Primary Weapons Systems MK114 AR-15 Overview

Hey guys, NSZ85. I have obtained a Primary Weapons Systems MK114 for test evaluation and I am very excited. I just wanted to go over a quick overview of it before I do any shooting with it. This is just out of the case first impressions to just tell you a little bit about it.

First of all, Primary Weapons Systems is based out of Boise, Idaho. They are known for their long piston AR-15s. And by long piston I mean, and I’ll show you here in a second, that the piston is actually attached directly to the carrier in the bolt carrier.

So, real quick, just starting off here, I’ll let you know that, if you were to purchase one of these, the MSRP is around $2,000. Ok? When it ships to you, it comes in a hard case. It’s got nice foam inside there. It comes with a thirty round p mag. Then it also comes with backup sights, Mapule, back up sights. You get a couple KeyMod accessory rails. The railing itself is KeyMod with M1913 Picatinny on the top and also on the upper receiver. It is not t-marked if that matters to you. The charging handle is a BCM Mod 4. Very nice. Comes with an MOE stock, MOE grip, MOE trigger guard, and a mil-spec trigger. It does have a forward assist and the receiver extension is exclusive to Primary Weapons Systems. This is actually all built-in. It’s milled in to the receiver extension, these two QD slots. There’s no castle nut or anything because this is actually held in place by two screws. Kind of nice. It’s fluted. Does have markings. Alright, so there’s a good glimpse of it. Let’s go ahead and crack it open and I’ll go over the piston system.

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Real quick, too, before I open it up. It does have just a standard safety, it is not ambidextrous. Go ahead and crack this open. It is the same way that you would with a typical AR 15. Take out the two pins and separate the upper from the lower. Now this is where it gets a little interesting. You start pulling on the bolt carrier group and the charging handle comes with it. Here’s the long piston I was talking about. Notice how the charging handle can’t come off. Well, it can. It’s just a quick twist. That end of the piston comes off and you can remove your charging handle there. Just to give you a close up, almost looks like an AK variant piston. It just snaps into place and you turn it on.

This is the bolt carrier group. The bolt is specific to Primary Weapons Systems. It’s spring-loaded. Otherwise, everything is pretty much the same. You’ve got some facets at the back here. The carrier has some nice facets, nice logo. Notice how there’s no vents. That’s because it’s piston driven. Staking there. Screws are staked.

What’s so cool about the long piston system, right? That’s what everyone is wondering. Well, the long piston system, the Primary Weapons system, PWS is the only place I know of that actually has the long piston system. Could be wrong, but, as far as I know, it’s the only ones that make it. What is neat about this is that it pretty much alleviates any carrier tilt. That is known to happen in other, short piston systems. Basically, you shoot, the gases come up through the gas block, and then hit the piston. Which, by the way, this is an adjustable piston gas block. You can adjust it if you have really heavy loads or if you’re really suppressed, you can adjust that. Very nice, integrated feature. Anyway, the gas hits the piston and the whole carrier and piston moves back. That means there’s going to be less wear-and-tear on the upper receiver. There’s going to be no gas or carbon coming back into the ejection area. It’s going to run cleaner and it’s going to run cooler. It’s also going to run cooler because it is KeyMod. There’s not rails on all four sides. It doesn’t have a quad rail so there’s more holes, there’s more ventilation. It is going to be cooler.

The muzzle device, this is a fourteen and a half inch barrel with a pinned muzzle device. You can see the pinning there. This is permanent which makes it sixteen inches. You can put this on any lower that you have. This is their compensator. This is the FSC, I believe, 556. FSC 556. This reduces muzzle blast and compensates for recoil. These are more things that I’ll be going over when I shoot this firearm. For right now I just wanted to go over kind of the neat features. It’s also chambered in .223 Wylde. I, honestly, don’t know how it’s pronounced. I’m just a mall ninja anyway, remember? 223 Wylde, that’s what I’ll go with. Which means that it can shoot either .223 or 5.56 safely. 223 will actually be a little more accurate.

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As far as fit and finish goes, first impressions, everything looks really nice. No issues that I can see. Alright, real quick for reassembly. Before you put the other half of the piston on, you just want to slide your charging handle over. Then you will take this portion. There’s a groove it fits in. Not going anywhere. The only kind of, I guess, tricky part, you’ll get used to it though, is the charging handle needs to, kind of, go in first before the rest of the bolt carrier group. I just put it down all the way here. The piston kind of goes where the gas tube would normally go. You want your charging handle to fall in to place. You kind of just lift it up and put it in first so it falls where it needs to. Right there. Then you can push the rest of the carrier in. Ok, and then, upper to the lower. There we are. All put back together.

This is straight out of the box review. Hopefully you found it helpful. Look forward to more video of this, especially shooting videos, in the near future. If you have any questions about this, feel free to leave a comment below. Get a hold of me on Facebook, username NSZ85, or, check me out on Instagram, username NSZ85. Thanks for watching guys. Have a great day.

Oh, you know what? I almost forgot. This is Lindsay from Primary Weapons Systems. She happened to be modeling for this picture. It was one of the first things I saw when I opened up the case. She wanted me to make sure and show her on camera and also let you know she is on Instagram. PrimaryLindsay is her username, so be sure and follow her. Sorry Lindsay, I had to.