Noveske Rifleworks Shop Tour

Ok guys, come on in you are going to get a sneak peak of something not a lot of people get to see. In here I call this, Noveske’s Wall of Awesomeness. This is where we keep majority of the items in stock that you see on the website, as far as uppers and rifles go.

On the other side of the wall, I have various rifles, SBR’s and machine guns, that are either waiting on some ATF paper work or some are held up for payments, bad boys, for not paying on time.

Lastly, this is something very special, we have the Noveske movie prop gun. I use this to beat John when he is not doing what I tell him to do. That’s it!

Noveske Rifleworks For Sale

This is the contouring lathe cutting 14.5″ afghan barrels

Here we are mounting a barrel extension for a 7.62 barrel.

He checks torque, now he is checking head space. These gauges he is using are not the typical go or no go. We are actually holding it within a 2000th window. Here Bubba is putting a gas port in the barrel. We use one machine for each operation, which reduces the amount of set up and reduces the amount of problems. Job specific machines.

In this process, he goes in with a start drill, a regular job drill and finishes with a decimal reamer to give a nice inside finish on the port.

Each one of our stainless barrels is hardness tested before and after the stress relief process. This ensures that the stress relief did not alter the properties, Hardness testing machine.

Over here, each barrel gets an individual serial numbered, for quality control. Here we press the nomenclature for the barrel which is the proof mark and chambering and rifling here and it’s near the end of every one of our stainless barrels.

Here, Matt is putting together what looks like a MK18 rifle or upper.

Here Matt is going to install the pin on the gas block.

Here, Matt is checking head space by fitting this bolt to this barrel with an incremental headspace gauge set. There are 1000 increments and that let us get that bolt to that barrel within our 2000 tolerance, which falls within the 6000th NATO tolerance.

My favorite part of working at Noveske, is John Noveske, I don’t know if any one have seen him or not, but he is very handsome. He wears these sunglasses that look as though he got them from my six year old. [ruffling bag] They really bring out the frame of his face. It is the only reason I really work here. I like the guns and the girls in the office, but [tsk] its Johnny

Chia, it’s ok.

Welcome to the office of Noveske Rifleworks, we are definitely here to serve you. This is Nikita. Nikita is in charge most of the order processing and sales. She is really one who gets the money. Joel is somewhere in the office and we have the office mascot, Chia.

Contrary to popular belief, we really do answer the phones here. It is usually because we are always on them. If you are going to call us, make sure you are calling to do business, if you are going to call to talk to the girls in the office, make sure you have your credit card out because we charge by the minutes. Another reason you may not be able to get us on the phone, is because it may be super slamming busy here or we may be really busy bouncing on our balls.

Noveske Rifleworks, this is Nikita…Hello?