Magpul MBUS Pro Offset Backup Sights – Design That Works

Hey, thanks for tuning into TWANGnBANG. Those are my really bad recreation of a stage in a three gun match that I read about a number of years ago. I don’t know why you don’t see it more often because it’s really cool. At the buzzer, a shooter will shoot to run up to a barricade and will have to engage four end steel plates. And there were a lot of them, out 200 yards and farther so those with higher magnification were doing a little bit better about getting them knocked down under time but at some random time in the beginning of that stage and E-type robotic target would pop up at about 15 yards and you wouldn’t know when it’s going to pop up so you had to keep your attention divided between the targets that are out far and scanning for where that E-type was because the other thing you didn’t know where it was and every competitor was sworn to secrecy because there were a bunch of things that could have been hiding it all along.

So the E-type would pop up and you would have, I guess three seconds to shoot before it would drop back down. That was a kind of stage where having something like offset iron sights would be a real advantage versus having to switch your magnification on say, a 1-8 power scope and that is that kind of thing that made us at Ironside so popular that Magpul decided to offer their own and that’s what’s coming up next on TWANGnBANG.

The Magpul MBUS Pro Offset BUIS are picatinny mounted steel sights offset 45 degrees from a mounted rail. Melonite finished and hardened, they allow you to quickly acquire a backup sight picture without having first to remove your primary optic. Spring detents holds the sides on either the close or open position. This makes the plummet quick and easy while protecting them from damage from impact. The rear-side is click adjustable for windage via a low snag knob. Witness marks on the sights meaning that you don’t have count clicks or return the sight to zero after dialing into windage for a particular shot. Like the standard ambers pro sights the aperture is flip adjustable and surrounded by serrations to reduce glare. The sight can be stored with either aperture selected though like most other sights like this, the small aperture will stick up when the large aperture is selected.

The front side is also click adjustable for elevation via a nested barrel. The adjustment is clearly labeled indicating which direction a twisted barrel for the desired change on the point of impact. You might notice at the base of the front side is actually the same as the rear which is why the witness marks are present. This is a clever way to reduce manufacturing cost. The mounted portion of the sights is less than a quarter inch high and takes up less than two slots on your rail. They fit with optics that wouldn’t otherwise allow convention backup sights like with the Vortex Viper PST on my Arak 21.

So, MBUS pro offset sights gives us a standard sights high overboard for AR-15 high top rails, they are still quite usable on non standard height rails as long as you are willing to shoot them with a little more Kentucky windage close ranges. The rear sight is design for mil-spec uppers and charging handles and like all off set sights, you might find some clearances issues with parts that vary from that norm. Unfolded, the rear sight can interfere with some ambi-charging handles. Though it still have no problems actuating this AXTX Raptor or my BCM charging handle. Summed up with this is forward assisted varies for mil-spec will definitely create a mounting issue. This VLTOR MUR does keep the sight from sitting fully on the rail and a contact is not something that I would want on a use rifle however I was still able to get the pro offsets to sight in and I only uses the upper for the occasional ammo test or hunting. This is not an issue unique to the Magpul sights in any way buy it is something that must be considered before purchasing them.

If you think you are going to able to just slap these on a rifle and then go to town, you’re going to have a bad time. And that goes with any offsets back up Iron sights that you are going to deal with because there really isn’t any actual point of reference for you to feel when you need to stop so that your eye falls right behind the sights. You’re going to find that you’re going to be searching for them first couple of times out that you’re using them and you just going to have to run drills like this switching from your magnifying auto to your offset backup Iron sights until you start to develop some muscle memory. That’s the only way you’re going to be quick with them. Of course, if you are using them for something like hunting, that’s not going to matter so much but if you’re using them for three gun, if you’re putting them on an actual fighting rifle, then you’re going to want to spend a lot of range time, getting used to making that transition.

There are a number of reasons why in real life, you’re not going to want to stick your rifle through a slot like this engage targets but n competitions, the targets aren’t looking for you, they’re not going to shoot back and you got zero risk [Chuckle] of coming up on a barricade that’s actually hiding up a bad guy there on the other side which is why in competition, a lot of people like to use the bottom edge of the slots for support when shooting. If you’re going to use the Magpul Offset Backup iron sights, you’re going to need to adjust your tactics or at least pay attention to them because if you’re in a hurry, and you shelved your rifle through a slot like this, you can knock the front sight down. That’s why actually if you’re billing a strictly race gun, which I realized that is a really small percentage of people that will even be watching this video, but I would, for myself, I’ll pick a rigid solution because then you don’t have to worry about that but that’s not what Magpul made this sights for. They’re practical tactical if you will which is why it makes perfect sense to me that they work the way they do.

I was showing this to a friend of mine the other day and one of the things that he noticed that he really liked is the fact though these are designed to be adjustable in the field, it’s actually kind of difficult to do it. It does have enough for windage and elevation but they aren’t easy to turn which means that you’re going to have to take some time and some effort to get them adjusted but you’re not going to need a tool to do it. You can do it anywhere and once you get done making your adjustments, there is no way that they are going to get bumped out of place.

So I’m out here in this mist and rain because I want to illustrate what I think should be the most popular use of offset Iron sights like this from Magpul. 12 years ago, I was hunting in Granville County North Carolina on a piece of private property and I was spot stalking deer. That’s how I got about half the deer I’ve hunted and I already spent the morning in my tree stand. Nothing was moving. It was a really weird weather day. It was misting and raining like it is now but it was about 20 degrees warmer so that’s uncanny even by North Carolina’s standards in November. And so I was walking, it must be about an hour of walking and I come up onto a pole which I knew had deer beds. I frequently watch out for deer there and sure enough, I look in the grass and I can see the biggest rack I’ve ever seen during hunting when I had a weapon in my hand. He was a big Granville County ten point buck and he was looking away from because, it turns out I was coming in upwind from him. So I knew he couldn’t see me but I knew it’s going to smell me. I raised my rifle which was a 700, looked through the scope and there was nothing. I couldn’t see anything. It wasn’t just misting, it was fogged over from a really weird weather. All fog on the outside, there was nothing wrong with the scope but I knew I didn’t have a lot of time. I knew he was going to smell me soon enough and so I had a glove and I tried to wipe the mist off of the ocular lens from fogging the ocular lens. I put the rifle back up and just as the buck stood up because he was really squarely and I still could only see shadows. I’m not the kind of hunter that is just going to start launching bullets at a deer hoping that I dropped it so I had to let the buck walked off and I tried to find him again while once I spent some time cleaning on my scope but I never found him that day but if I were hunting with the AR 15 which these days, there are a lot of great hunting platforms like this 300 blackout, perfect for deer in North Carolina and I would have had the same thing. I could just roll over to my angel offset Iron sights and drill them right there. He would have ended up in my freezer and on my wall. It was a beautiful, beautiful buck and if more people start hunting with AR 15 platforms, platforms with a top rail as it is happening because of the great caliber choices that we now have, they should be doing offset Iron sights like this from Magpul so they have the option that I didn’t have that day 12 years ago.

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