SHOT Show 2016: New Cobalt Kinetics B.A.M.F. Rifle

If you are a serious firearm collector or even just a shooter who happens to have the ability to get there, nothing is better than visiting the annual SHOT show. Both major manufacturers and custom dealers visit this event to provide shooters a look at what is being offered in that upcoming year. At the SHOT Show 2016 in Las Vegas, NV, Cobalt Kinetics revealed an AR-15 rifle configuration that might turn a few heads. In this video, Iraqveteran8888 goes through some of the key features that help set this rifle apart from the crowd and make it worth exploring further.

While the AR market might seem a bit over-saturated at times, this new B.A.M.F. Rifle actually makes some relevant changes. It uses advanced construction and no-nonsense features to ensure you are ready to perform at your best every time. As discussed in this review, the primary improvement is the unique magazine release system, which allows for better performance during competition. When you want to find any Cobalt Kinetics for sale, remember that Omaha Outdoors is your ultimate destination to take care of business.

Welcome back, everybody. This is Eric here with Iraqveteran8888. We’ve got another SHOT Show video for you here. We’re milling around SHOT Show 2016. Monday, media day at the range we were able to go out to the range and get our hands on this Cobalt Kinetics billet aluminum modern firearm. You might could possibly surmise what else that could stand for.

This is a crazy AR, guys. It’s got a lot of interesting things going for it. We’ve got to put some rounds through it and shoot it a little bit. They’ve got a couple of core configurations they’re going to be offering this rifle in and there’s a few things I want to say, for sure, that the AR market has become rather stagnant over the years and, you know, especially with a lot of the surge of ARs that have been out there. The surge of entry level ARs has flooded the market with AR-15s and there’s a lot of people building them, there’s a lot people buying them, but to some
degree for the person that already owns an AR or, say they owned several ARs, it takes a lot to, so-to-speak, blow someone’s skirt up and I was kind of the same way. Like, I was walking out there on range day, kind of looking around, and I saw it and I’m like, “Okay, another AR. Whatever”. But, you know, I’m always the kind of person, I have to look closer and everything. So, we checked it out. Got some really interesting features with this AR. We’re not going to go into every little bell and whistle, but there’s one primary feature that sets this AR apart from pretty much any other thing on the market right now. Other than the construction, the quality of materials, the CNC machining, we’ll start from the back end of the rifle and work our way up.

This is kind of their race gun, ok. So, the way this is set up is for the guy who wants to be totally high-speed. We’re going to talk about the way that he’s going to be high speed here in a moment. Other than, of course, looking like some kind of a space warrior, you know. The way this has got pretty awesome finish going on with it. I love the look of it and in a race gun, let’s face it, you have to look good with a race gun.

But the engineering is the key here. So, we’re going to talk about the stock. You know, this aluminum stock set that they developed. They’ve got a pretty interesting system that allows them to tune the buffer system for light, heavy, small statured shooters. Heavier shooters you want around heavy pills, light pills, suppressed, unsuppressed. It gives you a wide variety of options for setting the gun up for specific load, a specific circumstance for you as the shooter.

So, the internal buffer system is their kind of proprietary thing they’ve developed. You’ve also got full adjustability here on the back end of the gun. You’ve got height for the pad, length of pull, comb height; so, fully adjustable. This stock set is something they actually offer individually for sale. You can buy the proprietary buffer system and you can buy the stock set. So, if you want to retrofit an existing AR, you can do so.

Now, moving forward, the main thing I want to show you guys is the way that this firearm operates, okay. We have a couple of dummy rounds over here in a few mags and we’re going to
Demonstrate, hopefully. You’ll see in some of the clips here where we’re shooting it and you’ll notice that the gun’s kind of doing some stuff on its own here, okay. The way that this system is set up you can see it’s got a flared magwell that allows for rapid mag changes. You can see the trigger guard has kind of a downward angle to it. Giving you a little bit more room to get in and out. Say you might be wearing gloves or whatever. Gives you a little bit of extra space as well.

So, going to show you guys, kind of demonstrate how this operates. So, basically, the bolt always locks to the rear on the last shot. So, to demonstrate, I’m going to drop the bolt here. So, there’s always constant pressure being put on the bolt stop. So, when the bolt fires the last round, it locks to the rear all the time. Right now I can’t just drop this. There’s constant pressure being put on the bolt stop. So, when I take a live magazine, you notice there’s no traditional magazine- Well, for one, the magazine release is on the other side. They’re working on possibly offering one on the side that you expect it to. But, you notice on this side of the gun, there’s no traditional, you know, bolt stop or bolt release, okay. When I put a live round, obviously these are dummies, when I go to put one in there, when I put the magazine in there, it drops the bolt on the first round, okay. So, I shoot the gun, bang-bang. Watch this. Okay, right now the bolt is closed and there’s a round in the chamber, but it ejected the magazine. So, if I’m shooting the gun and I view my fire control hand, I’m already reaching for another magazine. I can have one round in there; if I’m shooting, bam, a round has gone, okay. So, bang, okay. It ejected my spent cartridge. Lock the bolt through the rear because it’s empty, but the mag’s already been ejected, so I can already be reaching for another magazine and right back in.

So, I’ll admit when I had this thing out on range day Monday, it took a little bit of getting used to because you’re so used to the manual of arms of a standard AR-15, but with this gun being set up the way it is, it’s really a game-changer because it removes those steps from the reloading process and you can cut a considerable amount of time off of your reload time.

Alright, so let’s say that you’re not a three gun guy. You’re not a competitor. You’re not really concerned about the space age kind of thing. Now, this particular gun has some interesting things going for it. This does have a heavily turned down barrel with a carbon fiber wrap to really cut down on the weight. It’s got a six chamber break, which is obnoxious. It’s awesome. It’s loud as hell. It kicks, well, no recoil, but it’s very loud, it’s obnoxious, but it’s awesome. A good brake should accomplish that, but let’s say you’re not a competitor, you want just kind of a base model. Well, they’ve got that, too.

So, for some of you guys that are looking and going, “Well, you know, I don’t want a blue and silver gun” or whatever. Well, you know, you can get it in black. Like Henry Ford, you know, you can have it in any color you want as long as it’s black, right. So, they offer the same gun with the same exact everything we just showed, but in more of a base configuration. You can see right here instead of like an aluminum grip, which for that one, they do offer different grip profiles that they’re going offer different configurations, but you still can have the traditional AR grip if you want, any type of collapsible stock you want, and you can kind of get the “Okay, it’s another AR”, but it’s also the system that we discussed earlier with the reloading. That was one of the things that really impressed me about this rifle. So, I’m hoping that maybe at some point we may be able to get one out to do video with or maybe have them down to the farm and we’ll put the gun through its paces, see how it holds up.
This is a .223 Wylde barrel. It’s a really interesting take on the 5.56 chambering. The .223 Wylde is awesome because it’s kind of match grade, but it’s kind of not. So, you get a little bit more consistency than just a NATO chamber, but you don’t have a chamber that’s so tight that you are getting reliability issues in the field or reliability issues as a competitor. So, it’s kind of a happy medium, kind of like a bench chamber in a way. So, it gives you a pretty interesting take on that.

So, Cobalt Kinetics, there it is. We want to show this off. I was really impressed with this gun. We went out to range day this year. It was a lot of fun. It was awesome. So, thanks for watching this video. We hope that you enjoyed taking a look at this gun. This thing’s been pretty awesome. When we were out on the range, there was just a slew of people around shooting this thing and for good reason. It’s really unique and, you know, in the AR world it takes a lot to innovate and takes a lot to kind of push things forward and make people go, “Okay cool”, you know? So, this was something that kind of leapt out at us as being something that was really awesome. We want to show it to you guys. So, thanks for watching this video. We’ve got much more SHOT Show coverage on the way. Plenty of things out there that we’re doing, guys. So, make sure you stay tuned. Subscribe, follow us on Facebook. All the links are in the description box below. If you want to check out Cobalt Kinetics, really good bunch of guys that are very hospitable to us. Treat us really good on the range. So, guys, thanks for your time. Thanks for watching. We’ll catch you next time. More footage on the way, stay tuned.

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