Shooting and Comparing the Glock 43 Single-Stack 9mm

Hey, Hickok45 with a Glock 43. Some people complain about the capacity of these guns but I just don’t get it. Maybe it’s just because they just have one. You reckon? Yeah. Glock 43, let’s take a look at it. We happen to have multiple models and that has been nice because we’ve been able to test and shoot, well not a variety but a number of them I guess you could say. We have three at the compound here.

The first one you’re looking at I believe, yeah, let’s see the first one is and the second one are compliments of Buds Gun Shop and then this one is compliments of Tennessee Gun Country on loan and this middle one here is kind of I think it’s going to be John’s and so and the other one, the 339 or whatever the serial number is going to back to Buds as we discussed briefly in our recent Vlog.

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So anyway, that one, yeah 339 is going to back and that’s one I have been shooting the most. Okay? I’ve been shooting all of them the last week and I have to say they all feel the same. It’s interesting. And that’s been one of the advantages of having three of them is, and you know if know Glocks, I’m sorry Glock haters maybe turning the channel or something, but if you know Glocks, you have fired Glocks they tend to be pretty consistent in site picture and function and everything. Sometimes you’ll get a funky trigger on one especially the older one. They used to have some really mushy triggers, boy, believe me. So when I brag about a Glock trigger it’s with glee because that means it’s a crisp break and a lot of the early ones didn’t have that. But most of them now do, I’ve discovered. And I love that.

So this one is going to federal 124 grain full metal jacket in here. And I thought I would just start off by again shooting all three. I’ve been shooting them all. I’ve got some hallow points here. And we have one that’s still, you know, has hardball in it. So we have three mags of another advantage right three of them here. We have six magazines. They come with two magazines. So why don’t we just take a shot. Let’s load each one up here with hardball. And I put some grip tape on these so they look a little different. This one, you know, is right out of the box, of course. The grip tape just peals right off, of course, but it just makes a world of different for me. It really does.

And I highly recommend it. If you get one of these or you’ve got a 42 it adds just a little bit to the thickness, not much. And it gives you a much better grip and it just feels 100 percent better to me. Of course I have a large hand, so it’s going to help me maybe more than you. Okay?

So interesting firearm, hasn’t been out long, and we’re glad for it to get out so we could get our hands on a couple. So I’m going to shoot some hardball with three different firearms. Now the one without the grip is not going to feel as good to me. Why don’t I start with it? So I’ll have an excuse for missing. How’s that? All right. Low capacity. Let’s try this one. Let’s put it on the gong. I reckon I can. Got him. Okay. Hardball in this one. Wow. Okay. I had a little trouble on my two-liter.

So they seem to fire hardball and they had been firing hardball and again it’s been nice having three of these for almost a week because I had been firing all of them. This one the most, again, yeah 339, extensively. I’d say at least 300 times and let’s see, yeah. And I have fired hallow points and I have fired 115 grain ammo and of course mostly what I like in .9 mm is 124. You tend to get a better function with it, you really do. If you’re going to have problems with. 9 mm range ammo most of the time it’s going to be 115 grain. Of course that might be because that’s what people the most too, right? So, that’s like saying most people are average, right? I think I made that comment one time. Pretty brilliant.

What am I doing here? Okay. Why don’t we shoot some – this is federal. What is it? Yeah. The Hydra-Shok. Yeah, there’s the box. Okay. And we’ve got some others we’re going to shoot. Okay. Let’s get the ears back on. We’ve got a hollow point, let’s smoke a pipe with it. Got him on the fall I think. Oh. Smart aleck. Boy, that shocked him didn’t it? And he’s full of water, so I guess that was a Hydra-Shok. Hyrdo-shocking experience.

Let’s put a – there’s a cowboy still alive. Can’t have that. Let’s put another on the gong if we can. All right. Love that sound. I wonder if I can roll a pig. All right. A pig killer. Let’s remember that one. That one is a pig killer. Actually they all shoot well. They have so far. Okay. I was going for the plate. I was probably going left. One of the things I have noticed with hollow at you, is that it is a thin gun. It’s not as thin as the .42 but it’s a thin gun and with my large hands if I’m not careful I will tend to pull it left. And believe it or not just wrapping that grip a little bit helps. And this one not being wrapped here, I’m using that for an excuse, but it really is with a little thin gun I really have to watch it and get a good grip. And then they’re fine. But you know what I mean if you have large hands, probably, and you ever get a really small gun in your hand. It’s a pistol.

All right, so what you just saw was amazing. Right, no? What you just saw was what I’ve been experiencing. I’ve been shooting lots of different ammo and shooting them a lot, again, especially that one. And they just work, so let me not accuse myself and get those out of the picture, but I wanted to make that pointer and let you know that having all of them I did get the opportunity to steal the magazines of them. I did have the opportunity to – and having the six mags helped a lot too, to shoot them a lot. And this one, mainly, and my experience, again, has been the point of aim is the same on all three. The function has been same. The trigger is identical. They all have a nice crisp break. Okay? So, and I have not had any trouble with any of them. So just to let you know now.

Before we load those let me show you a couple of things that I know you really want to know because I have been getting so many questions about it. We get a lot of requests to do this firearm and everybody wants it to be compared with everything. I don’t want to turn this into a two-hour comparison, but we’re going to just show you how it measures up with some of the other really common single stack .9 mms. Now I don’t have every single stack .9 mm. I don’t have a nano out here, I couldn’t find it. You know I was digging around the safe and I’ve got a little burst. But those guns are nearly as popular as the Kahr PM9, the LC9, the Shield, okay, and the XDS. Now these are four of the very most popular , most common single stack .9s out there. So if you’ve got a different one that’s fine. You probably know enough about one of these four that you can kind of get an idea when I compare. All right?

So let me start by bottom line, bottom line if you’re familiar with the PM9 this will tell you a lot. This gun, let me put a mag in so we get the same length, the Glock 43 basically is the same as a PM9 and every ray in terms of measurements, even my two different weight, except for the length. Notice it’s the same height, it’s about the same thickness. It’s just a longer, okay? And you would have guessed that. You know PM9 is about as small a package as you can get and have a nice little shootable .9 mm single stack. It really is. It’s just got a shorter slide. That’s the biggest difference in terms of size. Okay? So PM9 but just longer.

All right. And then of course, it’s Glock versus Kahr. You know there are difference there. Another thing, another bottom line, it might interest you. I’ve got the Glock 26 and the Glock 42 out here. They’re not single stack .9s of course. That’s why they are banished to the end of the table, but notice this. The Glock 26 and the 43 are about the same length and height and everything. So I don’t know, that’s – I saw a little bump there, yeah. If you get them on a level or shooting table the boards are kind of warping there. It’s actually, yeah, they’re the same exactly.

The 26 and the 43 are the basically the same gun except the 43 is thinner. Okay? And you can see that from the back. It’s thinner. Yeah, but they are the same dimensionally except for that. And let me go ahead and stick the 42, which is the 380, that just came out and you can see how they progress. Some people claim that it’s close to the 26 but it’s really not. I think it’s a closer measurement wise to the 42. You know it really is.

You don’t feel like you’ve got a 26 that’s just a little bit lighter or smaller. You feel like you’ve got a 42 in your hand that’s a little bit – just a little bit heavier and thicker. Does that make sense? Okay. So, I mean the 26 when you pick up – the 26 is a great gun. It feels great. Not too big to carry or anything but it just feels like a big block after you handle either one of these. Okay, so these two are just thinner. Okay? So put the 42 back up there. That’s it.

I’ll show you briefly by measurements. Now I got myself a new caliper here and everything and I know measurements are important on this particular gun. These pocket guns and all these small guns, I weighted them all very very carefully. But then I just rounded up so roughly you can see there these first three, the Kahr, the Rugger LC9 and the Glock 43. They are about the same weight. Kahr is just an ounce less, or round there. They’re all in terms of rounding they were all like seem like they all came out like 17 7/8, 17 5/8 or it wasn’t any gigantic rounding or anything. And those are my measurement though.

And so those first three are very very similar even on the slide thickness, if you notice. Then I measure the frame thickness. I just measured right over the trigger on the frame thickness because if you’re that far forward on the firearm around the trigger, and that involves holstering and everything. Didn’t measure the slide lock, but some of those are bigger on some guns than others, but just want to get generally the thickness because the slide is not everything. Some guns have a pretty thick frame like the M&P Shield, for example, has a – I got .90 on the slide but the frame, you know .97 you know almost an inch. So it just depends. Okay?

Now notice your weights there while looking at that. If you were thinking a Springfield XDS, and you’re like, well you can’t decide. You might get a 43 but you know I kind of want the Springfield. Well you know you’re talking about good bit difference in weight there. Springfield, 23 ounces, okay, that’s with an empty magazine. All these are with an empty flush magazine.

And so that’s a pretty dramatic difference right there. The Shield is 21 ounces. Okay? Now if you don’t carry, you’ve never carried a firearm those weights won’t seem much to you. But I’ll tell you if pick these up you can tell the difference. And then again, just for reference down here, I’ve got the Glock 42. It’s just 14 ounces. You might have one these or the 26. It’s 22 ounces. Again, unloaded magazine.

Pretty interesting that the XDS is heavier than the Glock 26 by my weight. Okay? I remember them being about the same in the earlier video we had done a while back. Okay? So that kind of let’s you know. And then the capacity over there and you can refer back to that. Check out the little progress bar down there it will tell you where that was. Okay? Give me your home address and I’ll mail you one of these. Just kidding. But that kind of gives you an idea about that. At least according to my measurements and everything. All right?

So let me load a couple of mags. Why don’t we go ahead and try. I shot a ton of 124. This is some 115 as I have told you all before, we are very happy to be sponsored, in terms of ammo from Federal. And that’s about all we need, you know? But the winter we’re testing something that’s I don’t like this, a little carry gun of some sort that we really want to check out some things about it. We’ll occasionally get some different ammo for that if we feel like we need to. We’re not a ammo evaluator or tester necessarily or else we would not accept sponsorship, you know, from an ammo company.

What did I do? Grab the wrong. No, that’s right. Okay. So I’ve got the Shield. We’ll put it up against the here to in a minute and the XDS let’s see what that looks like. I recently picked up a Shield. I have borrowed one and we’ve had one or two in videos. I’ve never seem to have one though when I need it and I have to borrow one. I’ll be darned if I didn’t find a used one, the – not long ago, for a really good price. A fellow that owns a gun shop gave me a really good price. And you know I just bought the thing. And this is not a video about the Shield but I really like the Shield. I have been shooting some too. And it’s interesting. Money spent.

All right. Let’s shoot us some 115 grain stuff. Okay. I’m going to use my – this is actually the Glock 26 holster I think. I can’t believe it works. I remember being really tight for the 26. Okay. This is 115 grain. Okay. It seems to work with any – well it has worked with anything we’ve put in so far. It’s a little snappy. You might be able to tell that. Which is one reason I have a Band-Aid on my finger. Okay. I mention in the Facebook posting about this that it was killing my finger and it was. And again that’s partly because I have a long hand, long finger and I don’t grab a trigger like you’re supposed to with the pad of your finger. If you do that you have no problems of course. But I come through there, I get a good grip on the gun then wherever my finger goes through so bit it. All right? I know, that’s not the way you’re supposed to do but that’s why I do it. Always have.

And it rubs on that trigger guard on the inside there and under recoil after two magazines it really hurts. I really, okay, as bad as any of these firearms that I have finger problems with ever hurts. Okay? So it’s pretty dramatic. Now someone recommended on a posting too, they put some clear fingernail polish and smoothed out the inside of that and if that helped them they’re having the same problem with this gun or that might have been someone else who was having the same problem with this gun. And I didn’t do that but I smoothed it out with some really fine grit sand paper, actually, it was the other one. It was John’s I did that one mostly. And it seems to help a little bit. Okay? So just a tip if you get one of these and it hurts. There might be some things you can do on the inside of that. I’m going to try that on my Glock 29 which I have the same problem with. The only Glocks that I have with period, the 29 and this one.

So anyway I went ahead and put the Band-Aid on so I don’t have to think it and I can go ahead and shoot. And a lot of the shooting I did with this firearm in the last few days I put a Band-Aid on so I didn’t have to think about that. I wouldn’t be influenced by the pain. So it shoots the 117 grains just fine. Let’s just try something else here for kicks. And then we’ll – here’s your some Hornady. I’ll just keep some of those. It’s a Glock and as with any pistol you need to check with whatever you want to carry and make sure it feeds it. But generally speaking it seems to be Glock-like. I can bring out my 19, 26. The only thing I could find around anywhere on the market and put in it that it wouldn’t feed. I really have just not been able to do that with any Glock .9mm. So I would expect that out of this. So we’re not going to spend an afternoon just shooting different ones. I’ve shot several and they seem to work.

I tell let’s do, we’ve got those two mags, here’s some Remington, get all these – sorry I’ve got these Brand X rounds. We’re going to try to something different things I bought just to try. It looks like a some kind of variation of Golden Saber and see if it will feed okay whatever we put in it here because it is a carry gun. I know that’s pretty important being able to feed hallow points. Get a mag of those. What else we got? We’ve got some HST here, 147. This is why I carry, okay, we’ll load a mag of those. I’ve shot some of those already. I’ve shot all of these some except for the – I guess the Golden Saber. Was that Golden Saber? That was a different – Ultimate Defense, okay. Whatever. I just wanted to pick something different than what I usually have. All right so we’ve got a variety here. We’ll just shoot some of these.

All right. And we’ve already shot at all of them though you’ve seen the Federal there. So this is HST 147 grain stuff right here. All right. Cycled her out of there. And this is some Hornady Critical Defense. Let’s get the cowboy with it. Let’s defend our self against the cowboy. Okay. We are defended against him. Some of the Remington, whatever it’s called there, something Defense. The other cowboy needs to be hit. Okay. Pretty good. Some more Critical Defense, a couple of rounds. Okay. All right. Enough with the hollow points. It seems to work. I’ve not been able to get a malfunction.

I’ve tried to limp wrist in fact, and I’ve not had any luck with that. If you know what limp wristing is, so that’s another thing. Before I load another magazine though let’s see. A little more comparison. I don’t want to bore you with too much comparison but I think it’s important. Click. Put an empty mag in so we can get the height and everything here. Here is the LC9. I didn’t hold it up yet did I? Let’s see let’s put it on that side. What do we got? A flatness problem here. John will have to get another board because it’s hard – there we go – get it down in the valley there together.

Now the LC9 is seven shots in the mag so that’s why it’s a little longer, right? It makes sense. It’s pretty much proportionate and it’s about the same length. It’s a little shorter than the Glock. The Glock 43 is not the shortest one out there, no doubt. They weren’t worried about the length. Now that is one reason if feels good. It does, it feels good in your hand. It doesn’t feel like a bitty gun for sure. Just like the 42 it’s bigger than some of the other really little 380s but it feels good in your hand to shoot. Those of you who have fired it, you might like the size. It’s too big, but like this gun it’s stretched enough to where it feels pretty good and then the Shield. The Shield holds seven in the magazine. So you’ve got the same thing, see? It stands a little taller. Okay?

So a lot of people where curious about the Shield in comments. It’s about the same length it’s just, it’s again, longer grip. It looks like in the trigger guard there too. But it’s – it holds a few more rounds and it’s heavier, you know. Remember the weights so you can go back to that little handy dandy spreadsheet I put together. This gun feels great. It really does. It fills the hand and everything. That extra round, a little bit bigger, little bit heavier, so that’s another thing I wanted to talk about briefly. I don’t know where this gun fits exactly. It’s clear. It fits pretty well in this LC9 holster. It’s the only thing I have for it. Okay? I need a holster for it, but that’s the only thing it fits pretty well. So that tells you it’s about the same size. And it can be a pocket gun. Okay?

You know I’ve carried, even in jeans, I’ve carried that LC9 and I can carry. And that kind of prints because it’s a little bigger than say the 42 isn’t it? It’s not 380 so it’s going to print a little bit. So it kind of depends on how big your pockets are, how lose you wear your jeans. If you wear skinny tight jeans or something you’ll have a problem. If you’re worried about it printing, well I worry about it a little bit but not too much. It’s legal to carry, so don’t worry about it too much.

So it maybe too big for a lot of you as a pocket gun. I don’t know. I’ve been known to even carry a 26. Generally not in my jeans pocket, in my cargo shorts pockets, looser pockets. It may be a holster gun. Like that, okay?

Now one thing I’m always telling you, reminding you, that okay once you get it out the pocket and you move to your belt with a holster, you know that means you probably unless you’re carrying open you have garment and you’re covering it.

Do you really need a gun this small? You can very easily carry the 26, you could carry the 19, the 17, carry a big old M&P, anything you want can’t you, if it’s on your belt. See, so those decisions you have to make because most of you if you’re considering this firearm, you’re thinking carry probably. Okay? It would be range gun, it would be okay, but it’s mostly for carry.

However I will say not to contradict myself too badly I tend to want a bigger gun if I’m going to my belt but I do like a gun that is just, you don’t know you have it. It doesn’t weight much and there it is. Of course you give up capacity. See you can carry a Glock 19 with 15 plus one pretty easily under your garment. Pretty easily, it’s not that heavy or a 26. The differences I guess, these guns the Shield 2, I’ve been carrying the Shield some, I’ve been carrying this. I’ve been carrying this for the last week just to get used to it. They have a good feel for it, frame of reference. You don’t know you have it. That’s the difference.

You know got a Glock 19 or something, or 26. You don’t know you’ve got this on. But then again, you’ve got six plus one rounds. So those are decisions you have to make. But there is a real appeal for a small thin gun even up on the belt. I’ll say I’ve changed my attitude towards that a little bit I think over the years. It’s just – it’s so convenient. It’s not going to print. It’s against your body. It really is like you don’t have it. Okay? So anyway just something to keep in mind. If it’s not for the pocket, you are giving up a round because these guys are pretty much S10. You hardly know you’ve got a Shield either. You know it fits in there. You’ve got seven rounds, better grip. Okay? Something to think about.

Same with the XDS. You’ve got a heavier gun. But you’ve got a thin gun, fairly thin, and you’ve got seven plus one. You’ve got a gun that’s heavy enough just like the Shield to shoot it really well. Okay? So I don’t know if a snappy guns bothers you as a factor too. So I wanted to cover that a little bit. All right?

What other lies have I not told. I did compare it with the 20 .30-06 and the 42. Didn’t want to leave it out. Did I compare it with the XDS? Okay. Now your XDS as you notice on the chart over there it’s your heavy gun. Great, that’s when you’re a great shooter. It’s seven plus one. That’s why it’s taller. Okay?

So again it’s basically a 26, a thin 26 is what it is or you can look at it as a PM9 with a longer slide. Okay? In terms of thickness, weight and everything. As I said, there’s not much weight difference between PM9, LC9 or Glock 43. They’re all 17, 18 ounces. They’re all very light. They’re very thin. And the one advantage of the Rugger is you get an extra round in the magazine though. Okay? You get seven plus one. All right. So we’ll shoot a little more and I’ll probably let you go. Okay, I know you’re in a hurry to get to dinner.

Let me think, what was it else that I needed to let you know about it? The negatives are again it –that trigger guard, okay? It could be. For you it may not be because you might shoot properly using proper technic. The tendency to want to shoot to the left, careful of that. The low capacity and I know six and seven don’t seem like much difference but when that’s all when you have it is. You can figure the percentage on that so it is a difference.

What else negative? It’s an ugly Glock? All right. We had, the only problem we have had, let’s see when John was shooting it here before the video the slide didn’t lock back on one of the extended mag, or one of the mags with the extender on it. I don’t know so other than that we’ve had not a bobble through quite a bit of shooting from any of them. And that’s always good and I wouldn’t expect that from a Glock. But you know the Glock 42 apparently came out before it was ready. And they had to do some modifications and I think you can send back and get the upgrade on the slide stop and the magazines now are a little bit different on the new ones and of that so apparently, hopefully, that’s not going to be the case with this one. Sometimes guns companies, like everybody else, are a little too in a hurry to quick to get things out and you have that kind of stuff. And the problem with that one was it was certain bullets they were hanging up on the slide stop. But we have not had that experience with anything on this one. It just cranks right on.

I like it, I guess. Of course I would when I like Glocks. I’m not sure where it would be, it’s one of those guns if you carry, if you’re carry permit person you’re probably – you probably have two or three guns. I don’t know the mag somewhere – there it is. And you alternate depending on weather, what you’re wearing and that sort of thing. Just like this little thing it’s just the ticket sometimes and sometimes it’s the 26 for me, the 19 or this. I can see that or the Shield, the XDS. I’ve been carrying this a lot.

The only thing I – excuse me – I hope I can bring to the table is the fact that I do carry a lot. And I have carried this gun for months and months in my pocket. I have carried the XDS in my pocket a lot. I’ve even carried this, the 26. The 42, I’ve carried this for the last week in my pocket, both pocket and also on my hip because the weather has been really a variety in the last week. I’ve had shorts on. Excuse me. I’ve had jeans. I’ve had a long covered shirt part of the time. We’ve had a real variety of weather last week. And so I’ve had opportunity to carry it a lot of different ways as well. And one thing I do have some experience with is carrying a pistol for I guess 30 years now. And like I said, I pretty much told you about the perspective on that.

This one it’s a little big maybe for the pocket and it’s not very high capacity. When you get up to the hip it feels great, but there are guns that have more capacity that you could be carrying. That said, it’s a great little gun. It seems to function reliably. And I’m going to rack of your rounds through it here. And let’s see we’ve only hit the gong a couple of times. I think it needs to know we’re here, don’t you? All right. I think it does. I wonder if I can hit that turkey with this little thing? Ooo plop. You know I know you all are wanting me to shoot that chicken. I’ll take a couple of shots at it. Oh, I think I hit it. It didn’t move. Maybe, I don’t know. That’s fun to shoot at anyway. Well you can see the misses. It’s right there at it.

I tell you what I’m going to do. I’m going to put it in my holster. Now I hear I am messing with that little chicken out there at 75 yards or 70 whatever it is. What the gun is for, of course, is this kind of stuff. All right? I almost forgot I had this target here. It’s for when Mr. Bad Guy comes after you and you’re not a pitiful, helpless, defenseless human being right? At the mercy of whatever happens because you have something like this that’s handy, small that you can react with. Okay? It’s a carry gun. Up close, like that. A couple there. Then again, there could be a cowboy a little further away, a desperado like that who would need to be taken care of.

So anyway that’s my take on the Glock 43. It, you know, all I can give is my experience with it and what I think about it and it’s been very reliable. Ut oh, put the ears back on I found a loaded magazine. Sorry, John. I’m sorry. Oh I am not going back to the loading table with a full magazine. It can’t happen. Let’s get that other cowboy, that other desperado. Okay. Okay, sorry John.

As I was saying, that’s my take on it. It’s a pretty cool pistol. It works. I’m going to eventually want one probably. Like I said, this one goes back to Buds for an auction. We’re happy to do that. And you know whatever they want to do it because some of that will go charity and we’ll be able to get any guns virtually we want that they have because there won’t be any cost to them.

So Glock 43, I think it’s winner. I have to say it’s got a couple of those negatives I talked about it seems to work and it’s probably about the size it needs to be for my perspective. So John has shot it a fair amount too and he’s harder to please than I am in a lot of ways and he likes it. He’s anxious to take this home. So, anyway, when you got some black plastic like this it’s life is good. [shooting]

Male 2: Okay. So the Glock 43, this thing has been anticipated for about 25 years. People have wanted something like this. And you know finally it’s here. And we don’t know what do, so I really don’t know what I’m going to say about it. No, it’s an interesting gun. It’s sort of just like a lot of these guns do. It kind of follows in between categories. There is no such thing as a perfect gun, unfortunately. Wait, yeah there is, Glocks. I forgot.

Glock perfection. Right? I forgot about that. No, but there is no perfect gun. Nothing fits perfectly into anything and this is no exception. But it fits pretty nicely into one category that I sort of kind of determined on my own based on my own personal basis’s and because I can be kind of wimp about conceal carry I’m real picky. I like to be comfortable. You know I’m not afraid to die every time I walk out the door. You know and that’s nothing people who want to carry a full size, you know a Glock 17 with eight extra magazines strapped to them. I mean no, that’s fine. It’s a free country. That’s freedom. Like we should be allowed to protect ourselves based on what we feel subjectively by reasonable means.

But my subjective reasonable means is a small comfortable gun, because it’s not very likely that I’m going to be in a shooting. You know I don’t make people mad. I don’t have to many enemies, now that I don’t work security any more. I stay away from bad neighborhoods, so for the most part. So I like to be comfortable and normally as you guys know I carry my Kahr P380, which I always have, and that’s the whole point of carrying gun. You should carry what you’re going to always have. You know if you carry an awesome gun half the time, then it’s like not carrying a gun at all. Because as we all know things always seem to happen when we don’t have the right tools.

So if I’ve got pants on I’m going to have my Kahr P380. So as long as I don’t get caught with my pants down, I’m good. In that case I might be able to reach down and grab it out of the pants. But well this kind of fits in for me is as an extremely light low profile belt gun. This is – it’s like just slightly too big for the pocket. But for me at least, but when it comes a gun you’re going to put on your belt, it’s like a small as you can possibly get.

Now I would never carry a 380 on my belt because to me the point of a 380, at least for me, is it’s a pocket gun. Because you can make a 380 really small enough to put it in a pocket. So that’s what a 380 is to me, it’s a pocket gun.

So I would never carry 380 on the belt even though there are some good bigger 380s like some of the Bersa and stuff like that. But I like the idea of carrying a 9 mm, give me a little more punch about sacrificing too much of the comfort that I like, you know, when I carry. So this kind of fits in a cool little category for people like me who like to be comfortable but they like to also have a 9 mm and they want something that’s reliable because it is Glock. I mean assuming it doesn’t have the growing pains like the 42 did. It’s probably going to be pretty reliable. So that sort of in a nutshell, kind of like where I see it basically. A good holster gun for lazy people, basically.

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