Kel-Tec KSG with a Silencerco Salvo 12 Suppressor

Hey, guys welcome back. Today, we’re out here shooting my Kel-Tec KSG. This is my second KSG. If you follow channel for a while you’ll know that my first KSG I had some problems with, but I’ve since replaced. I just couldn’t pass up the gun. I really wanted the KSG. I wanted to fall in love with the gun and so I figured I’d give it another shot.

Fortunately, for me, this one’s been rock solid. I really enjoy shooting this little bull pup. The only problem I’ve had with it is a continuing problem is where it will hit me in the wrist. Right now, I have a winter coat on so it’s not a problem, but that I’ve discovered after having a number of people shoot the gun and watching it being shot I found that problem is really related to how long your forearm is.

I have ape like features and so my arm is so long that it actually sets underneath this ejection port. With a shorter forearm, your arm tends to stay out of the way of that ejection port and you won’t have the problem. Anyway, I just wear a wrist protector when I’m shooting it in warm weather.

The only thing I really don’t like about the shotgun right now besides that is the fact that it’s just too darn noisy. I mean listen to this thing. It’s loud as heck. There’s just got to be some better way to shoot this thing. Especially given how short it is.

There we go all fixed. It should be much quieter now. What am I doing? I don’t need these anymore. Let’s get rid of that.

That’s awesome. That’s standard velocity 12-gauge. That’s birdshot. It’s eight shot. It’s Federal. I am using that ammunition courtesy of Federal. It’s not subsonic, that is breaking the sound barrier.

Trying to find a subsonic load for 12-gauge can be a bit challenging but all that noise that you’re hearing is coming from down range. That shot breaking the sound barrier. Back here where I’m shooting the shotgun, it’s pretty darn quiet.

Now the KSG will hold seven rounds in each tube. It has two tubes, so it gives you 14 rounds total. Not only have I got the shotgun suppressed now, but I have one other cool thing I want to show you guys. Have you ever heard of a company called Aguila and the 12 gauge mini-shells? You’re not gonna believe this. Check this out.

I’ve become a big fan of these Aguila mini-12-gauge shells, especially out of my KSG shotgun. They work really, really well in the gun and they’re also lethal. A lot of folks out there might think that because they’re so small that they’re not capable of delivering a lethal punch and that’s not true.

It carries a full powder charge. All they’ve done is reduced the cargo in the shell. In this case, it’s shooting a slightly smaller slug and in the case of buckshot, it’s just shooting fewer pellets. It has a full powder charge.

Sticking them in here, it’s just like loading the case any other time. That’s two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. My fingers are getting numb, 10 and 11. It won’t take 14 rounds because the shells aren’t quite half the overall length of a standard 12-gauge shell. They’re a little bit longer than half. You can only get 11 rounds in there. Switch over and then you can load another 11 rounds into the other side if your fingers aren’t completely numb like mine.

There’s one, two, three, four, five, six, this takes a long time [laughs] seven. I mean who in the world would believe that you could put this many shotgun shells into a pump action shotgun. It’s incredible. If you pump the shotgun right, it’ll run them all reliably. Just keep dropping more and more of them in the snow. I think I’m getting pretty close to being full here. Yeah that’s pretty close. My fingers are so damn numb. I’m gonna put some gloves on now. I’m gonna shoot this thing a little bit more. It is incredibly fun.

Here we go again, running some more Aguila mini-shells through the KSG. [Shooting gun] Definitely dry, switch two. Holy cow, I saw the slug come out of that one. It had a really reduced powder charge. The slug just barely came out of the barrel. I could totally see it.

Holy cow, man your arm will get tired pumping this thing. Check that thing out. It’s smoking like crazy. Man that is entirely too much fun what a great set up. Holy cow, so you have a KSG and you want to suppress it with a SilencerCo Salvo 12 you’re gonna need a couple of parts. First of all, you will have to replace your muzzle nut on the end of your KSG. This is a part that Kel-Tech sells.

You’ll have to pick one of these up. It comes with a tool that would allow you to use just a half-inch wrench to go ahead and break that loose and then screw this on in place. The tool will allow you tighten it down properly.

Once you have that in place. Now what that does is it gives you the section that’s threaded on the inside and it’s threaded from Mossberg chokes. Next you’re gonna need to contact SilencerCo or your suppressor shop and order one of these adaptors for the Mossberg shotguns that will screw onto the end of your Salvo 12. You can see the threads here.

Now this is an improved cylinder bore. You can get it with different chokes. Once you have the two, put one inside the other and screw them together. It’s gonna take a few rotations. The suppressor comes with a tool to tighten this nut down here where it attaches to the suppressor itself. It’s a tool that I conveniently left at the shop today, so I can’t clock the Salvo 12 properly. When I say clock it because it is a square shape versus round. You can align it so that it sets perfectly aligned with your firearm where it’s not cocked off to one side or the other. Something I can’t do today because again I left the tool at the shop.

It’s a pretty fine thread pitch. You’re gonna be screwing for a little while. Now when I – yeah don’t take that the wrong way. Anyway, so when I actually have it tightened down you can see that the suppressor isn’t square to the bore. I can rotate it back just a little bit and it’ll be fine for the purposes of me shooting out here today.

What I want to show you guys next is, and I’m sure a lot of you shotgunners out there probably wondering is how does attaching this suppressor to your shotgun affect the point of impact? The only way we can tell you that is to show you, so let’s find out. First we’re gonna run five rounds out of the KSG with some slugs at the target which is about 35 feet away. And then we’ll take the suppressor off and use the same point of aim and see if that point of impact shifts at all.

All right, here we go with five rounds of slugs with the Aguila mini-shotgun shells. Now my sight isn’t perfectly set, so it’s gonna shoot just a little bit low. But I’m gonna be aiming at the A in the center of that IPSC man-sized target down there about 35 feet.

All right, not the tightest group, but it looks like it’s about I don’t know three or four inches low, but pretty well centered left to right. Let’s take the suppressor off and see where those rounds hit after I take the suppressor off.

All right, here we go again without the suppressor this time. Got my ears on it’s funny how many times you forget to do that when you’re shooting suppressors. Here we go. I’m gonna aim at the A in the head this time and we’ll see where it hits in relationship to that aiming point.

Wow, talk about wildly inaccurate. It looks like it’s hitting about the same spot. A couple of those rounds went to the top of the head. One of them almost went off the paper, but the rest landed right around that A. It seems that the point of impact may shift just a little bit but not a whole lot.

All right, let’s do the same test this time with some buckshot. These are Aguila 12-guage mini-buckshot loads. I have five of them in the gun. This time without the suppressor, aiming at the A at the center of mass there on the IPSC target. Let’s see where those rounds impact without the suppressor.

Right square in the middle all right, let’s try it again this time with a suppressor in place. Okay here we go with five more rounds. The Aguila mini-shotgun shells with buckshot in them with the suppressor this time, aiming at the A on the center of mass of the IPSC target about 35 feet away. [Shooting gun]

All right, so it looks like it probably is hitting just a little bit lower, but it’s still center of mass just a little bit lower. The suppressor is changing the point of impact ever so slightly. All right guys, hope you enjoyed coming out to the range and playing around with the Salvo 12 and the KSG shotgun. I definitely have a newfound affinity for my new KSG.

I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. Putting this Salvo 12 on the end is just over the top. Couple that, again, with Aguila 12-gauge mini-shells and this thing is just absolutely entirely too much fun and easily one of the coolest shotguns you can buy right now. Assuming you’ll find them. They’re still kind of hard to find, but if you guys have questions about anything you’ve seen in the video, of course you can always ask those questions on our Facebook page. I’ll put a link down below. Anyway, thanks again everybody for watching. We’ll talk to you guys soon.

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