Series 80 Colt 1911 Video

Big John here with definitely… this is definitely one of my favorite guns, my Colt Series 80, stainless. Oh, man, just a… 1991 model also to be more specific. Just a great gun. I absolutely love this thing, and I’m not ashamed to admit that, of course, I grew up shooting 1911s, of course.

Grew up right here, so there was lots of guns to play with. So I’ve always liked 1911s. I’ve always wanted one. I remember back in ’09, something like that, I think is when I got this, I had watched Terminator 2 probably for the 20th time, I’m sure.

As you guys know who’ve seen that movie, there’s a lot of 1911 action in there. I think he has a… he has a few different ones, but I think he has a two-tone. It’s got either a stainless slide and a blue frame or vice versa, but it kind of got me excited about a 1911.

I said, God, I need to get one of those. Why don’t I have one of those? Like what’s wrong with me? Why don’t I have one of those? So I ended up getting this one basically, so I got the hots for it from Terminator 2.

Honestly, I mean I’ll admit like I said, movies definitely result in a lot of firearms purchases for me especially. Especially for collectability guns. Most of the guns I’m interested in collecting are maybe something I’ve seen in a movie I really liked or some military gun or something like that.

As far as guns, it’s strictly to me are collectors value, but actually I’ve carried this gun some. I’ve actually carried this thing, and that’s one of the neat things about the 1911. It’s been around for 100 years or more, more than a hundred years.

People still argue about this thing as being a great carry gun. Whether it is or not, I’m not going to get into right now, but just the fact that people still argue about it, it’s still somewhat relevant and it’s a hundred years old. That’s just crazy to me.

Of course, it’s all relative of how technology progresses. If a guy… you definitely wouldn’t see someone carrying a 1851 Navy Colt in 1950, but you might see someone carrying a gun from 1650 in 1750. So it’s kind of relative in that sense, but it’s a really neat gun.

Colt doesn’t necessarily make the absolutely best 1911s, as you know, but there’s a lot of nice handwork that goes into them. They’re just a good, solid 1911. Of course, the history of Colt is kind of neat, so it’s neat to have a Colt. I’ve never really had any problems with it, except for there was one thing.

When I first got it, I had this kind of weird malfunction, where basically I would be shooting it and it would lock back and I would think I was iffy. I’d look down, and there would be a round not in the magazine where I could sit but just sitting on top of the magazine lip, just sitting there. So I could just flip it upside-down and it would fall out.

It ended up being an extractor issue, so I put the… or actually Dad installed it for me, the bullet-proof Wilson Combat extractor, and haven’t had the problem since. So I’m not sure what that was all about, and really that was not a malfunction that would have necessarily got you killed if you didn’t have that last round, because if you weren’t even aware that had happened, you would have ejected the mag out.

The bullet will just… it was round, but it was falling on the ground and you put a new mag in not even knowing that it happened. So not really that big of a deal, but it’s kind of strange, but so I haven’t had that happened again.

So I’m going to shoot it again, or shoot it for the first time, I would say. I’m sure that malfunction will happen now, since I said that it doesn’t happen anymore. Let’s see.

Well, I think that was good. Let’s get another mag. Got Wilson Combat mags, by the way. They seem like pretty good mags, my experience so far. Trying to get the buffalo over there. Getting too ambitious. Not really… haven’t actually shot this gun in a while. Miss it. I need to get it out more.

One thing that’s kind of funny about all the newer guns that are coming out is you notice that they put a lot of bigger grooves and all these… they mold the grips on all these newer guns, not just the Glocks, but to fit your hand like a glove to where it’s just made for the human hand to where it just fits in there perfectly.

Ironically, I think a lot of people would agree that the 1911s feel better than almost any handgun out there on the market. Honestly, I can say that at least for myself, especially the ones that have the flat main screen housing. I can’t think of a gun that feels better than this, than how this feels.

Look at that, just straight. It’s like a broom handle, basically. So I find it kind of funny that all these gun manufacturers are trying so hard to make the gun fit your hand when really just let me put my fingers where I want. You know, that’s how I like it. I like to just have a nice, straight grip that doesn’t try to control how I hold the gun.

There aren’t too many out there on the market like that, but I love the feel of 1911s. They’re just great pistols. I have a lot of fun of them. Let’s shoot another mag.

This one is not historical. It’s not an old one, but it’s so close to the old ones, the old ones like the… the World War I era 1911s, even the ones that they used around World War II, even with the humped main screen housing there and the short trigger.

Of course, they didn’t have quite as good a sights, but they’re so close that really you feel like even though you have a more modern gun with one of these Series 80s, you get to enjoy the history of it, too, at the same time.

Yeah, I mean with this being one of the early automatics that became really popular and the fact that people still talk about it as a… I’ve even heard that the military, certain parts of the military are considering going back to it and stuff like that. It’s just really amazing.

One thing that’s funny, too, is the whole pistol versus revolver controversy. That’s something that people get really upset about. I always have a problem when people get really upset about these real specific titles and things, especially when it’s not really all that warranted like, for example, the term pistol has been used really for hundreds and hundreds of years, a long time before semi-automatics were ever developed.

I mean the term pistolero, right, they’re talking about the guys from the cowboy days, revolvers and all that kind of stuff. So, honestly, to me, and you can do your own research on it, the term pistol is basically interchangeable with the term handgun.

Now, I get it, a revolver is different so we call a revolver a revolver and we call this a pistol, but to me, a revolver and this, they’re both pistols. A revolver is a revolving pistol, is what that is. I get that at some point someone decided let’s call these pistols because that will be easier to keep them separate.

I get that. That makes a lot of sense to me, but people getting really upset about it doesn’t, because if you look at the history, pistol is a historically accurate term to refer to as a revolver because it is a handheld firearm.

There’s lots of different schools of thought on that, but at least think twice about it before you hammer some guy, saying oh, look, he’s new, he’s an idiot, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about because he calls a revolver a pistol.

Well, historically speaking, it’s really not that inaccurate, to be honest. Now, I don’t know if I really use that or not myself, but I just don’t see getting really upset about that because historically speaking, pistol, handgun, same thing basically. Let me shoot this last mag.

Something, too, since I have a 1911 in my hand, the whole 9mm 45 controversy definitely comes to mind. I’m not going to necessarily speak on how I feel about the effectiveness of 9 and 45, but one thing I think it’s important to think about is I’ve had a lot of friends that are veterans that come back and they talk about oh, the m9, it sucks. It’s not effective in combat, all this stuff.

Well, what type of comparison opportunities did they have? It’s not like they were carrying a 1911 and a Berretta, a 9mm, and they were able to do a side-by-side comparison.

Once you get it into your head that like… if you get it into your head that the 9mm is under-powered, and you’re in a situation where you’re using it to protect your life, military, self-defense, whatever it is, and it doesn’t do what you wanted it to do, you’re going to say, oh, it’s because it’s a 9mm.

If you had a 45 and it didn’t do what you wanted it to do, you’re not as likely to say, oh, it’s because it’s a 45. You’re going to say, oh, it’s just things just weren’t right in the universe that night or didn’t get a good shot on the whatever, on the aggressor or whatever it is.

You’re not as likely to blame the gun if it’s a 45 because you don’t ever hear, oh, the 45 is not powerful enough, but you hear that a lot about the 9. So whenever the 9 doesn’t do the job, then you blame the caliber and not just physics or shot placement or all of these other tons and tons of variables that come into play in that situation. So it’s definitely something to think about.

When we’re talking about ball ammo in the military context, there is obviously some difference between a 45 and a 9. It’s bigger, it’s heavier. There’s some difference, but I think a lot of that gets really blown out of proportion.

So I encourage those angry people to be a little more, what’s the word, just to chill out a little bit about that and just think about the facts and look at it like, uh, it’s an issue. It’s a possibility, just like with the pistol/revolver thing. No need to get upset and offend these new shooters and people that are coming over, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box a little bit on that situation.

Either way, I thought you guys might like to see my old Colt Series 80, one of my favorites for sure. Just a neat gun. Glad to be able to own it.

Big John here. I’ve got one of my favorite guns for sure. This is my Colt Series 80 1911 in stainless steel, and, uh, let me start over.