Ladies: Concealed Carry Option – Sig Sauer P238 Video

Hello, interwebs. My name is Christy. You know me as tacTissy. Today, I want to talk to you about the Sig Sauer P238, my good weather carrying pistol. To stay consistent throughout reviews in the following framework I outline for selecting a pistol, I will go over the following aspects: purpose, fit, action and design, safety, caliber and cost.

Warning: The firearm being used in this video is unloaded and stays unloaded for the duration of this video. However, if having a firearm pointed at a video camera many, many miles away from you offends you, please hit stop right now.

First things first, and I want to once again talk about training and familiarity with the pistol. If you’re going to carry, you are literally trusting your life to it. It needs to function, and you need to know its functions. You need to train with it.

You need to train shooting it. You need to practice carrying it. At work, first it will feel awkward to carry a pistol with you. Everyone goes through that stage. As you spend more time carrying it and you get more and more familiar with the firearm, you learn to trust it.

Your comfort level will increase. However, the only way you’ll be familiar with the pistol is if you train with it and carry it. Speaking of comfort, one of the aspects of carrying comfortably is a good holster. I have this holster custom-made for me by Joe at Viper Holsters.

It’s The link is in the description below. When he made this holster for me, it was not just custom-fitted for the pistol. We also discussed several common ways I carry it, including height, belt and so on.

This particular holster is designed to be worn with or without a belt, hooking up with the belt loops in my pants or into a special loop I added afterwards to carry the pistol lower. I’ll get into different holsters in another video. For now, it’s back to the Sig Sauer P238.

Purpose: This is my warm weather carry pistol. It’s small and relatively light, so I can conceal it better when I’m not wearing a jacket or extra layers. During the summer, just a tank top over it breaks enough of its silhouette to be sufficiently concealed.

It is not, however, a common range pistol, meaning you can and should shoot it on the range. It will not be as comfortable or as accurate at longer distances as a full-sized pistol. After all, it’s really small and has a short barrel. It does, however, serve very well as a conceal carry pistol.

Fit: Fit is individual. This 238 fits me perfectly. There’s a good well with the web of my hand. When I go to draw it, it’s easier to establish a good, controlling group.

Action and design: This is a hammer-fire pistol. I know, some people shy away from hammer-fire pistols for concealed carry. Since more of my pistols are hammer-fired versus the striker-fired, I feel comfortable carrying it. This pistol also has consistent trigger pull.

When you draw it, the trigger pull on your first shot will be the same as on your following shots. No variation between double-action and single-action trigger pulls. A little note though, this pistol does require you to read the manual before taking it apart and re-assembling.

Safety: The P238 does have a safety. It’s designed for a right-handed shooter. I once saw a P238 customized for a left-handed shooter, and I did some research online. There are companies who will do some custom work and convert your 238 to have its safety on the other side.

Caliber: One of the downsides of the 238 being small is that it’s chambered in the 380. While loaded with defensive ammo, I feel it’s efficient during warm weather when we’re all wearing less clothes. Once we get in the time of year where people are wearing many thick layers of clothing, a bigger round may be preferable.

At the time when I got this P238, a P938 version was not available yet. The P938 is a little bigger and is a little heavier, but it’s chambered in the 9 mm. I’ll pick up one of those and do a separate review on that as well.

Last and definitely not least: cost. Sig pistols are not cheap. This is a pistol that I trust my life with. In the balance of dollars versus me, I won. I bought this pistol for about $670 dollars. I’ve seen other models of the 238 that aren’t as pretty for as little as $430.

That is about average for a carry pistol. I paid about the same for my Smith & Wesson shield. The Sig Sauer P238, I hope it fits you as well as it fits me. Remember though, the most important aspect of any pistol is how it fits you.

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  • Jay Wright

    Great video Christy and highly informative!