LWRC Individual Carbine With Adam Pini

Hey guys, welcome back. Today I’m out here with Mr. Adam Pini from LWRCI. Adam how are you, man?

Doing good, glad to be out.

Awesome, it’s good to have you out here. Adam brought on some interesting toys. First of all, you guys have seen this before. This is my REPR. Rapid-engagement precision rifle, if I have that acronym right. Is that correct?

Yup, you’ve got it right. You’re right on the money.

This is my baby. I’ve been having a lot of fun with this thing, this summer. I’ve been pestering Adam forever, [gunshot] if you guys have been following the channel for a while. You’ll remember about a year ago you brought out the IC carbine.

LWRC REPR Six8 6.8 Rifles For Sale

Yup, yeah it was about a year ago. I was visiting some viewers in the area. I knew I had a chance to hook up. I showed you one of our original military submissions. You fell in love with it then. I think you’ve had about 50 emails, since then. We were able to hook up and get this all done. Which I’m happy about.

So this is the IC Rifle which stands for individual carbine. This is the latest and greatest from LWRC. It’s a full ambi lever. I’ll let Adam talk more about the specifics one what separates this from other products on the line, and some of the changes that this rifle brought about that we’ve also seen in some of the other models that you guys have. Then he’s brought some other toys that we’ll talk about. Adam tell us more about the IC carbine, and what exactly is this rifle all about?

This is actually the model ICE, which is the individual carbine enhanced. It comes in a 16.1 or 14.7 inch barrel. It is spiral-fluted. All our barrels are cold-hammer forged. This one has a tube-positioned gas-block for suppressed and unsuppressed settings. It has a 9” modular rail system on it.

What’s neat about the IC’s is we got away from our old rail extension and barrel nut. We integrated it into our new mono four-jumper receiver. By getting rid of the barrel nut and the rail extension it allows us to lighten the platform. Make it a little more rigid. It now uses a torque range, which gives you more precise torque settings. If anybody’s ever messed with an old barrel nut you’ll know that you don’t quite get where you want every single time.


With this system we get complete engagement on the upper receiver, and we get our guaranteed torque spec. every single time. Moving further back from that, it still has the same heart as all of our old systems with the short-stroke gas piston system and the nickel boron bolt.

What’s cool about the lever receivers is it’s the first true ambi lever on the market. Most lowers that you’ve seen that claim to be true ambi aren’t. They usually do most, but they won’t do it all. With ours, we have a manual bolt catch. [Rifle cocking. As well as a release. [Metallic sound] Manual ambi thumb safety. As well as an ambi magazine release. Which on the other side it’s not a conversion. It’s actually milled and spec’d into the gun. Very, very easy gun to use.

We designed everything so that you’re not hyperextending your fingers to actually manipulate the gun. Lefties will benefit this gun as much as a righty will, but the righty will pick up on being able to lock the bolt-pack, and send it forward with their trigger fingers so they never have to relinquish fire control. Has our new LWRCI stock. It’s a six position. Has two non-rotational Q.D. points in it. Has a little more cast on the end for guys wearing armor, or aren’t flat like me. It gives you a nice positive cheek poke, as well as keeping a small overall profile.

This toe looks a little bit shorter than a standard MR.

We looked at a variety of different people. Got measurements on the actual pocket of their shoulder, and tried to optimize it to fit a wider range of people. I’m a bigger guy. Shoulder wise I’m pretty broad so my pocket is a little bit bigger, but I can actually golf and get complete engagement when I put this in my shoulder pocket.


All our guns are coming with mag. pull MOE Plus’s right now, which is a really good grip for the money. Gives you a nice tactile feel. Especially if it’s raining, it’s a little bit humid out, you’re not going to slip off the pistol grip.

It’s tacky, if you guys ever felt one, and it’s rubbery so it has a nice soft feel to it. That’s a good feeling grip. Also, you guys are running a ambi charging handle on these now.

Yeah, this is our new ambi-charging handle. It’s coming standard on all our models now, as well as an upgrade for previous generations or for your DI carbines. Industry standard is 16th inch roll-pins. We beefed them up and used 8th inch press-pins.

The ears will actually rest on the body of the charging handle during full lockup. So you never chance ripping it out. It allows you to do multiple different manipulations, as much as I don’t like to use that word. You can palm it back. You can run it over the top, like an AK. Charge it, it doesn’t really matter. You get complete engagement. What’s nice is it’s solid. Some ambi charging handles on the market, they’re a little ranky.


This one gives you complete control of the gun.

Doing this, what you’re showing, charging the weapon like this. [Rifle cocking] Some guys have damaged their charging handles like that. They need to be beefed upped around the gun that way.

Yeah, I’ve not seen a single latch for now. I’m running one of our original pre-production, and it’s probably gotten in the area of around 40,000 rounds on it.

Of course, we have your sights. These things are actually really nice. You take a look at a lot of the sights on the market, these things rock.

Our skirmish sights are made in-house. What’s the thing about them is that we charade the front on the sides, as well as the back. The sides are for one-thumb manipulations. We charade the back to reduce glare. Has your standard post. It’s not an actual match-post.

What’s cool about the rear, and what’s completely ingenious design is most aperture changes will be front to back. When you try to land flat they’ll either have an ear sticking out or they won’t lay completely flat. Ours is a rotational drone. It allows you to do small aperture or big aperture, and you can still lay it flat. We charade the back of that as well to reduce glare.

I’m looking forward to shooting this. I haven’t shot this rifle yet, guys. So this is its first ranged trip. I’d just finally gotten my hands on it. Of course, I’ve been waiting a long time to do it. Look at that! It’s all Patriot Brown, thanks for doing that by the way. Matches my REPR. I really like this Patriot Brown over the standard FDE. It’s a little bit darker, a little bit richer color. It really looks good.

It’s more background neutral to where we live. In this location there’s not really much sand mounds. You’re going to see more greens, more browns, and more Earth tones. That’s what’s going to give you a Patriot Brown. We probably sell more of that color than anything else, because it is – a lot of hunters use them for hunting guns. They just fit where you live.

So this is the next one I think the guys are going to want to see. Tell us about this little guy.

This is our UCIW It is a 6.8 on the rifle. Has an eight and a half inch barrel. Our new muzzle device, which is a four-pronged flash compressor. It comes standard with our grip. It’s a one-in-ten twist by two chamber, so you can run anything from the hottest tactical loads all the way down to the cheapest reloads you can find. Has a shorten buffer tube. It’s actually about two inches shorter than your average stock system.

It’s so short.

It’s still comfortable.


You’re going to have to run that a little bit further if you want the same thing, but the gun was aimed to be short. It’s 24 inches overall length, collapsed. What’s neat about this is it’s just the 6.8. It’s not a 5.56 that we shoehorn 6.8 into. For the longest time, the problem with 6.8 was that the magazines were the issue. So what we did we paired it up with Magpul to design our new 6.8 PMag. It’s a 30 round 6.8 SPC PMag. It will only fit on this rifle. It’s proprietary to us right now. It will become open-source, probably in about a year.

Let me see that mag real quick so you guys can see the top of it. You can see it’s wider than a standard PMag. Of course, it’s red follower.

Yeah, it actually has our logo on the bottom. What we did differently is we enlarged the mag well to accommodate the new magazine, and we beefed up the upper receiver to give it the correct feeding geometry four, six, eight. Full ambi lowers the other one. You’ve got ambi volt catch. As well as release. Safety selector, and this one is a machine gun.

Has the happy switch.

Then a magazine release as well. If you’re used to shooting normal M-4’s and AR-15’s this gun is going to be the exact same skill set. You’re still going to be able to shoot it. You’re going to get about a 10% recoil increase. Which you’re going to get almost triple the kinetic energy transfer from going five, zero, six to six eight. Very, very nice round. It was deigned to be a short-barrel cartridge. It burns efficiently in an eight to ten inch barrel. We’ve shot these guns out to 400 meters with no problem.

We’ll try that out today. Who is the customer for these again?

It’s a foreign entity. They’re now a really good customer.

A military contractor?

Yes, essentially is what it is. They pushed this into production. It’s been selling really well. We’re actually getting a lot of U.S. departments. Elite departments picking this up. They want something small that’s got a little more knockdown power than 5.56 then this is your answer.

It’s a neat gun. Well one last thing I want to take a quick peak at. It’s a slightly different color, green. This is the SPR, right?

Yup, this is our ICSPR, which if anybody’s familiar with our line they know about the SPR. We simply updated it, and brought it into the IC family. Gives it the mono four-jumper receiver. As well as the ambi lever. Has the 12” rail system. It has a nonadjustable self-regulating gas system. Still the same, just brought it up. Lessened the word a little bit. We actually made the rifle cheaper. MSRP value is about 100 –

More affordable.

Yeah, more affordable. [Laughter] It’s about $129 less than the previous model. We brought a lot more process than house during this mad rush we’ve had over the last nine months.


We control a lot of the quality. We’re able to bring prices down. Again, available in a 14.7” or 16” barrel.

Now, this is a little bit different than the IC that I picked up. Of course, these talk about the longer rail system. So if you want to run your arm extended you’re going to want this longer rail.

Also he’s talking about the gas system. This has a automatic regulating nonadjustable gas system on it. If you want to run a suppressor you might want to take a look at the IC carbine. It’s going to be just a little bit shorter. Here, I keep calling it IC carbine it’s individual carbine. It’s going to be a little bit shorter but it’s going to give you the adjustable gas block. Thanks Adam, let’s just do some shooting. This is enough talk.

All right, man.

Look at this! You guys delivered our LWRCI real well, man.

We started our rain session by shooting the REPR 1,000 yards. I let Adam try his hand with my rifle to see how he faired. Adam’s an avid long-range shooter, and a competitor. So he hit plenty of steal at range.

The REPR really likes the federal gold medal match 175-grade ammo. This is the same combo that regularly turns in MOA accuracy at 1,000 yards. I’m confident that this rifle with federal gold medal match can hit a man-sized target at 1,200 yards, and I have good reason for believing that. I’ll talk more about that in a video that’s coming soon.

Next up was the individual carbine. I’ve been looking forward to getting this rifle in range for a while now. I’ve fired a good variety of ammo through the gun I picked up from lucky gunner dot com. I tried some PMC extract. A couple of different flavors of them 193 ball, and some Fiocchi 69 grain match ammo.

The rifle performed well with all ammo tried. It only seem fitting I would give Adam some trigger time on the individual carbine. I’m a nice guy like that. I even let him shoot my ammo. Since this was my first trip to the ranch with the new rifle, I can’t do a full review. Give me some time to get a couple thousand rounds through the rifle, and really get to know it. Then I’ll post a full review.

[Transition audio]

What are you doing?

Shooting my REPR!

Now, with that glass – is that yours?

No, it’s not mine. This is Adam’s.

What are you doing with it?

I’m stealing it. I need to tactfully ask if it’s a reload or not, because if it’s a reload I’m going to throw it back on the ground. If it’s fresh brass, once fired. He just lost it. I’m funny like that. This is my new log book. A friend of mine gave me this recently, and he’s trying to get me away from the iPhone. This isn’t tactical. This is tactical. This is an all-weather pen. Now I’m logging my shots in here, because batteries can fail. This pen cannot. Thanks Tom.

All right, Adam. Thanks for coming out brother. It’s really good seeing you again.

I had a great time. This range is fantastic. Gun’s shot awesome. You shot really good. I couldn’t have had a better Sunday.

It’s a beautiful day. We couldn’t have asked for a better day. Yesterday was so windy. I was thinking we were going to have a horrible day, but the sun came out. The perfect weather. Great for long-range shooting.

Thank God I’ve been under the 50’s today.

Actually, I could take this jacket off, I guess. It’s getting pretty nice. You have an Instagram site, right?

I get back to people pretty quick. I post on all the forums. If you ever have any product questions, let me know and I’ll get back to you pretty quick.