Ruger SR 762 Two-Stage Gas Piston Rifle Review

Hey, Hickok45. Even though I’m not sure I can be an expert marksman with this Ruger SR 762, we’re going to try it here on the Chapter Two range, and throw some big 308 rounds 762 at those little targets over there because if I hit them, they will definitely knock them down, I think. So, like I say, the sights are close. It shoots lower than I like, but I’m not going to mess with the front sight. Not going to change that. Need a new sight tool anyway to do that.

So I need to hold up high on the target, and I think the wind is just close enough for government work. We’re just going see what we can do with it, okay? If we don’t get them all, that’s okay, but we’ll try to.

So let’s put some ears on, and we’re shooting some of that Brazilian ammo that we discovered will work if the gas setting is on 3. At least so far it has, so if we have trouble with it, we’ll have trouble with it. We’re going to use that since, I don’t know, I had about 100 rounds of that left, so I wanted to take advantage of that because as you know 308 762 ain’t cheap.

All right, let’s pop the safety off, and now I’ve got to take my time. I know when I have a semi-automatic in my hands, it’s hard to do. I just want to keep shooting. Think I’m at a IPSC match or something. All right, take my time. See if I can pop the plate over there.

Not the best trigger in the world, but we’ll see what we can do here at least until I come up with more excuses.

Okay. It’s rather windy today too. That’s another excuse I meant to use. It could move those steel targets around on me because they only weigh about 75 pounds apiece.

Okay. Uh, you know what happens though when I start out well. I can never stand success. I never get it. Take my time. I’m holding almost over them right on the top edge, or trying to.

Maybe I’d better not mess with the sights. Maybe this is the way I need to be adjusting my sights.

All right, I apologize for not missing yet. I’m sure I’ll make up for it here.

What did I tell you? That’s a little bugger.

All right, let’s take that one on the right or try.

Scared that one down.

Hey, I feel better. I really thought I might struggle here so I’d better shut up. I’m not… [Laughter] Oh, yeah, two liter. Okay, we’ll try a two liter down there.

All right, and there’s a little bit of cinder block left up there.

Well, do we think we can hit the red plate? Well, let’s try that by holding high and hit it.

All right. Last shot. We’ll I’ll be darned. I sell myself short don’t I, sometimes, but really I was having to hold high and right at the top of it covering up the target. I normally don’t like the sight like that. Maybe I need to be sighting like that though, all right. We’ll see. We usually finish with one on the big plate over there, though. Let’s do that.

We’ve got a couple of guys right here, a couple of bad desperados that need our attention.

A little spray coming back there, whoa. So we’re on safe. Man, well okay, you never know how you’re going to shoot, do you? I never know for sure. On a good day, I can hold my own, and I can even overcome a bad trigger sometimes. It’s because I shoot all the time, but then again, I really am not a proficient rifleman. Sometimes over here I can struggle a little bit when I shouldn’t. You know when the sights are right on, and I don’t know, maybe it’s my breathing. Maybe it’s my brain, or I don’t know what it is sometimes, but anyway I’m pleased with this riffle. The trigger is not a match trigger for sure, and you know, it’s right out of the box. I took it out of the box yesterday. It’s a brand new riffle, and again it’s interesting, just by moving the gas adjustment over to 3 instead of 2, the cheaper, though not much cheaper, but the low end Brazilian 762 ammo works fine now.

It’s recommended to be on 2 which is what we had it on with the PMC and some other stuff I was shooting. If I was shooting the federal or just whatever, I’d put it on 2, and it would probably work better.

Pretty nice rifle, I have to say. You know, it’s not going to be as appealing to a lot of people in terms of, “Wow, that is the coolest AR I’ve ever seen,” necessarily, but in a way it’s a bit, maybe you’d call it a minimalist AR 10, you know. It just works and feels good and not overly heavy. It’s got what you need, everything you need and nothing you don’t. You know that old line we used to…

So anyway, the Ruger SR 762 my experience with it in the short time I’ve had it with maybe a couple hundred rounds, has been pretty positive. So life is good.

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