LWRC M6 IC-SPR Sweetness – Review Video

I’ve been waiting a little bit to do this review. What we have here is the LWRC IC-SPR. There are three variants out there on this rifle. This is the SPR version, and wow! What a sweet, sweet rifle. It’s got a 16” barrel, spiral fluted, one and seven inch twist. NiCorr-treated, cold-forged, hammered barrel. This thing is straight from the factory, as-is. The only thing that I’ve added to it is this little handle that’s actually made by LWRC, and I love it, it’s great. So, we’ve got a lot going on here.

I wanted to put a lot of rounds down range on this before I started to go and give it a review, so I could have a nice first impressions, first opinion. Mine is completely and a 100%, thumbs up. A lot of it has to do with some of the innovations they’ve done with this rifle, a lot, we can go with LWRC has gone and made their own proprietary, collapsible buttstock. This will go. It’s still your standard buffer two, six position. You can kind of tell already it’s a lot lighter, I’m sorry, it’s a lot shorter than normal. And that is great, you really get it tucked in there.

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Along with this rifle comes, standard, its QD sling attachment. Also, there’s one in here, there’s no inserts you have to put here, it’s there, it’s set. We have an ambi charging handle, all right, ambi safety fire control, ambi mag release and catch. You can see that the paddle, there’s nothing different about it. This is exactly how the paddles are looking. Very cool. LWRC also makes their own sights, this is their back-up skirmish sight which I guess are kind of based on Troy’s. They’re low-profile, they work like a charm, they give you the key in order to adjust the post, and then their own flash-hider which [metal ring] makes a ding.

This is a piston system, the piston’s housed up in here. This top rail comes off, real quick and easy to get into it if you ever need to. Generally, there’s not much to go on in there as far as maintenance. It’s self-regulated, self-cleaning. It’s a one-set position piston system. As it’s going and it’s cycling through, it’s actually scraping off the carbon on the inside of the gas cup, so it’s sort of keeping itself clean. And the inside, the internals, just like the pistol that I have, it’s Nicor or chrome-plated bolt carrier or MPT2 coating, so it’s a nickel/Teflon type of coating on that BCG group. And the furniture, this is the mag-pull, MOE3 or something like that, so it’s got that slight, slight rubber grip texture. I really love this. Everything else is very standard military. The free-floated rail will barrel so that the rail is not touching this. And they’ve changed how they attach, I believe they’ve removed the barrel nut and now it’s just self-attach. I haven’t taken this apart, I really don’t want to, as much as I love to tinker with things.

Now I put through here approximately 800 rounds or so. I have cleaned it once, but not too thoroughly. I just came back from the range so she’s still a little oily, but that’s about it. Nothing to write home about. The inside, I’ll show you this trigger. Hopefully I can get this. You can see how this is their own trigger, it’s still mil-spec, but they’ve done a little bit to it to clean it up, so it’s mil-spec, sort of “GI trigger” as they call them, I believe. LWRC has done a wonderful job with a nice, nice audible reset. I’ll go on and give that to you. So it’s like, well, I can’t do it too much, bang, and here’s the reset. So bang, set, short and crisp. This is in 5-5-6, so you can do 2-2-3 as well. Overall, though, my first impressions are, “wow!” This MSRPs around, well, actually I don’t know the MSRP exactly, but I picked this up for twenty-three, and you can get them around that price point.

So, they’re really, really solid, solid rifles. I have zero [rounds firing] complaints with this. 7.1 pounds, they’re very light. This little handle goes up, keeps it nice [shots still firing], keeps your hand off the barrel. It’ll heat up of course, they’ve kept rails off of here. They give you, I believe, two rails and a QD sling attachment to place anywhere you wish. It’s a modular rail system. So, accuracy, I put a scope on this once, just to play around with it. I have to go back out to the range and continue that. I will have a detailed accuracy report, a range report, for this. What I have done, though, is I zeroed out my skirmish sights and they are right on. They’re dead on, so I’m able to hit things out to 250 yards. I’ve done it with this today. I’ll show you the filming that we have going on today. That was 98 meters from where we were, hitting steel.

One of the reasons I really like this rifle is because of the short buttstock, and my son can completely and utterly shoulder this, and he is only ten years old. He was able to handle this rifle [more shots] actually using my irons, hit the steel out at 98 meters. Impressed. He didn’t hit it all the time, but the kid, this was his first time shooting free-hand and shooting an AR-style rifle. So I’m really happy. He was able to handle it like a boss. I really, really applaud him for trying that out. The recoil on this is minimal, [shots firing] it’s very, very light. Of course, my son seemed to differ on that, but that’s okay. So far I’ve only run 62-grain, military-style brass, and 55-grain 2-2-3. It seems dead-on, though.

I haven’t had any failure feeds, failure to extract, double feeds. In my opinion, zero failure. So, I just wanted to share this one out with you, guys, [with emphasis] this is a class-A firearm. I love it. I wish I had more adjectives. I did go and throw the Tac-Con trigger in it, I’m sure if you saw the Tac-Con review, saw me using that. I’ve sent that back and I have the stock trigger in here. The stock trigger is great. I do have an SSAE coming out, so I do want to use this on the range without that trigger for accuracy, and then put it in and do a report with that. We’ll see how that all goes. Again, that’ll be the part two, the accuracy on this. But as far as a battle rifle goes, this is it. [emphatically] This is the shit, man. I am fuckin’, yeah. Yeah, baby! That’s what I’m talking about, all right? Thanks, guys! Thanks for enjoying my show. Click the “Like” button, subscribe, share, do whatever. Right on.

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