Sneeky Pete – Fat Guy Conceal Carry Holster Video

Sneeky Pete: Conceal carry for Fat, Heavy, Big Guys

Hi everybody! Tony from AZ Gun Guys here once again, doing more of a public service announcement today. Yes, that’s hard to believe, but I have a little expansion problem. All right. I’m a little big guy. I’m kind of heavy.

Yeah, I’m fat. Okay. As all of us fat guys know, it’s temporary, and when we lose weight soon, it will all be gone in no time. We’ll be back to being thin.

Today’s subject is fat guy holsters. What do you carry and how do you carry your concealed carry gun? How do you carry it? It’s tough. Most people have tuck holsters. You ever seen the commercials or the videos of everybody? Oh yeah, tuck holsters. They’re all built like Brad Pitt!

You know, for all those of us who have the expansion problem, it’s not quite that simple. Tuck holsters hurt, especially when your gut hangs over them and you can’t sit down. Your hip… Yeah. Of course, again, it’s all temporary.

I found a new deal. I do have a tuck holster, and a lot of times I keep it in my front pocket or if I… mostly in my front pocket. I do keep it, when I transport it if I’m in my vehicle, I put the tuck holster… I took the little clip off the side, and I keep that, you know, in the glove box or next to me in my console or actually still in my pants pocket.

When I go out, when I go places, wherever I go, whether… Wherever I can, where I’m legally allowed to carry, I find a new item that I carry. It’s called the Sneeky Pete. Now it’s been out a few years. I know, you’ve probably seen hundreds of these. There’s all kinds of videos on this. I’m just one of many. I realize that, but I’ve got to tell you, I really like it.

The Sneeky Pete is… Well, let’s just get to it. Okay. Sneeky Pete’s. Okay. I’m a big guy. It’s hard to carry a tuck or anything. This is a Sneeky Pete right here. Okay?

There it is. It’s on the outside. It’s hidden, but it’s hidden in plain sight. It looks like a big cell phone case. Anybody ever asks me any questions about it, I always tell them it’s a computer that I use for work when I order products. I’ve been in sales most of my life.

This is it. It fits right here, and when you need it, you’re that quick. Okay? It fits that much into it. Okay? I’ll break this down closer, but here’s how it fits on me. It sits on this side of me. You carry it around. You walk around anywhere. I went to a gun show. I had a…

The only place anybody has ever even suspected it was at Cabela’s when I was picking up some ammunition, there was a big early bird special there. They were talking about where they had 22 ammunition, so of course there was a line all the way down the street. One guy in the line said, “Hey, is that a Sneeky Pete?” He was looking at getting one also. I told him talk about it [phonetic].

They’re the only one, and of course it was Cabela’s, so people knew about these things. Once again, here it is. You just simply lift it up, and that quick you’re on it. Okay? This is my Sig 2, Sig P938. Now they make them very specific for all kinds of guns.

I do not work for Sneeky Pete. I have no interest in selling them, but I’m just saying. For big guys, it’s not a bad thought at all. You carry it on the outside. You know, you can cover it up with your shirt if you want to be completely… Even if you have it like this, who cares? No one even knows. Let’s take a closer look.

Okay. Here’s a Sneeky Pete. It’s called a holster. It’s really concealed. It’s not so much… People say, “Oh, that’s a nice holster.” It’s a hols… It’s a concealed carry holster, per se. Is it a holster like a regular holster? No. Obviously not.

For conceal, if you look on the back, it’s got real solid metal clips that go on to your belt real easy. They go and slide… You can either take it off, or I take my belt and I slide it right through. Also it pops up here on the back.

Magnets here, right here, hold the… of course, they connect to these guys here down below. It sits, locks every time, pops open real simple. Now just for purposes here, let’s do a quick safety check, because here at AZ Gun Guys, I unloaded this guy.

This is my carry gun, so it’s always loaded. For the purposes of this, I unloaded it. Okay, P238, excuse me, P938, the 9mm. The cool thing about it, Sneeky Pete makes these for just about every concealed gun. They are specific to your specific gun. This one is designed for this gun only, P938, and only this gun period. That’s it. That’s the only one that will fit in it.

Now some guys talk about, you know, does… It changes the… I’ve heard people talk about, you know, does the shape mold or bend or anything. Mine’s about three months old. I carry it almost every day. I mean, I carry it a lot. There’s the inside there. The breaks… I don’t know if you can see that here with the…

When the gun itself sits in like this, it fits straight in and fits really nice. It’s very specific for each gun, whether you get an LC9 or you get a… Whatever it is. Maybe you have a P2 38 [phonetic], whatever your carry gun is, these are specific to that gun. They have them all listed on their website. I believe it’s Again, I don’t work for them. I don’t sell them. I’m not pimping them, but I just… I kind of like it.

That’s what… You know, we’re all about public service here at AZ Gun Guys. Here’s the issue the people complain about, once again. That is, a six round mag is standard. It fits perfect in there, but a lot of guys want to carry the seven round mag. Here it is. That’s the problem. It feels good. It’s got the pinky rest and everything, but it doesn’t fit.

Okay. Does not fit with the seven round mag. If that bothers you a lot, hey, you’ve got to find something different. You know? For me, it doesn’t bother me. I went back to six. I still put seven. I load in six, I rack one, I load another one in there, and I’ve got my seven. I’m good to go.

You know, that’s… Let’s face it. You’re carrying a small gun, that’s what you get. There it is. A Sneaky Pete. It’s about four… I want to say forty-nine or fifty-nine. I forget what they are. They’re not cheap. I wish they were a little cheaper, but it’s pretty good construction from what I can see. It’s all leather. It comes in black. It’s just a… It’s nice.

It gets a little scuffed up, but hey, that’s happened. You bump into stuff when you walk around with it. There it is. My original one is, as I say, that I used to carry, is the tuck holster. Here’s the tuck right here.

I’ve taken the clip off, because it goes inside the belt. They’re just a nightmare to carry for a guy. If I keep it in my pocket, I always keep a… You always got to have a holster, but you want that trigger protected.

If I keep it in my vehicle, if I have to get out and am going to go somewhere where I can’t, I’m not allowed to carry a gun, which I hate, I leave it in the vehicle. I’ve got it in the holster like this. That’s pretty much it. There it is, the tuck holster, the Sneaky Pete.

I’ve become a big fan of the Sneaky Pete, just like I said, because it’s everything I ask. It’s comfortable to wear. You can wear it all day. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t hurt. You can wear it to work. You can wear it out on the road. You can wear it if you’re traveling. You can do anything you want with it. There it is. Okay?

All right, guys! Thanks for listening. Thanks for watching. Remember, AZ Gun Guys. Give us a like. Subscribe if you would. Tell your friends about us. We’re still getting things off the ground here, and we appreciate your support. Have a great day!

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