Speaking with Kinetic Development Group

Originally focusing on FN Herstal SCAR rifles, Kinetic Development Group (KDG) has used its popularity in the shooting community and now provides a variety of helpful parts for various popular rifle configurations. Whether you are building a rifle from the ground up or making some improvements to your factory model, there are few companies that can offer as much as KDG. In this helpful video by the Military Arms Channel, you can get a better look at some of those accessories and parts to help improve your shooters performance.

While reading about different parts may give you a good foundation of knowledge, the truth is that sometimes the best way to understand a technology is to see it first hand. Though a video may not offer the hands-on approach you want, this video allows you to get a real idea of what KDG has to offer and will allow you to make a more informed purchase decision. Always remember, when you want Kinetic Development Group parts for sale, there is no better destination online than right here at Omaha Outdoors.

Hey guys, we’re at the Big 3 at Daytona Beach Florida. I’m here with AJ from the Kinetic Dev Group. How are you doing, AJ?

Good, how are you?

Not too bad. So, today we’re going to take a look at some of the stuff that the Kinetic Dev Group is doing or KDG. They’ve done some really cool things. They started off working on the SCAR and they’ve moved over to doing some really neat stuff for the AR and other rifles as well, but let’s talk a little bit about the history of the company and what some of the first products were that you brought to market and what spawned those ideas.

Sure. So, when we kind of formed our company back in June 2014, our goal was to make products that we really personally wanted and we’re kind of like, “This is something we want to see come to market” and that’s kind of where we started with the SCAR, at the rail system, the stocks, and a few other QD mounts. So, we can kind of go into detail about, so.


And that was really where we started on that and then we kind of branched off in a few other things that I’m sure we’ll talk about in the video.

Let’s talk about this SCAR. I’m a big SCAR fan. Not so much the sixteen. 16’s a great rifle, but in my opinion, the SCAR 17 is kind of peerless. I mean, this is truly an exceptional rifle. Now, when I did my comparison between the SCAR and the ACR, the one thing that I dinged the SCAR for the hardest was what’s now known as the UGG boots stock. It was a very lightweight, flimsy or is a very lightweight, in my opinion, flimsy stock system and I like the stock more on the ACR. So, what you guys have done is taken the Magpul stock and put it on the SCAR and it’s a lot more robust than the stock that it replaces. So, you have pretty much all the functionality of adjustment of length of pull. You can fold it by pushing a button. This is all metal components here that engage with the receiver. You have the cheek riser here. You have the QD point here. I mean, so this is a really neat thing. This is what turned me on to you guys. When I first saw this, I’m like, “Oh my gosh, somebody fixed the biggest complaint I have with the rifle.”

You know, we contacted Magpul. They had the Masada stocks and, you know, we asked them if they would make them for us and they agreed. They were very happy about it and so we purchased some Masada stocks from Magpul in black and tan and we pretty much manufactured the bracket you see here and it’s a retrofit, obviously, so you pretty much slide off your SCAR stock and slide this on.

It doesn’t change how you break the gun down at all.

Yeah, exactly and this actually, this piece right here, we’ve also got, if you can see this little hole there, that’s actually for a little bit of a set screw and what you can do is so, for guys that might have a really small tolerance or real thin intolerance on their back bracket on their SCAR, if they really want to take away any type of wiggle or movement, especially after wear and tear because you have metal-on-metal, they can put the little set screw in there and just tighten it down.

Oh, very cool.

So, just get rid of any type of play there.

Storage compartment here. Stick some batteries in there. So, that’s definitely an interesting upgrade and as we’re moving forward, we might as well talk about now as well, the QD system which I also now have on my SCAR. So, basically just replace a couple of the screws that come with the SCAR and this bolts right on. Now you had the QD in the right spot. I think this is a little too far out, this is where I like to run my QDs… First of all, how much does this cost?

$299 for the SCAR stocks. It’s for the whole kit. Again, there’s no assembly, no instructions. You pretty much slide it on, slide it off. That’s for the whole kit there in black and tan, the same price for both.

Then, for the QD mount that bolts right on here.

The QD mounts are $28. It’s a little QD mount. It comes with two screws. It’s pretty simple to put on. It’ll work on the right side of the gun or the left side of the gun, it doesn’t matter and you can actually put it this way or turn it around and put QD closer to, you know, the front of your receiver if you want to do that.

And, it has, you said, a quarter-turn or rotational?

It’s stop rotational or rotational stopped-type system, yeah.

Okay, very cool. Then, moving forward even further, we have the MREX rail system, which I now have on my SCAR 17, which gives you the MOE, which will kind of be a segue into some of the other products that you guys are now making, but the MREX rail system has a 1913 rail section out here in front the gas block, but you make another one that is slightly longer and one that is slightly shorter as well, right?

Yeah. The first ones we did in the M-LOK system was a short version that you see here. I’m going to take this accessory off here. So, it came with 2 M-LOK sections on the 3 o’clock and the 9 o’clock positions and an M-LOK running all the way down the 6 o’clock position. People said, “Why didn’t you put it in the back here?” We said, “Well, because most people are putting accessories out front or down below.”


We left some, you know, 2 3/8” spacing heel cold holes here, so that if people did want to attach something back here that they could with standard, you know, modular systems that are on the market, modular rail sections from different companies that would fit the same spacing, but for the most part people want to put their stuff out here.


We dropped the rail down because a lot of guys were like, “Well, we want to either run a PEC or we want to run a TLR1 or a X300 or whatever it is, a light system, you know, on the front rail and we didn’t want to make it the same height as this because it just didn’t serve a purpose at that point. We wanted to get things out of your sight of view.
Which works really well for my civilian version of the DBAL which I will show you here in a few minutes. That DBAL sits on here perfectly. It’s a low enough height that I can actually see over it with my optic which was a problem before. I can’t put that DBAL on a standard height 1913 rail because it actually covers part of my view through the optic.

What’s really cool about this system is, so, this is the shorter of the two. We actually designed this for the length around a 13” MK 17. You know, you could use this with a 13” issued MK 17 with a SureFire can and it’s like the perfect length for that. Then, the longer version, which is actually the most popular, in the tan and the FDE color here, is one more M-LOK section out to about here and a lot of guys like that with their 16” guns that have end-mount suppressors.

So, they’re two lengths, right?

Yeah, we have two lengths. We do, technically, have three lengths. We have a 10.5” version that we’ve been working on for a while that we’ll hopefully have out in the next couple of months. It’s a little bit different than this setup because, you know, with a 10.5” gun you don’t really have a lot of picatinny rail that you can put out here. So, we’re hoping to have that out, hopefully soon here.

So now let’s talk about some of the stuff that you’ve done outside of the SCAR development stuff. Let’s talk about what really is cool and it’s this 1913 rail section. What’s this called?

That’s the Kinect system and it’s specifically for M-LOK. It’s a QD attachment for M-LOK and it’s picatinny rail sections, offset light mounts, you name it. We’ll probably do some camera mounts, GoPro mounts eventually, but it’s truly a quick detach/quick attach system for M-LOK.

First time I saw this, it blew me away. I’m going to take this 1913 rail section, find a couple of available M-LOK slots, put it up there and just simply press. You hear it click, it locks in, and it’s not flimsy in the slightest. I mean, this thing is locked on there and it’ll work with any rail system that is true spec M-LOK. Now, if you get a $10 rail, a rail that’s not made to spec, you’re going to run into problems. There’s a lot of companies out there that don’t do true specs on KeyMod. There’s companies out there that we’ve found that don’t make everything truly to spec for the M-LOK rail system, but this ADM rail system on my UIC carbine here, these rails are built to spec. Pops right on which also, you’ll notice I just took my nFORCE light off. What’s this bad boy?

That is the universal offset mount and very similar to a lot of Scout light, universal offset mounts. It’s got picatinny rail up until about three slots, but it’s also got the holes built into it so that, you can see here, you can attach your Scout light directly to it. So, you can either use it with scope rings and nFORCE or anything else that would attach to picatinny on the offset position or you can attach your Scout light made by SureFire directly to it.

That’s really awesome. This is a brand new product. You guys are just getting ready to ship this one?

Yeah, those are just going to be shipping here hopefully in the next couple weeks to the dealer orders and whatnot. So, the dealers and the website should have them available here in the next couple weeks.

It truly makes a Lego gun out of your firearm. I mean, I can just, wherever I want to put something, I just pop it into an M-LOK rail system and I can reconfigure my gun very quickly. I have a BCM hand stop on here. I can pop it off if I don’t want it for some reason. If I want to put something else there, just pop it in. I mean, heck, I can put it even on the side here if I wanted to. You can just move stuff all around the gun very quickly and very securely.

Yeah and we found it actually, again, with Magpul gave a very good range of tolerance for companies that make this. It’s extremely easy to manufacture compared to other systems like the KeyMod and it’s very easy to manufacture and with the tolerances they gave it, you know, it’s an all-around great system for people to jump on board with, you know. We’ve seen a few places that have still made stuff a little bit out of spec, but when you get a good rail like the ADM one you got or the stuff we’re making and it’s in spec, it’s a great system to work with.

So, let’s take a look at this DBAL, guys. I like doing night vision stuff, you guys know. I’ve been doing a lot of night vision stuff, especially for hunting. I don’t always want to carry this big sucker around with me. Now, it does have a quick detach system of its own, a lever system, but it also has your Kinect system on it. So, to me this is even easier because I can just stick this in my kit and when I’m ready to go night vision, I just use my ADM mount here and I throw my PVS-14 on. I stick my DBAL on and I’m ready to go nighttime. It’s really cool.

Yeah, I find it to be very helpful for us when we’re doing some different shoots or testing or whatnot or different videos that we are doing internally in the company. Especially for like my Contour camera or GoPros. I’ve used it on the Contour a bunch and it’s just very handy.

So, like a bipod, take it on and off. My Atlas has the two screws to hold it on. You’ll pay a lot more for a quick detach system with a throw lever from Atlas. You use a standard Atlas and now it’s quick detach. So, it’s actually a really cool little setup.

Yeah, exactly.

All you have to do is push it straight in. That’s my problem. So, we’ve talked about some of the stuff here. You guys are also making, this is the ADM rail, but you guys are working on an AR-15 or have an AR-15 rail as well.

The AR-15 that we have, we took the profile from our SCAR MRX rails and this is actually the AR MRX rail. It’s the same profile as the end of it and it kind of has more of like a triangular design to it. It is M-LOK and the triangular design makes it feel more like a hand guard as opposed to tubular rails that a lot of people are coming out with. We wanted it to be something a little bit different for guys and it’s got a nice feel in your hands and it’s just a nice system. This is an 11.5” rail that we did. We’re probably going to do a 9” and a 14” rail for guys that like the extended rails. It has QD cups, the rotational stop QD cups on both sides, so it’s a really easy system. Easy barrel to install and it’s pretty self-explanatory.

Alright, so, what is this? This is really interesting.

So, on top of the Kinect system which we talked about and the MRX rails and the other SCAR products, we started an optics mounting line called the side lock system and it’s a cam-type system that actually locks down. It’s kind of a system designed to kind of take away any user error, over tightening or whatnot or not tightening enough and it’s a pretty simple system. We started out with the end-point mounts here you can see for the CompM4 and you press this button in. It’s got a secondary safety just like a Glock trigger. When that’s depressed in, it comes straight off, it locks open. When you want to put your optic back on, find your place where you had it before where it was zeroed, and lock it straight down. As you shoot it, what’s nice about it is the recoil causes the cams to lockdown even further, so kind of almost sort of welds it to it, making it even a tighter lock. So, the first ones we had out, which are shipping now, is the universal mount. We also have the CompM4 Slashing Point Pro mount out as well. The T1s will be shipping out here soon.

The T1s you’re working on and then I hear also that you guys are working on a mount for the new MRO from Trijicon.

Yep, we have our MRO samples and we started working on the mount for that. Hopefully have it out here in a month or so and then we’re also doing a 30mm scope ring version. Those are just kind of similar to the Delta mount you have there, but obviously in the side lock technology.

Outstanding and so what does the mount go for?

The end-point mounts, the T1s and also the pro mounts are $139.

And then the rail system here for the AR-15; what are we looking at?

This one is about $250.

$250. So, we have $299 on the butt stock, we already covered off on that. What does the MRX rail system for the SCAR go for?

The MRXs, doesn’t matter what length they are, the MRXs in tan, black, doesn’t matter the length, they all run $299.

What’s really cool, guys, I also found out when I installed it on mine, it comes with a card in the box that tells you to go to a website and they have step-by-step instructions. Taking the barrel off the SCAR, you want to make sure that you follow those instructions because if you just try to put a wrench to this rear bolt, which is locked tight and don’t apply heat, you’re going to mess your gun up. So, follow those instructions. Great video instructions on the website. It’s actually quite an easy install.

Yeah, it’s a seven minute instructional video. You know, it literally is, it’s very simple to follow it. We figured this was better than giving somebody a ten-page manual trying to explain how to put it on and everybody’s using social media these days so it’s very simple, but it literally does not take very long if you follow the instructions. It’s very simple.

So, all the little connector pieces… What are we looking at for like a 1913 quick connect?

This seven slot piece here, which covers two M-LOK sections is $59. It’s the same as a Harris bipod version. The universal offsets set mounts run about $64 and then the three slot one down here is $49.

So, you can just pick them up and pop them on. You know, we started carrying these things at Copper Custom, guys. I’ve completely outfitted my SCAR with all the quick detach systems. I definitely have gone with this stock. The stock is amazing. Well worth the investment there. I mean, I just love what you guys are doing. Keep it up and if these guys want to get in touch with you, what’s the best way they can find you?

They can either contact us on the web site, it’s www.kineticdg.com, or you can also email us at info@kineticdg.com.

Awesome. Well, thanks for coming out. Thanks for watching, guys and we’ll talk to you guys soon.

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