Shooting a Full Auto Glock with Select Fire Suppressed

Hey thanks for tuning in to Twang N Bang. Many of you are probably familiar with the fact that Glock makes a select fire version of the G17 called the G18. By select fire that means you could choose between semi-automatic and fully automatic rates of fire.

What you saw in the opening clip was not a G18. It was a converted G22. That’s right, it’s a select fire .40 S&W Glock and that is awesome because if you’re familiar with the G22 then you probably know just by dropping in a G17 barrel and using nine-millimeter magazines, you can also shoot nine millimeter out of it.

I had a pretty cool opportunity given to me by my friends at Raidon Tactics to use their converted G22 to make some video. I made sure that I had plenty of ammo, big magazines and even my suppressor with me when I hit the range today.

I’m gonna show you not just how this thing works, but just some of the cool stuff you can do with a full auto Glock and that’s what’s coming up next on Twang N Bang.

As you might imagine I was dying to use my SGM 50 round drum magazine with this converted Glock. So I put the G17 barrel in, but it didn’t seem to like the first 15 rounds or so. It kept getting hung up. As I fired more rounds off the top of the magazine the better it got, until finally, I was able to rock and roll. [Shooting gun] Oh, man that was cool once the mag started working.

Of course, I also wanted to hear this thing suppressed. I’m using my Liberty Infiniti suppressor in 147-grain subsonic ammo. [Shooting gun] As great as it sounded, it was actually really hard to control with the suppressor flopping around on the front.

Between the booster piston and suppressor on one end and really springy stock on the other, I felt like I was shooting a noodle because the booster piston delays the action, it actually slowed the cyclic rate down which I wasn’t expecting. It made it easy to get triple taps. Of course, this is a converted G22 so I had to run 40 Smith and Wesson through it.

Oh, that is awesome, fantastic. There was a whole lot more punch to that 40 Smith and Wesson. That was fun. Let’s get the Jeep door back out and see what 40 caliber holes look like.

Of course, I had to see what this would do to a watermelon. I could not wait to do this. [Shooting gun] [Laughs] Oh, that was so awesome.

There are a number of different ways to convert a Glock to select fire, but this kit is based on how the G18 works. The slide is milled for this selector switch, which allows you to choose between full-auto or semi-auto rate of fire. A slot is milled into the bottom of the slide and this allows a selector switch to drop a ramp down under the action of the Glock when it’s in the full-auto position.

The ramp then actuates a tab on the trigger bar, which causes the striker to fire when the action is closed. You might notice that the ejector housing actually had to be milled to make room for that tab to protrude and that created a weak spot, which cracked on this particular conversion kit, which couldn’t happen on an actual G18.

Today was the first chance I ever had to shoot a select fire Glock and though I had a lot of fun spraying bullets all over the range. I can’t imagine being able to better than spraying bullets all over the range without a lot of time getting familiar with the full-auto Glock.

If I personally wanted to use a fully automatic rate of fire with nine millimeter, I’d want a submachine gun much, much easier to control especially when suppressed. It’s not like you’re wrestling a fire hose holding on two feet from behind the nozzle. Like that’s what I felt like with the G22 and the suppressor attached.

If you don’t need the select fire, it’s better to have the simplicity of just your basic G17 because then you don’t have those extra parts to break or break other parts like you saw in that converted G22.

I’m really glad that Raidon Tactics gave me a chance to use their converted G22 for the video today, but I’m also really glad that in my safe, I’ve got a Gen 4G17. If you want to learn more about Radon Tactics and the training that they offer, be sure to click the link in the video description below.

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