Legal Carry (Decisions to Make) Video

Hey, Hickok45 here. As you can see, I’m unarmed today, which is not good. See that guy right there? He’s a terrorist.

Correction. He was a terrorist.

Actually, we are going to do a video and maybe some future videos… Well, no maybe about it. We’re going to do them. We’re going to start a series here on legal carrying. Been talking about it for a good while and just put off doing it.

I have a lot of experience with legal carry. Many of you have. Some of you have not. Many of you have asked me a million questions about it, so we’re going to try to answer some of those questions.

Now today, we’re going to do kind of an introduction to that and give you some of the questions back at you that you need to be asking yourself and some of the decisions that you need to make. Okay?

There are millions of people in this country that carry legally, and there are lots of reasons, of course, for carrying. Maybe you’re in law enforcement. You’re off-duty. Maybe you carry a lot of money. Maybe you just would like to survive to the next day, depending on where you live.

You know, the bad guys out there… Mostly guys, aren’t they? Most of those criminal element doesn’t carry whether you have a lot of money or a diamond ring. New is full of stories of people dying over ten bucks, right? Fifty cents. Twenty dollars.

Anyway, people carry for a lot of reasons. I have a lot of experience of this, because I was involved in police work for ten years beginning around 1990. I’ve been legally carrying off and on since then, and I have dealt with all the issues that we all deal with in terms of that. I have really been remiss in not sharing more than that. Now I have indirectly in many of the videos.

If you’re watching videos, hopefully you learn a little bit about that, about holsters and that kind of thing. We’re going to delve into those areas, not the next few days, but over a period of weeks and weeks we will.

Today, mainly I want to give you some things to think about. If you’re one of those persons I have heard from or have not heard from who has been asking about holsters and various firearms and weights and sizes and all those sorts of things, we want to try to help you some. However, we can’t answer all those questions for you. You have to answer a lot of that yourself. It’s just that simple.

What I want to do is give you the things to think about. Even if you have some experience with this, maybe there will be some things you can take from it. This is not necessarily just a basics video. Maybe this first one is more of a basics, but as we get into this, I want to get into some of the deeper issues perhaps. Okay?

Well, first of all, we’re talking about legal carry. You know? Legal carry. There are places where it is not legal. For example, myself, I work in a gun-free zone, so it’s not legal. It’s out of the question. It’s totally out of the question. You might work in an environment like that. You might find yourself in an environment like that quite often. That’s just another issue you have to think about and of course obey the law.

Two of the biggest questions involved: How you’re going to carry and what gun you’re going to carry. Yeah. Think about it. If you’re one of those persons right now contemplating getting your carry permit, you are thinking about a whole host of things. I hope you are! You’d better be. That’s why we’re doing this.

You should be thinking about: How am I going to carry this gun? I have a class schedule two weeks from today, let’s say a week from Saturday, whatever it is. I need to get hold of a gun. I have shot some, and I’ve got a shooting session scheduled with my brother-in-law on Wednesday. You know?

I’ve shot enough where I’m not going to have any trouble qualifying probably, but he’s going to help me some. He said I could use his gun to go qualify and everything. Whatever. If you’re in a state where you don’t have to carry the gun you qualify with and I think that’s the way it is in most states.

You’re kind of in some scenario like that, let’s say. Well, you have a million things you need to be thinking about. Well, not a million. I don’t want to scare you. You need to be thinking about how you’re going to carry that firearm. You know?

How you’re going to carry it determines largely what gun you choose, so many of you are in the process perhaps – or will be – of choosing a gun, choosing a holster, choosing a style of carry. Think of the questions you need to be asking. That’s what I’m here for, to help you.

You’re going to carry it in your pocket. You’re going to carry it in your waistband. As you noticed, my Glock 19 there, Gen 4. You’re going to carry it in the small of your back. You’re going to carry it in your ankle. You’re going to carry it in a shoulder bag if you’re female. A lot of females carry them that way, maybe some males I don’t know about.

A fanny pack. You know? A shoulder holster. Not many people use those anymore. Most of the experts argue against that. However, that works for some people. What else? How else might you carry that thing? You might… There’s a lot of different places, right?

What gun are you going to buy? What gun do you want? What guns do you have that might work? Well, again, it depends on where you’re going to carry it, how you plan to carry it. Many of you… I know this for a fact. If you don’t have a lot of experience with firearms, will be surprised how heavy certain guns are, how thick certain firearms are. Okay? That’s a big factor. It’s something that most of us learn through experience and through time, trial and error.

Many guns that you just love, they’re great at the range, but when you start packing them [laughs] in different methods, they get heavy. Now I’m not talking too heavy to lift. You’re thinking, some of you maybe, “Gosh, that 1911, that five inch 1911, all day long, that’s a great gun! Stuck it in my belt. Walked around with it. Had a holster someone lent me. Not a problem. Not a problem.”

You get into legal carry, legal carry issues. It might work for you, but you’ll see that it might not be as suitable as you thought it was. Type of carry. How you’re going to carry it. What kind of holster you’re going to use once you decide that.

I’m a pretty old guy! I’ve been carrying off and on, when it’s legal, for over twenty years. You see the holster I’m using right now for my inside the waistband. It’s the only holster I’ve even had but a few months, and it’s my favorite right now. I haven’t even had it that long.

Well, you think a guy who’s has the experience I have would have worked all that out a long time ago. Well, you find new products. You find things that fit better, work better, more comfortably as you move along. There’s just a lot of that will take place.

Type of gun. Okay. That’s depending on how you’re going to carry, for one thing. For example, if you’re familiar with the 1911, the light trigger, generally cock and lock, thumb safety and everything. You’re not going to want to carry one of those in your pocket probably.

Of course, I wish I had a pocket gun. You’ll notice I’m carrying inside the waistband right now, or else I’d demonstrate for you.

Pretty funny, huh? This gun is more or less a double action. It’s a striker fire gun, you know, the PM9. I’m just using it for an example. It’s has a long double action type pull on it, all right? That, in addition to being in a good holster, makes that a viable option. Put it back in that holster.

Okay? You would not want to be packing a 1911 style gun without a holster probably in your pocket, for example. How you’re going to carry it is very crucial to what gun you’re looking for. How big you are. What kind of action you want.

Again, let me get back to that. Do you want a double action? Do you want a striker fire action? Do you want a cocked and lock action like a 1911? Do you want a double to single action like the H&K, the Sig, you know? What other kinds of actions are there? There are some kind of hybrid actions that are a little bit of both. That’s very critical, because safety is the most important thing.

That’s why people get their permits – right? – so they might survive and continue living, you know. Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. It’s like a fire extinguisher. Like insurance.

Now if someone stumbled into this video. Let me take a little side trip here for a second. I digress. If you stumbled into this video, you’re not even a gun person. You think it’s horrible that people even have guns, much less carrying them legally, I’m not going to argue with you right now, but just think about a fire extinguisher.

Think about home owner’s insurance. If you happen to have a house, a home that is yours. I bet you have insurance on it. I bet you wouldn’t sleep very well if your insurance, your home owners expired today. You found out… You got a letter in the mail today that, “Sir, your payment wasn’t made.” It got lost in the mail maybe, whatever happened. You’re sitting here with no insurance. You would not sleep until you got ahold of your insurance agent and got that activated.

Fire extinguisher? Same thing. We don’t want to use a fire extinguisher. We don’t want to use our insurance ever. We don’t want major medical insurance that we might have, that we should have. We don’t want to be using that either, but we’re not going to sleep well without it. Okay?

That’s the way most people think about a firearm or a legal carry permit. A little aside there. A little digression.

Back to guns. Do you want a revolver action? Is that something you have shot and you shoot well versus a semi-automatic? Maybe you’d rather shoot a semi-automatic. You shoot it better, but you feel more comfortable with a revolver in a smaller gun.

You might spend a lot of time at the range with a 1911. This is really what you love, but it might not be the gun you want to actually carry, depending on how you’re going to carry it. There you go again. If your only option is pocket carry, maybe you don’t want a big 45 1911. There are some small ones that might fit that.

I’m not going to get into specific gun models today and that sort of thing. What you carry, where you carry it, that’s everything. Everything. Probably half the questions I get here at my YouTube account are regarding that. You know?

Caliber, all those kinds of things. You know. We could talk for two hours on caliber, couldn’t we? Caliber of the gun. Size of the gun. The weight of the gun. The kind of action it has. Where you’re going to carry it. All critical areas of discussion.

Where do you hang out? That’s another question you want to ask yourself, consider. You know the answer. How do you spend your day? Do you live in a risky neighborhood? Do you live in an area for whatever reason? You’re trying to get some money up to get out of there, but you’re in a very dangerous neighborhood. Maybe that makes a difference in what gun you carry, how accessible it is, how large a caliber it is. I don’t know. Capacity. All those issues, you know?

What is your attire generally? Are you able to dress like this, like I am here today? If you can wear an over garment like this, an outer garment, it makes it pretty nice. I can have a Glock 19, Glock 23 – a big gun, any big gun – a 1911 into action very quickly, and I have can it concealed very well. Okay?

If you can wear an outer garment, that makes a big difference. I’m going to take that off, because it’s about 95 degrees. I don’t really need it today. I wanted to demonstrate that. If I don’t have the outer garment… Oh! A clothes hanger, right here handy. I knew that was there for some reason.

Obviously, if I don’t have an outer garment, I probably am not going to [laughs] wear this gun – am I? – inside the waistband or outside the waistband. Again, those are issues. You live in a climate where you can never wear a shirt, any kind of garment like that, it would just kill you. You couldn’t stand it for even ten minutes. You have to go to another option, don’t you? Those are questions you’ve got to answer.

Again, back to where you live and where you move around, what do you frequent? What areas do you frequent? Maybe you live in a nice neighborhood, but your job takes you into a dangerous neighborhood. Maybe you’re not legal to carry on your job, another issue.

Maybe you go into a dangerous area, through a dangerous area, and you are legal to carry. How do you dress? How do you move around? Those are all things that you have to answer for yourself.

Another issue I think it pertinent, very pertinent, is your shooting experience. You know, I have a lot of shooting experience with a lot of different types of firearms. Maybe you don’t. Maybe you don’t. That’s an issue. You know?

Some guns are hard to shoot. Sometimes a small gun is very difficult to shoot well. If you don’t shoot anything pretty much, just because you see that cute little gun at the gun shop and it even has a pink grip on it or something and you really like that, maybe it’s not the best gun for you, even though it fits where you would like to carry a gun, a pocket or whatever. Maybe it’s nothing that you can shoot well.

You need to try any firearm if at all possible before you buy it, or one like it. You know, you can just really go and shoot that gun before you buy it, but you know what I’m talking about there.

Your experience. If you shoot a lot and you shoot all sorts of different firearms, maybe you have more options. If you just shoot a lot, anyway, it gives you more options.

Practice. If you don’t shoot a lot, but you’re just getting into firearms… Maybe you’re young, and you love guns. You’ve been out with your uncle and your aunt and shooting. You’re eighteen or you’re nineteen or twenty or twenty-one. You know, okay, I want to get a carry permit, a legal carry permit, as soon as I’m old enough. I want to shoot, learn to do this.

You love shooting. You’re going to shoot a lot. You’re going to shoot whatever it is, pretty much. That gives you more options. It really does, because you should practice with whatever it is that you’re going to legally carry. It takes a commitment.

Another thing you want to think about and ask yourself is your family situation. Do you have children in the house, young children? You know, all the safety issues that surround that. You want to take care of that issue.

You want to be committed to being safe, being legal, and studying it for yourself, not just asking questions. You need to get as much experience as you can with the various types of firearms you’re considering for your legal carry. Okay?

I think that kind of covers most of the general areas, the questions you need to be asking yourself and the decisions that you need to make. You know? How you carry it depends on the size of the gun and all that, and the size of the gun depends on how you’re going to carry it.

Think about those things, and we’ll get back to you with some more in depth demonstrations perhaps. Okay? Hickok signing off. Life is good.