, I’m going to say for instance, someone rings the door and they just look like a normal person and I don’t really perceive them as a thread and I don’t take a gun to the door. Okay but say, I need a gun nearby, just in case. You know how it is, things are hectic, something’s going on you’re responding to something within your house. It’s kind of nice to have a Kel-Tec Sub 2000 on tap, fold it out, ready to roll, okay.

I have a Kel-Tec Sub 2000, 33 round magazine, I’ve got my Kriss Sphinx STP, my little compact with four mags. You got room for pretty much either a folding carbine of some type like the Kel-Tec or you could probably fit about three pistols in here along with mags, depending on how you cut it. Now, the inserts on these things are pretty much just foam and you have to get in there with like a little razor blade and cut everything out to suit your needs. Really not a big deal there, just a matter of doing it, I thought this would be a really interesting concept to have this one right next to the front door just so you have some firepower on tap, ready to go. We’re going to the other side of the fireplace and I’ll show you another one that you guys are going to like as well and also, don’t click away yet because we got some other cool thing to show you guys.

Let’s do it. All right guys, well just saw the Pistol length shelf, we’re moving along here. I’m going by the fireplace here and I just want to stress that yes, I do have firearms mounted on my mantle. Obviously these are all black powder firearms. A gun is a gun, okay it doesn’t make it any less dangerous just because it’s a black power gun but when it comes to concealment, this video is about concealment so the whole thing is, it’s almost kind of like having sacrificial lamb so to speak. Say someone breaks in my house, they’re going to come in here and they’re going to do a quick shake down, they’re going to find anything of value that they can get their mitts on immediately and that’s what they’re going to concentrate on. Like, big screen TV over here which of course, you could replace a big screen TV, what’s the big deal there, right? When it comes to firearms, yeah these gun are out in the open, yes they’re on display, yes someone’s going to grab them right off the wall and they’re going to have scan with them right out the door and whatever. We do have all security system.

Also, the Tactical Walls idea is not meant to supplement, it’s meant to supplement a gun safe but it’s not meant to replace a gun safe. You should still have a hard gun safe, a full lockable gun safe that has fire proof rating and all of that, so that when you’re actually leaving town, if you’re off on some kind of extended stay somewhere and your away from the house. Set the alarm system, lock your guns up, everything like that, so we’re going to along to show you the other Rifle Length Shelf. Now, this one’s on the opposite side of the fireplace. In the intro when you showed you the one with the max in it, that was on the other side over here. This one’s on the opposite side and you guys can see, we got quite a bit of weight on the top of this shelf, we got a clock, several books, everything like that. Ordinary shelf is it? It’s not an ordinary shelf.

Now, this particular one has, there’s a little light in it which I’m really digging the light. One of the things I like so much about it, it’s got a little motion detector in it. You open the thing, light pops on, you’re good to go. I got a Beretta M9 with a couple of 93R, 20 round mags, some 15 shoot mags. I got my FNX Tactical, three 15 shot mags. I got a Walther P38 just for cool factor, just for vintage facto and then I’ve got an AR pistol, this is the one that we did the first part of the Mag Torture Test with. We have more on the way on that by the way but, anyway again foam insert, cut them out, pretty much tailor it to your specific needs. Let’s say later on you decide, “Okay, I don’t like this layout, I want to change it” you just order the new inserts, cut them out, tailor them to your needs. To relock it, pull the keys off, push the shelf up until it clicks. I always like to just kind of bump it and give it a little test, the light will go off automatically.

We’re going to show you more of these shelves because more in our house, but for now I’m want to show you something a little bit different but along the same lines. Let’s go to the bedroom, check it out. All right guys, I know what you’re thinking “This is got to be another Tactical Wall” well you’re right it is. A thieve comes into your house, I mean most thieves are just going to walk right by a mirror and not think anything of it. Now some people are really vindictive, some thieves have been known to go into people’s houses and do everything from breaking mirror to break TV’s because they can’t get them out, to killing pets even. I’ve even read stories of a thief just going, “Well, screw this guy” and shoot his dog or kill his dog.

Thieves do some really dumb things but the majority of them are probably just going to walk right by a mirror and not think anything of it but she’s slides right open. Now, again it does have a magnetic lock right here on the bottom. All right for anybody that might be fidgeting trying to see if there’s some type of hidden compartment that will keep them from getting access. Obviously you guys throw all the magnet away when you leave or whatever. We’ve got a Remington 87D in here, as well a Marine Magnum, okay. We got a CZ Model 97 in here, we got a shotgun shell holders that they have here, I mounted those to the side for extra ammo. All right, I’ve got one of my little KBI, SMC 918 it’s just a little alloy frame MAC variant.

You can get magnets to go on the back of these things. There’s actually a magnet holding the CZ 97 up and a magnet holding our magazine and our little [phonetic] MAC here. One of those thing got extra mags for the 97, extra mag for the [phonetic] MAC, pretty straight forward, Sure Fire flashlight. Of course these are Velcro, you can add little Velcro straps to hold everything in place as well, if you don’t want to use the magnets or whatever. Just the same, very interesting concept, again adhesive light with a motion detector on it, it turns on and off as you open and close it, no big deal there. If you leave the house, what I normally do is I’ll take my shotgun, this is the shotgun that I keep in the bedroom here. I’ll put my shotgun up in that way it’s out of sight.

First thing a thief’s going to when he goes in your house, he’s going to through your closets, he’s going to look in the corners of all the closets. Because most people will take a gun and just lay it in the corner or in the corner of a room. They’re going to check every single corner in your house for a gun because that’s where guns wind up, in the corner where they’ll stand up. This allows you to hide it in plain sight, now you do have to cut the wall open to do this. Now, you may see a few photos popping through here. When we’re installing this thing, it comes with a template. The instructions just lay on the wall and then you trace them out or cut along them and basically this entire system mounts in between the studs. You got studs on 16 inch centers, so the interior dimension of this tray is exactly 16 inches that’s to account for you’ve got a 2×4 on each one of the edges of these trays.

Pretty straight forward guys, again, concealment. Can someone get into this, yes they can. Are they going to see it, probably not, okay so the whole thing about it that’s nice is you’re using space that would’ve just been wasted space had you not used a system like this. If you live in an apartment or you rent a home where you got… an area and you just don’t have a lot of room. This is a nice way to kind of reuse a little bit of the room that is there, you just haven’t utilized it yet. A lot hollow space inside of our walls guys. There’s been situations where people have, let’s say they’ve had a family member pass away, okay and they go to cleaning up their house and little junior does something dumb like knock hole on the wall or something and they’ll find money behind the walls or guns or valuables. People have been using the interior spaces of their walls to hide valuables for a long time just not in a way that makes it readily accessible like this.

Usually what they would do, say your grandpa or somebody has some gold bars or silver bars and you want to hide them really good. Knock a whole in the wall, put the valuables inside the wall, patch it up and it’s there forever and he just has to remember it’s there. This, a little bit more accessible than just knocking a hole in the wall and patching it up. I want to show you the other shelf that I have here in the room, you guys are going to like this. All right guys, so moving along we’re over here beside the bed here and this is my wife’s little Full Length Rifle Shelf, okay. Again, you’ve already seen this shelf itself but I’m just showing you the little load that my wife has next to the bed here. We’re looking for treasure this is my wife’s little mini arsenal she keeps by the bed here. She’s got her Walther P22 with two extra magazines, a Browning High Power, we’ve got a Lady Smith Revolver with two speed loader, we’ve got a mag tactical AR-15, all right. Very, very cool little rifle, very light weight, it’s pretty awesome setup there so I think she’s pretty well covered when we’re in the bedroom. If she bump in the night or just to know that these guns are nearby can be comforting thing.

Another benefit of a system like this is you can leave it open. Let’s say you’re at home and you want to leave the thing just right and open, you have quick access to the firearms, that’s fine too. Like say I want to grab revolver just have it right here on the nice stand, ready to go, I can do that. All right, we have to go into town go grad something, do whatever you got to, put the gun back in place, take the magnets off, lock it in place. Make sure each side locks, hide these magnets and no one is the wiser.

I’ve got one more I want to show you and we’re going to tie up the video, you’re going to like this. Let’s go down stairs. All right guys, well we’re down on the basement here. I thought that with this concept I wanted to have something down here in case for whatever reason we’re pressed down in the basement, for whatever reason you don’t have any guns on is which would be highly unlikely but it’s kind of nice to know that you’ve got a Tactical Wall in the basement now. This particular one, I have it outfitted with any firearms just yet. Haven’t really decided how I want to run it but again, you’ve got 15 inch interior dimensions, 16 inch on center studs and of course the Tactical Wall insert. Now, this particular portrait, it’s just a mountain scene but they can pretty much make anything you want. If you have a high resolution photograph or a family portrait or something like that you want to send them. They can use anything you want, this is a stock photo that they have available but again you’ve got magnet unlocks it, pull the tactical wall aside and then you’ve got your plectra of random things down here.

Now, this is a shelf insert that’s additional that you can get. What I was thinking for this because of the size and everything, this should be great to store like an everyday carry rig in, so let’s say that you’re getting in from your work at the end of the day and you just want to stash your gun, your keys, your wallet, your bubble gum, your crap in your pocket, your knife or flashlight whatever the crap you might have. Put it in there and it’s out of sight and just sitting on a night stand. Let’s say you decided to take a quick walk or something or go walk the dog and someone comes in your house. You don’t want your firearm just sitting on the night stand. This is a nice option to just store your EDC right out of plain sight. You can put extra magazines, radios, binoculars any kind of extra little gadgets that you might want to have in here that can stuff away and you’re good to go.

We’re going to go upstairs, I’m going to show you my wife’s office where the magic happens in terms of running the channel and everything, we’re going to close the video out but although this hasn’t been setup yet, obviously the implications are there for how to use it. Again, it just slides shut, pull the key off and it’s locked nice and solid, good to go so let’s head upstairs. All right guys, well last but not least we’re in the office, this is where all the magic happens. Where all the inquiries and everything are taken care of here at our little compound, actually my wife does all the work, I actually have the easy job. I just get to blab on camera here but we’ve got her Full Length Rifle Shelf here in the office, all right. We got this setup with a nice little assortment here.

One thing I didn’t mentioned before was the fact that we have this little hydraulic rams that are built in to each shelf, both the Rifle Length and the Pistol Length that allows the unit when you release the pressure it will just fall down nice and slow without putting all of its weight in one spot. We’ve got a Yugo M92 PAP with a 30 round mag that’s a US palm mag, SCCY CPX-2, a 40 round Bulgarian Surplus magazine, Colt 1911 two extra mags and a Sure Fire Flashlight. This is one of those things that let’s say that my wife is home and she’s by herself which tends to happen a lot because we’re on the road a lot. She’s in here drinking her coffee, minding her own business, it’s 6:30 in the morning, 7:00 in the morning. She’s not expecting something to happen. Doesn’t have a gun nearby, this allows her to have some instant firepower on tap, ready to go just in case there’s… someone kicks in the front door or pulls up in a strange vehicle that she’s not familiar with. Somebody she didn’t know is trying to harm her, she’s got a firepower nearby, okay.

Again, remove the keys. Push it up until it clicks and an inconspicuous shelf that nobody thinks twice about. Remember that’s the whole thing about concealment, is having something accessible but out of sight and hidden from plain eye, the untrained eye. Someone who is just going to do a bum rush to this place and then grab every valuable that they can find within clear view, they’re going to skip right over something like this where the real valuables are. Guys, I appreciate you watching today’s video. I hope it wasn’t dry or anything. I know this is slightly out of our element but I think it’s really awesome to showcase this kind of stuff because it’s very important for people to know that products like this are out there. When I found out about this, I instantly had to get on board with it because I thought it was such a clever idea. Thanks for watching guys, we’ll catch you next time.

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