RKG DIY – Motorcycle Conceal Carry Options for Women Video

Hello viewers, Road King Girl for DIY. This week I wanted to cover a topic. I’ve been thinking for a long time about whether or not to do this. I think it is a good idea. It’s January and there’s snow on the ground. The last thing on our minds right now is, oh I can’t wait to get on my motorcycle, right? I do think about it.

One of the things that has really helped me with my riding is that I personally choose to carry and I live in a state that honors the constitution. Yeah. As a lady who carries, if you’ve looked out there at your holster options, it’s really frustrating, especially for riding. What do you do?

I’m wearing one of motorcycle jackets. It’s the shortest and the tightest. I’m currently wearing a shoulder-harness-type holster. I’ve got one magazine and the firearm underneath the jacket. You will see how completely unconcealed the firearm is. You can completely tell I’m carrying. There is nothing concealed about this.


For that reason, I decided this is not my favorite. This is fine if I’m wearing a looser jacket when I’m not riding. Here’s the other thing that I don’t like about this particular holster, even though I had it made for me and for this firearm. I forgot to tell them that… They should know. The magazine holder is too short for the 15-round magazine. That or I just need to loosen it up more. I don’t know.

Also, the pull on this… That’s not going to happen when you’re riding. Before we start doing anything, let’s unload. Nothing in the chamber, alright. We’re empty in the magazine and we’re empty in the chamber.

The good thing about his one is, of course, you’ve got your extra magazines. You can always keep those in a pocket. The other option for left draw, of course, is a simple paddle-type. I will frequently use this. It’s a little difficult to draw, but you practice. You practice, practice, practice. Actually sometimes I think I wear it a little more forward. The great thing about these plastic paddle-types is they just do not come off your belt. You want that.

I think if I remember correctly, yeah. There you go. I think that’s where I use it and pull it. That’s two options. What’s the other option? The other thing that’s really worked for me… Gentlemen, if you’re getting your lady ready to carry, especially if she’s riding, tell her about this because it’s way easier.

You get a tight-fitting gym top with the built-in-shelf bra. She’ll know what that is. Then you get an outside t-shirt that’s a heavier fabric. You know, you can get these online. It’s a carry shirt. For us ladies, it’s different for us. We need to find a place to put the firearm where it won’t be seen. Around the waist area is not a good place for us. Where’s a good place for us. Depending on how your lady is built…

If she’s built like me… It’s unloaded. We’ve already confirmed that you are unloaded. Alright. If she’s built like me… For left draw. Kind of a no-brainer right? From the side and from the side. That’s how I prefer a carry, but how do you do that? How do you do that when you’re riding?

We have created quite the fashion-forward piece here. Let’s check this out. [Laughter] Alright. No magazine. I’m going to drill this into your head. Chamber’s clear. Alright. Here’s our pocket. It’s so cool, you can actually see the interfacing that we put in there. So there’s the pocket and you just rest in there. Awesome, much better. Very easy pull. Very secure and an easy pull.

Let’s try it with the jacket on. You can see the butt of the gun a little, but it’s nothing, nothing compared to that crazy shoulder holster, right? Much better. Much, much better. The pull, very easy pull. That’s how I like to ride.

That’s fashion forward with Road King Girl. I hope you enjoyed. If you have comments or questions, please shoot me a line. To my subscribers and regulars, you’re near and dear to my heart as you know. Please subscribe and join me every week, I hope. I try to post every week. If you subscribe, you will be notified every time I post a new video. Peace and love from Road King Girl.

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