Sig 1911 Testing: Trench Warfare Drill by Nutnfancy Video

We got about 22 runs under our belt in the Trench Warfare Drill in the Nutnfancy Project. We have to make time for the SIG 1911. This is a Nitron rail. It’s end of summer, 2011. Let’s see how this suck goes.

It had a couple failures going to battery while running the E-Led Drill last week. Let’s see the ammo today. This one is Blazer. It’s aluminum case. I always like to see if it’ll run off that because that’s your cheapest load these days.


Maybe the steel case Rush would be cheaper.

We’ll see how that works. I’m trying not to ding up the mag because I’m going to have to return this gun to the owner in nice condition. PMCF&J is being ran as well.

I have a tag, plate carrier and soft armor inserts. That’s about it. I also have a SOG field pup. Let’s rock this house, dude.

Alright. I’m ready at the beep.

I hope it’s reliable, man.

Suck it. That’s too bad. That was brass case, too. It’s another gun that’s got to go back to the manufacturer.

The brass is also with the TMC. Awesome.

This magazine has been awesome with every other 1911 I’ve used it on.

That’s number two. I need to remember that.

It’s not liking that magazine. Luckily, I brought a couple backup Wilson Combats. Hopefully that’s enough ammo. How many more on this? Is it two?

It’s three or two.

I need those rounds. It’s too bad about my time.

How many more on that, dude.


Okay. My time is shot to crap. Oh well.

Are you thinking it’s a mag problem?

I don’t know, man. That mag’s been good with every other 1911 I’ve shot. Try it on your run and see how it does. Oops.

That was not a good gun for reliability. This was the SIG 1911 Nitron. I had all kinds of problems with brass case PMC out of one magazine. Why don’t you run it and we’ll see if it chokes with that Winchester Whitebox you have?

Yeah. That would be interesting to see.

The trigger’s okay. It needs a trigger job on it. It’s a little bit stiff. It weighs around six or seven pounds, I think.

That wasn’t too bad. It was okay. It was good enough.

This is a SIG 1911 Nitron having reliability issues. It’s getting sent back. I’m getting a bit tired of sending all these guns back. I can’t tell you how many guns I’ve had to send back to get looked at and fine-tuned by the manufacturer. How about getting them right when they’re out of the box?

That’s frustrating, especially when you spend that amount of cash on something.

Exactly, dude. That gun should be 100 percent out of box. Every gun should be. Well, see how it does. We’ll keep an eye on that magazine number-two, Kimber. We ran that in a camp Car this week and it was a 100 percent.

We ran it in a Smith & Wesson 1911 and it was 100 percent. Are you ready?

That’s five!

Okay. Here goes mag number two.


Should I do one more?

Yeah. Mag two is running good for you.

Should I do one more?

Yeah. Cool. You got four out of five.

I messed up, man. Do three more. Your time is 123.53. You had no jams.

I had no jams.

Was that the Winchester Whitebox?

Yes. That was all Winchester Whitebox. I wasn’t happy with my run.

What’s in your mouth? Is it chewing tobacco?

It’s seeds.

It’s seeds?

I probably shouldn’t put them in before talking.

What did you not like about the run? Was it the accuracy?

The accuracy was bad.

You’re kind of sucking with the accuracy.

I did not like the accuracy at all. That is not this.

Right. It’s just you getting back into 1911 shooting again.

I need to spit these out.

Spit them or swallow them. You need the roughage.

Look how cool the barrel looks when it’s all blued out from shooting. Okay.

Yeah. That mag-two ran well.

That was interesting.


No issues at all with it. The PMC mag-two did not like it.

Was it the PMC you were running.

Yes. I stripped off three cartridges trying to get it to chamber. It would not chamber.

Yeah. That was over and over again.

It was very weird. That’s weird.

Yeah. I don’t like my accuracy on that run at all.

Run it again. Do better.

I will.

Load up. Let’s see how you did on the paper. I think you did well. Not too bad.


No. You dropped two. Those are non-counters because they’re out of the nine-ring, Homes. By the way, we’re shooting at this for now on since we tore this up.

That sounds good.

Alright. You have a little room to work on the accuracy. Your shooting has some needs.


You’ve been running a lot.

We’re right next to the cone.

You can say whatever you want. We’re right next to the cone, and we’re going to be believing.

In all honesty, a lot of that is stamina.

It’s fatigue. You bet. That offhand is really tough at this stage in the day.

I want to run that again to bring it down a little bit.

Yeah. Load up. You’re running it again right now.

Okay. Give me tape. Do you have tape?

I’ll see you back there! Hey. This shoots a little bit better than those ice drills with tactical solutions.

Yeah. I don’t have bugger ice sickles coming out of my nose.

There were ice sickles coming out of the nostril.

I’ll take this over that any day.

Totally. That was tough.

That was cold shooting.

Those were tough runs, man. Start at the beep, shooter. This is a SIG Nitron Rail 45, running 100 percent last run. This is a Winchester Whitebox.

Excellent. Slow down. Stop being hostile. There you go. Do one more on that swinger. Slow down, and concentrate on that trigger. Pull it nice and slow. There you go! Do it slow. Good.

Marksman 2 fires his last shot on this target and runs to the next target]

Marksman 2 fires and hits the target a few times, then he runs to the next one]

Marksman 2 cocks gun and fires at target, then he runs to the next target .

That’s mag-two.

Okay. That’s three out of five.

It’s 100 percent so far, right?

No. It’s not.

It had a failure to go into battery. Good hit. That was three out of five. Good job! Shoot the black dot.

That was four out of five. Isn’t that funny? You think that would be an easy plate.


It’s not an easy plate.

This run was a little better.

You did a little better.

It’s like you said. I’m rushing and jerking. I can see the shots coming off to the left, too. I’d try to slow down. That one is a tough hit.

That’s a tough shot, dude.

The sun makes it hard to see the target.

It’s tough for distance. Okay. You had a failure to strip off the number-two mag.

Yeah. I put the mag in, racked it and it didn’t go fully into battery

Okay. Maybe I’ll run it, and I’ll blaze run it.

Yeah. See if there’s a difference.


I’ve got three more.

Okay. Do you want to go for the far plate over here?

Yeah. Let’s do that. Yeah that’s excellent right there. Wait.

This is what you shot. It’s right there


That’s not too shabby.

It’s not bad. It’s okay.

Okay. Don’t hurry. Make those shots count.

I’ll tell you, I can barely see the target. I can see the orange.

You need to go a little to the left.


That looks like it went left.

Yeah. I just got a big sweat right in the eye.

Did you?

That was after shooting, so it can’t be an excuse. I like it, but I’m not in love.

You’re not in love.

It doesn’t have to do with my shooting performance with it. If you shoot well with a gun, you’re all over it, right?


I find that it’s not similar to the other 1911s I’ve shot. To me, it seems it’s not as smooth. Does that make sense?

Yep. I think the trigger needs some work. I bet you that a nicer trigger would make you like it better.

Yeah. I love the checker and the front strap checkering on 1911s. The speed bump or whatever name you want to use for this looks nice, but I don’t find them necessary. I don’t think it adds to pushing it in. I’ve never had a problem when they’re flat.


I like the way it looks. I’ve never ran a bobbed safety on there.

I love that safety.

It doesn’t bother me at all.

I like it. It’s very positive that it actuates like that.


It’s one of the most positive out-of-box at this price level that I’ve ever seen. It’s very nice.

The three-dot sights are nice. I like them, so I wouldn’t argue anything there.

Those are trits, too.

Those are nice sights.

Yeah. I love nice sights. If I could afford them, then I’d put them on all of my guns.


Overall, I really like the gun with the exception of those hiccups.

Cool. Yeah.

I like it.

I’m going to run different ammo and give it another run. We’ll see how it does.

This is run number two of Trench Warefare. The ammo on this run is going to be a variety of stuff. The Blazer aluminum case seems to do well. It didn’t seem to like PMC too much. There were several failures going to battery. There were failures to strip off this magazine, marked number 2. It’s a Kimber 10 round. It’s been excellent in every other 1911 I’ve ever shot it in.

We’ll see how we do. I’ll try to slow down and get really good accuracy with it. The trigger’s not awesome. It needs a trigger job.

I agree.

I’m ready.

Wait for the beep.

That was a nice one. It pains me every time I see that.

It pains me, too.

This is the tough one right here, my man. I got another one. Should I do one more?

Do one more. Nice.

I got two out of five.

Do I have one or two more?

You have one more.

This is a PMC, again.

I ran pretty good. That one off the extended magazine had a minor bobbled going into the chamber. I forget what I did. I’ll have to look at it. Other than that it’s 100 percent.

We’re running a little bit of everything. I ran some Tula, Blazer and PMC in that last run.

I ran 152? That was slow, dude.

We’re slowing down. I can tell.

I did take my time on that, too. I wasn’t really hurrying. I was posting and looking at my sight picture a little bit.

Yeah. I like it. I still think I’ll send it back to have SIG go through it. I’ll shoot it again to try it on reliability with PMC ammo. It’s expensive testing these guns.

I love the looks of it. It’s a nice 1911.

I do, too. I like that dark with the reddish grips on it.

Yep. I’ll tell you, I hit better with the Smith & Wessons. At least, I have.


The Smith & Wessons on that oblique plate. Granted, this has run 30 for us.


I nailed it a lot better than I did this. It’s just me training with a gun and getting used to it. We’ve got that low sun angle. I’m close enough to the excuse-code.

That’s coming down.

That sun, at that angle, makes it extremely difficult.

Yeah. Let me try this with what ammo I got left over. We’ll see if I can come after that.

I’m still hitting over it.

Yeah. I think it’s over and left.

Yeah. I have one round left of this. This is Tula.

Yeah. It’s hitting high and left. I should have been aiming low and right on that.


Now I know.

That’s what mine were doing, too. They were high and left. Normally, I have a tendency to pull low and left, not high and left. That sucks.

Let’s see how we did on paper. Disregard that. That’s last group. That’s not too bad.

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