Rifle Optic Review AimPoint, ACOG, EOTech Video

Hey, Jeremiah back with Panther Ridge. Today we’re going to be talking about various optics. We’re going to start off with the Aimpoint PRO. That stands for patrol rifle optic. Originally it was designed for law enforcement and military. This is a red-dot scope. It is designed at half-inch, what they call a minute of angle.

If you ever hear the MOA term, it’s minute of angle. That’s a half inch MOA at 100 yards. It takes a three-volt lithium battery and they last up to 30,000 hours.

The next thing we’re going to talk about is the Trijicon sight system. This is a four by 32 optic, four-power scope, 32-millimeter objective lens. It is tritium as well as fiber optic. When we were overseas in the desert, we would take tape and put it over this fiber optic lens because if our chevron gets too bright, it’ll actually wash out your target at a distance.


When intense sunlight hit, we would just take some hundred mile an hour tape, throw it over the top, and as the sun starts to go down, as your daylight starts getting lost, you just roll the tape back and allow a certain amount of light to highlight your chevron at that point. The way that chevron looks in this book here, the point of aim, the point of impact at 100 yards is going to be at the top of this chevron.

You can see its various distance and the variables. This can also be used as a range finder. If you don’t know what these figures here mean, it’s called a warm [Phonetic] formula that you can utilize for long-range shooting. If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, come to my range and we will teach you a long-range course.

Moving on. This is called a sight doctor. This is essentially nothing more than a holograph, battery-operated sight. This is shooting for 100 yards and in because of the optic below. You just pull your eye sight up and you have that optic right there available for 100 yards and in.

The last optic we’re going to be reviewing is called the EOTech from L-3 Systems. It’s got an XPS3. Basically they shortened this up. It used to extend. The optic used to come back here on the back rail and it used to have a battery pack on the front of it.

This is the shortest system they’ve designed yet. It takes a 123 lithium battery, fits in right here. It’s a holograph sight. It’s just a red dot that appears directly in the center. You’ve got a night vision capability with it. It’s got 12 brightness setting levels. It can stay on for 600 hours at level 12. It also left [Phonetic] two, three, and four cinch available here on the rail for flip-up magnifiers, flip-up rear iron sight.

Being more compact, it gives you more room for other optics, other availability. Other than that, that’s pretty much it. We’re going to go down and shoot these at variable distances and show you what they can do.

Alright. Essentially what we’re going to be doing is we have the Aimpoint PRO. We’re going to be at the 25-meter line. This basically is a mockup of a 300-meter target. We’re trying to put three shots inside this center circle. We have the EOTech, the ACOG, and the Sight Docter on top of the ACOG. Let’s get shooting and we’ll come back and check shot groups.

What we have here with the Aimpoint PRO at essentially 25 meters zero, it just needs to come down just a little bit, but you can see this obviously fit inside this circle, this shot group would from here.

This is cold bore. Those are three shots right there.

He did three shots with the cold bore shot right here. That’s Aimpoint PRO and obviously, you can see three shots pretty much in the same hole. The EOTech, I need to come up just a little bit on mine. Three shots, I had a cold bore earlier. You can also see you can get all three in there pretty tight.

As you were. The ACOG that’s in there, if we came up a little bit more; we’d be inside this circle as well. It’s a pretty tight shot group. The Sight Doc is at a three-and-a-half minute of angle at 300. He broke this line right here, but hey, that’s pretty impressive. That’s the first time shooting that one.

What we’re going to be doing is shooting each other’s weapons at variable distances to where, in this review, nobody could say that was his weapon specifically and he’s been shooting on that. I’ve never shot this specific weapon with this ACOG on it. These other instructors, they’ve not ever shot these other weapons.

We’re flip-flopping and we’re going from standing at 50, 75, and then 100. We’ll get that real quick. We’re going to be hitting steel. We’ve got one of my operator buddies here. He’s going to be shooting standing 50 yards, two shots with the Aimpoint.

Good hits. We’ve got instructor Bucey, who’s going to be doing EOTech at 75 yards, two shots standing. On you.

Good hits, good hits. I’m going to be shooting two shots standing with the ACOG at 100 and then two shots standing with the Sight Doc.

You can shoot this with both eyes open at 100, no problem. The last one we finished was ACOG at 100. This is two shots standing, ACOG at 100. Then we’ve got the Sight Doc. That was two shots, standing at 100. Like I said, you can shoot down with both eyes open.

We’ve got the EOTech at 75 yards, two shots, a good grouping there. The Aimpoint at 50: good shots. Now remember, this steel plate is 66% size of a full-size human silhouette. Aim small, miss small, people. Always bang, bang.