Six Concealed Carry Myths Video

Hey there friends, thanks for checking in! I came up with 6 concealed carry myths. They are just that, myths, because there have been so many more people that conceal and carry throughout the country that numbers completely increase. We need to get it straight what exactly is the truth, what exactly is a myth. Now, I know there are many more than this and I look forward to your comments of what you think is a concealed carry myth, but here are my 6. So let’s go.

Myth number one, “Target shooting is training”. It’s good to shoot small groups in a range when you just target shooting and at shooting like that. That’s good but definitely not considered training. We’re talking concealed carry myth, shooting under stress. If your range are louse, try to shoot while you’re moving. See what the difference is. People get so caught up into shooting small groups but that’s really not what it’s all about. Here’s what you are, you’re a set of mass. You may have to do that on different types of situations. Try doing ten push-ups, and stand up and shoot. That gives you a little different perspective.

Myth number two and this is a favorite of anti-gunners, “More concealed carry people means a lot more trouble”. Nothing’s further from the truth. When you decide to conceal and carry, you are taking out a huge responsibility. We should never take that lightly. Then I go, “It’s going to be like the wild wild west. People going around pew pew. That’s completely false. The responsibility is amazing. If anything it is not irresponsible, responsible and causes less problems. I’d tell you what, one of you anti-gunners. You’re out there in a restaurant with your family and some guy decides he’s going to decide act stupid. You’re going to hope and pray that a conceal-and-carry permit person is there. A good guy with the guy, to help solve your problem.

Myth number three, “Conceal and carry people only carry when they feel they need to”, like if they’re in a bad area. That is just complete ignorance if you think like that you’ll, “I’ll only carry when I’m in a bad area, I’ll take care of my business”. You must be so smart that you could predict you’re own crimes, you can predict your own attack give me a break you must be a detective. You could anywhere in a public area and there could be five – ten people, maybe more were concealed carrying and you have no idea. You need to carry all the time. That’s the whole measure of it. Are you serious about this? Are you going to be serious about protecting yourself and your family for bad thing happens? That’s what’s all-

Myth number four, “Women should only carry twenty-twos because of a low recoil and easier handling”. You sexist chauvinist pig, don’t be short-sighted. I see women all the time, carrying higher caliber handguns because you know why? They can handle it. If they trained, they can handle it just as well as anybody else. Don’t show women short. They can carry higher calibers, do just fine with it and protect themselves. Especially at home, they need to practice just like anybody else. That’s not to say that beginners should not practice with twenty-two. I think that’s a good idea.

Myth number five, “Empty chambers are happy chambers”. Let’s get a visual on this. You tell me what’s faster, ready?

That’s the first one, had nifty chamber. Second, which one would you prefer, if a guy was coming at you with a knife at full speed? Let’s take a look.

Clearly a loaded chamber is the way to go on this one. It’s started to close. The key is to get a good quality holster, to be as safe as you can, and to know your firearm inside and out, and be responsible. That’s the key, if that happens then unloaded chamber is irrelevant.

Myth number six, and a favorite of the anti-gunners, “People who have guns are more likely to get into a fight”. What a stupid way of thinking that is. These people really need to know better. People who conceal and carry firearms or even open carry for that much. We learn avoidant and self-control. It’s extremely important. So actually the opposite is true. If you carry a gun, you are less likely to get into a fight or an altercation. Doesn’t make you any tougher, doesn’t make you any stronger, and doesn’t make you any more powerful. Your reaction are putting at greater risk of persecution.

Responsibility, self-control, avoidance and training. Now that’s the truth. So there you have it friends. There are 6 concealed carry myth that need to be dispelled. I know there are many more. I look forward to your comments of what you consider a concealed carry myth then maybe we can make a part two to this video. If you like videos like this, please subscribe and share. I appreciate a thumbs up button. Thanks for watching and you guys be safe.

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