Springfield Armory 1911 Range Officer Video

Hickok .45 here. We all have to behave today because the Range Officer is on duty. Nice. Sweet, sweet. Let’s shoot another one. Yes, the Range Officer. Where’s that magazine? Let me grab it. Springfield Armory the Range Officer brought it out to run it through its paces.

This is a fairly new offering from Springfield. It is a 1911 if you couldn’t tell. It is designed to be out of the box ready. If you want to go compete, IDPA, IPSC, just about any competition this gun is designed to be pretty much ready for that.

You have a really, nice clear picture adjustable sight. Rear sight it’s like the old Bomar that was so popular back in the ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s I guess. In fact, it looks much like that. It’s the same sight I put on my Series 70. Had it carved out for one of those back in the late ‘80s kind of regret now they’re so collectible.

Nice rear sight and nice clear front sight the only thing is it’s black. If this were my gun and I were gonna keep it, I’d have to have that thing painted because I was losing the sight right there. I’m so used to that big white dot jumping around and being able to get on targets quickly with that. That’s something I would have to do.

Let’s remind this is a test and evaluation gun from Springfield Armory. I’ll refrain from painting on it. Keep the spray can in the closet. I’m gonna lay it down here. Beautiful grips. I love the Springfield grips and their logo there.

As I say, you got a pretty nice beaver tail there. You definitely not gonna get any hammer bite with that. It feels really good. Nice thumb safety got the long trigger. You have the flat mainspring housing.

The basic package of things that most people have done to a competition gun and maybe even a non-competition gun. Just to get that 1911 feeling good and getting a good sight picture. Those are some of the basic things that probably most people I’m safe in saying most people, eventually get done to it. Unless you’re just gonna keep it kind of stock military version, which you know I love even more than these.

It’s got all the basics. That’s about it. Your slide locks is pretty much of a stock. It sits mostly back here where you get that great grip and then a nice thumb safety that’s easy to get ahold of. Hammer is kind of a unique hammer.

I’m not sure who makes that hammer and trigger system. It really reminds me of the Chip McCormick hammer and sear that I put in oh a gun or two of mine back in the day. It has a nice trigger.

That’s what it’s designed to be. It kind of bridges the gap. It’s just a good old shooting gun. If you want a 1911, if I wanted another 1911 just to plink around with and shoot around the range or hunt with, whatever it is I might do, self-defense this gun would pretty much fit the bill.

I don’t suppose the trigger’s too light for a carry gun. A lot of people would say no. I’ve not shot enough yet to make that determination for myself. It is a pretty nice little package good for about anything.

Obviously, a full-blown race gun it’s not, but it’s a nice looking outfit and it seems to shoot well. We have shot oh I don’t know five, six magazines seven, eight magazines maybe through it. I’ve had no trouble with it and a variety of ammo so far so good.

It’s a Springfield. I’ve had Springfields. I have another Springfield. I’ve had several Springfield 1911s they all work. They’re all fine. They do a good job.

If we had a problem, it would be an ammo issue. It would be an aberration. Since it’s already proven that it works. Now with a 1911 of course, they’re generally pretty reliable but you do have all those issues that we all know about if you’re familiar with your 1911s. You have the extractors not got the right tension on it and things like that. Your magazine springs start to get a little weak. You just have to baby them a little bit more, tinker them, keep an eye on them a little bit more.

As long as you do that, they can be really reliable. Springfield like I said T&E gun. I appreciate Springfield sending me this. I requested it. Springfield, I mean what can you say? They make a lot of really nice firearms.

The M1A of course is sought after and lusted after by a lot of people. I mean whenever I bring out the M1A, I mean people slobber all over those videos and comments and I understand why. It is just a beautiful gun that they make. They make a lot of different configurations of that.

Of course, with their 1911s, they have a whole array of those and I don’t even know all the models. I know they have everything from the basic G1 model you have seen and the gun shop shelves right on up to models that are modified to a greater extent than this one.

This thing is in a – I hate to say price, I’m thinking it’s 750 something like that. I’m not sure to tell you the truth. You can look it up. I don’t know what the prices are even in gun shops what they’re putting on the tags because usually quite often it’s not the same as the manufactures suggested retail.

It’s in a very reasonably priced category for what it has on it that’s for sure. Let’s just take a few more shots while we’re gabbing. I should’ve been reloading these magazines shouldn’t I.

This is of course, whoops, the year of the 1911. It’s especially fun to do another 1911 video. We never do enough of those. We have not really meant to neglect it. We did want to turn the year and then we did a big one here recently you’ve seen. We will continue to shoot 1911s whether it’s the anniversary or not. That’s just the way it is. We love them. Not many guns I don’t like. I just dropped a bullet down in that magazine. Let’s see I guess I could stand on my head and get that out couldn’t I.

Okay I know it wasn’t that big of a deal having a loose round in my mag pouch. I just had to get it out. I didn’t have to quite stand on my head, but I had to come close. But we got it out. We’re loaded up and ready to proceed.

We’re going to resume by waking up mister gong okay or at least try to. All right, we got black sights on black targets here. I think I can line it up maybe with a little bit of luck.

Let’s throw a couple more at him. Oh no, we can’t quit on a miss. We’re empty. All right, well we woke him up. I think we threw them all over him. But that’s okay. Oh let’s get this guy right here because sometimes we forget. we tend to forget him. Be careful.

All right, need some more ammo here. Sweet, sweet All right, I think that empties me right here. Pretty nice shooter, pretty nice shooter I would really have to do something with those sights though I’ll tell you.

Get some paint on that front sight. I don’t know. I don’t know do something with it. I’m just spoiled by that. I know a lot of the old school guys used to just leave them like that. It’s been too many years since I’ve shot a plain black sight though. I’d have to do something with it as far as the kinds of shooting I like to do. I like real quick access on that front sight.

Sometimes for me that requires a little paint, so I’m gonna take a few more shots here. This is not a gigantic chapter two shoot or anything here. We just wanted you to look at the gun and let you know a little bit about it. Show it in action. We’ll empty a few more magazines and sink a little bit more lead out here with it.

These big old .45 slugs put these away here. We’ll just maybe shoot whatever we can hit with these six mag or four or five here and go from there. How’s that? Oh, there’s one that’s empty though. Let’s load him.

You can never shoot enough .45s ever. It’s the year of the .45. You don’t want to be stingy, never. All right, again, I’m shooting a variety of my magazines. We’ve been lucky so far but some of the springs, I know I need to restock on my 1911 magazine no doubt about it.

I do have two or three that I know are in good shape. Who knows on the rest of them? Okay, let’s pop a couple of animals or try to. All right. Pretty nice, let’s move back down here and play some now. Mainly just want to make sure it shoots straight and show you all that it does. Let’s just play right here a little. Yes.

Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet nothing like good 1911. These guns by the way they are really designed to be carried cocked and locked. I don’t know if we’ve talked about that before. With the safety on, hammer cocked because you still have, I know that scares people there was kind of an issue with that public I guess image issue with a lot of police departments that carried this and some who would not carry it for that reason because citizens would – I know it happened here in our county.

When I first started helping our county, they would tell me stories about that because everybody in the county just about deputies carried a cocked and locked .45 back in the late ‘80s, early ‘90s. I think just about everybody.

The guys I knew and rode with did. It would happen every now and then someone in restaurant would say, “Officer your gun’s cocked.” One gun rode with a lot Pat Anther, “I hope so.” I mean it’s just an awareness issue.

It’s an ignorance issue. Not to be derogatory you know what the word ignorant means. They’re just not aware that the gun’s designed to be carried cocked and locked. You have a grip safety. You have a thumb safety. Then the trigger has to be pulled before it will fire. They don’t just go off on their own. Anyway, a side little extra information there no extra charge for that.

All right let’s play a bit. Nothing like a 1911 pistol to play with whoop there’s one of those springs. You got to, didn’t have it seated, there we go. Okay, I’m ready now. Hopefully that magazine – that’s one of those ancient ones okay.

Let’s go back across the hill. I’m really having a hard time picking up the sights quickly here not as much fun for me with black sights. .45 didn’t pull him over.

Did that time if you hit them low, they’re hard to roll. One more magazine such as life, what should I shoot? You know what? That barrel does not have enough holes in it. It just does not.

Got a spot here that hasn’t been shot very much so let’s take care of that. All right, life is good when you have a 1911 in your hand. Anyway, just wanted to give you a look at the Range Officer from Springfield they do a lot of publicity with it. You’ll see a lot of ads in the magazines about the gun. I have I know.

It’s again it’s a pretty nice little package right out of the box comfortable to shoot and seems to shoot well, shoots fine. Springfield’s a good name in 1911s. Anyway, that’s kind of a look at that. Hope you enjoyed that life is good.