PWS Enhaced Duty Slides (EDS) Glock Slide

Hi guys. I’m Lindsey from Primary Weapons Systems at the 2015 Shot Show here to kind of tell you what PWS has new for you in 2015.

PWS EDS Glock For Sale

The other thing we’re super excited about is a little different from what we’ve done before, but it is the new glock EDS slide. So EDS stands for enhanced duty slide. We developed this to have the reliability that you get with your standard factory Glock, but we’ve put a trigger job in the slide.

So you take out the factory Glock slide, put in our slide, and you take the 5.5 trigger pull down to 4 pounds. You get a lighter, crisper trigger. And also the front serrations, which everyone likes.

It keeps the same reliability used for duty work for police, military, law enforcement and all of that.

The models we are doing now are the Glock 19 and Glock 17 frames, generation 1 through 3. We’re looking for doing it for generation four Glocks as well. So there you have it.