Sig Sauer P225 Reborn?

Sig Sauer P225 Reborn?

Though the initial declaration was somewhat unofficial, it appears that Sig Sauer has confirmed it will be re-releasing the P225 sometime this year. Though this announcement came as somewhat of a surprise for many enthusiasts, the promise of a July-August release is sure to have Sig fans putting money aside already. This initial announcement came in a forum post by the Sig Sauer Executive Director Jeff Creamer, who also shared some details about the new pistol.

The Original Sig P225

First built as a light-weight service pistol for the Swiss military, the Sig P225 quickly became popular overseas. When it made its way to the United States, users enjoyed the single stack 9mm design and began seeing its effectiveness as a concealed carry or backup weapon. In its original design, the weapon had a compact, single-stack frame using a 3.9” barrel with a 1:10 twist. Offering a lightweight construction and 8 rounds of 9mm, its popularity was easy to understand. Of course, the P239 came onto the scene and Sig saw the P225 as redundant, effectively ending its manufacture.

The New Sig P225

In his statement, Jeff Creamer explained that the new Sig P225 will have a slide contour identical to the legacy P225. The frame, on the other hand, would deviate slightly, especially noting that the trigger guard shape would mirror the P228 handgun. Naturally, this new release will reflect all of the advances in Sig Sauer’s manufacturing procedures over the years, which would result in a more advanced and reliable pistol than ever before.

Furthermore, he revealed that the new firearm would first be offered with a stainless slide / aluminum frame and an all-stainless model would follow. Though the all-stainless model is sure to be heavier, it will offer better recoil control and a better ability to stand up to the elements. In either case, new slide will be milled, ensuring it is stronger and extending the service life of the weapon. Furthermore, shooters can expect the new P225 to come with E2 grips, further enhancing the weapon’s usability.

Whether you are new to the Sig Sauer pistol or an enthusiast excited to see an old model return, this announcement definitely gives you something to look forward to.

Do you intend to buy a new P225 when it is released?