Shooting the Two-Shot 45 ACP / 9 mm Convertible Derringer from DoubleTap Defense Video

Right, here today shooting and looking at this two shot pocket Derringer from Double Tap Defense. This is a gun we’ve been waiting on for a couple of years. We first saw them a while back and had a big introduction, but things didn’t go really well.

We’ve had a couple of starts, and now they’re in full production from Double Tap Defense. They’re no longer associated with Heiser [phonetic]. Heiser is making their own version, which has a single shot 14 barrel on top.

This is a double barrel. This is 45 ACP. You can also buy it in 9mm or if you buy either gun, you can get the other barrel as an accessory kit. They sell… The barrel comes with that and your strips. To load it, it’s real easy to change a barrel. You pop this pin out and pop the other barrel and put your pin back in. You can change it really quick.

This particular version has got an aluminum frame, stainless steel barrels. They also have a version with a titanium frame, which is about 2 ounces heavier and about 230 dollars more. I prefer the lighter weight, because if you’re going to carry it in the pocket, which is what it’s made for, you might as well have the lightest.

This particular version with the 3-inch 45 barrels weigh 14.3 ounces on my scale, and it’s really thin. That’s one of the key features of this. It’s not much thicker really than the 45 ACP cartridge that it fires. This is just a little over five eighths of an inch thick.

It’s got this aluminum frame. It’s contoured really well to fit your hand, but your hand does take all of the recoil with that hard aluminum frame. It’s not something you want to shoot a whole lot every day, but for what it’s made for, for a pocket gun to come out of the pocket, it’s the smallest, lightest 45 ACP on the market.

The size compares real favorably with this 380 Ruger LCP. In fact, the 45 double tap is just a little bit thinner than this 380 LCP. It’s quite a bit smaller than this J-frame which I keep in my pocket quite often. It’s a J-frame 38 Special Smith and Wesson 342 PD. It’s a lot thinner than that.

Of course, this holds five shots. This holds two shots, the 45 ACP, so you’ve got to weigh out the advantages and disadvantages. It’s not much thicker than an empty wallet, and it’s a lot thinner than most people carry for a wallet by the time you load it up with your credit cards and whatever cash you’ve got, things like that.

It’s real easy to load. You pull back on your ambidextrous barrel axis, pop in two cartridges, close it, and it’s ready to go. The trigger is double action ever pull.

Okay, the trigger pull on this… Make sure we’re empty. Nice, smooth trigger pull. Comes in at just a little over ten pounds on my trigger pull scale.

10.1 pounds is what it is, and it’s a good, smooth trigger pull. It stacks right before it breaks, so you can predict when it’s going to release. Pretty easy to do. For a gun of this type, that you pull out of your pocket, no safeties flip or anything. Go to work. It’s a real good trigger pull, and it’s…

I read that some people said heavier trigger pulls than that, but this production version does not. It’s got a great trigger pull on it, and it makes it easy to use, easy to get on target and put your shots where you need them at fairly close range.

If you just pull it out, no safety to flip or anything. Bring it out of your pocket and go to work when you need it. Great for up close personal work, and for that it does really well. It’s easy to shoot. It’s fairly easy to get on target.

The sights are pretty rudimentary. They’re hard to see in a low light, but you’ve got a little post on the front and the knots [phonetic] on the back. At social work distances, it’ll put the bullet right on target where you need to. Like I said, it’s easy to change. It carries in the butt.

You can carry two extra cartridges in the butt of the gun. Go on here and fold over. When you’re ready to reload, you pop that open, pull them out, and pop them in the gun. It also comes with a six shot strip, so you can carry extra rounds in your pocket.

These are available now. They’re available in the gun shops. We’ve had a lot of requests over the past several months to review this gun. We don’t review prototypes. We don’t do a review off a press release, like a lot of paper magazines do. We don’t do that. We tell people, you put a gun in their hand and we can pull the trigger, we’ll do a review on it.

We finally got the gun. They’re in production. They’re in the distribution channel now. Your local dealer can get you one if you want to try it out. This version right here with an aluminum frame and a 45 barrel non-ported is 499 US… They start at 499 and go on up. We’ve got the complete price list in our spec chart that you can see.

Anyway, it’s a good gun. There’s nothing else like it on the market. It works. It’s works a hundred percent of the time. That the one thing that I really like about it. I had no problems with it. I shot a lot through it, and like I said, recoil can get to you after a while on it. It’s not made for shooting all day, every day.

It’s made to put in your pocket, pull it out when you need it, and it gives you two quick shots plus another fairly quick reload, if you want to, in the butt of it. It’s available from Double Tap Defense.

I’m shooting Remington 230 green hollow point home defense. Real good load especially out of this little gun. It packs a pretty good punch.

I switched barrels to the 9mm. I’ve got some Remington 9mm 124 green bonded hollow point.

We’re about seven yards, which is a good practical distance for a hand gun of this type. We’re going to put a couple of 9mm’s on target hopefully.

I’ve switched barrels back to the 45. Same distance, about seven yards. You’re going to put a couple of 45’s on target.

Now, for reloading this thing, if you’ve got something to bump it on, you can get them out pretty quick. If not, just pluck them out with your fingernails. The butt has this little two-strip loader. You can carry a couple of extras. They’re easy to pop in there, peel them off, and you’re ready to go again.

It’s a relatively quick way to reload this little two-shot Derringer. Better than carrying them around and just lose them in your pocket. It also comes with a six shot strip like this, so that you can carry some extras in your pocket in case you need them.

One thing you notice, I’m wearing this padded shooting glove here, because I’ve been shooting this thing all day. The recoil, a couple shots is not that bad, but this is not something you want to shoot all day without a glove. At least, I don’t want to, because this frame is hard aluminum

It’s about five eighths of an inch wide, and that impacts you right there between your thumb and your trigger finger. Every shot, you’re taking all the recoil right there. Recoil is cumulative on a gun like this. Something that you’re going to pull out of your pocket and shoot and couple of shots, doing social work, it’s no problem at all.

If you’re shooting a lot, a glove like this really helps me. I’ve been shooting this thing all day, some yesterday, some the day before. After a while, recoil does build up, especially with the 45. The 9mm is not nearly as bad, but the 45, this gun weighs 14.3 ounces with this aluminum frame and the ported barrel. It does smack your hand a little bit. A glove like this helps if you’re shooting at the range. It’s not a concern in a social situation where you’re going to just pull out the gun and go to work.