Interesting Features of the American Defense Manufacturing UIC Carbines

Hey guys, welcome back. Today we’re at the range with a special guest, Sam, who has brought out some new rifles from ADM. They’re called UIC carbines or UIC rifles. So are they’re carbines or rifles or both?

They’re both.

They’re both, okay.


I’m going called them carbines because I like the word. It’s a cool word. The UIC carbines bring to market some unique features. You guys have proprietary stuff that’s going on inside the guns.

Oh yeah.

Plus they have ambi lowers which I really like, and plus they’re not just any type of ambi lowers. These don’t look like an afterthought. These are actually pretty well integrated ambi lowers.

They’re 7075 full billet ambidextrous lower that we make in our facility up in New Berlin, Wisconsin, and I really believe that the controls off the ambidextrous features on these lower receivers are pretty much the most intuitive and the most well designed, integrated ambidextrous features in the market place today.

Yeah, I would agree with you. I really like the ambi controls. They’re very well integrated to the rifle, but that’s what I want to talk about this afternoon. He’s brought on a couple of different flavors of the rifle.

Um hum.

We’re going to talk about the differences between the models, the Mod1 and the Mod2.


We’ll talk about some of those proprietary features. Now, Sam the whole time we’ve been out here talking, there’s been this dirt cloud in my peripheral view that’s been driving me absolutely nuts.


Can you shot that thing for me?

Not a problem. I’ve got a 40 round PMag here that’ll take care of that.

Outstanding. Go get your please.

All right guys. I’m going to take you through real quick some of the proprietary ambidextrous features of the American Defense Universal improved carbine lower receiver. Before I get started on that, I do want to let everyone know watching the video that the lower receiver are available as either complete lowers or strip lowers to do your own builds based off of, and they’re available through our dealer network that you can find at our website,

So real quick, one of the things that sticks out to a lot of people is the ambidextrous bolt catch and release lever that’s right here on the right side of the rifle. The kind of designed for your right handed shooters to be able to lock the bolt and release it without taking their hand off the fire control. So it’s very, very intuitive. It’s an up and down motions of the in and out paddle. You’re seeing a lot of different designs out there. We integrated it into our built lower receiver, and to lock it back, it’s very simple. You’re going to pull the bolt to the rear, press up on the lever, forward and your bolt is locked, all right. Once you reload, you can just hit that. It sends the bolt right forward. I really like it particularly being a left handed shooter myself because you’d already locked the bolt to the rear, and then when you’re reloading, you can simply insert your new magazine, and hit it with your thumb. Your rifle is then loaded. All right. We do a standard magazine catch and release right there. Ambidextrous safety selectors are their short throw about 60 degree throw. The ambidextrous magazine release is right here. Just press it and the magazine comes out. Like I said, one of the best features I like is again the left sided bolt catch and release.

Sam is now going to take us through the UIC rifles and talk about some of the features and what makes them unique. Sam, if we could start off. Can you tell what the difference is between the Mod1 and the Mod2 rifles?

Absolutely. So right here on the table I have the UIC Mod1. UIC stands for Universal Improved Carbine. I would get that question quite often, and really the name came about because we wanted to redesign or reassess some of the integral components to the AR15 rifle platform, if you want to call it that, and redesign them; use different kind of improved materials as technology has improved and kind of make it all around a better platform for the end-user to build on.

So here’s the Mod1. Your only options for the Mod1 are black hard coat with the 60” barrel and the low-light rail. I’ll talk about those features here in just a moment. It starts off with our 70-75 billet ambidextrous lower receiver. It does have a single-stage mil spec trigger loop in it; kind of the standard that we see from different rifles coming from all over the industry. We’re looking at a phosphate full-auto mil spec Bolt Carrier Group with the crane O ring in the extractor there. So it’s going to be a good component coming in this upper receiver that is forged aluminum, not the billet. We still have the billet in the next model, the Mod2. We got a standard charging handle, like I said, fully ambidextrous controls, B5 bravo stock and a mag-pull grip.

Standard M plate?

Yup. Standard M plate on there and we do upgrade a part for the Mod2s as well.

Move onto the barrel and the rail. The rail like I said is a low-light rail as integrated rail sections at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock, as well as 4 QD points on both sides of the rail front and rear. Those have core 20 threaded holes on 3, 6, and 9 clock positions so you can use our polymer injection molded furniture kits will be coming soon. There are four parts. It’ll have side panels, a bottom panel with a hand itself, and a plain bottom panel. You can also use any other quarter 20 threaded camera accessories or whatever you want to put on the rail for yourself there. Like I said the model 1 only comes with a 16” barrel, but there are a 1 and 8 twist, 223 wild chamber, which means you can fire 223 and 556 ammo out of it accurately. There’s a 1 and 8 twist chrome line, you know, 4150 C and V and mil spec material. So it’s a very, very good barrel, and in testing we saw the 12 and a half barrels shooting well under a minute of angel at a 100 yards with match grade ammo from a bench rest. So you’re going to have an accurate, durable barrel in all of our guns.

One other important thing to mention is all the rifles, Mod1, 2 and 3, from the factory come suppressor ready. Concentric threads with grip on it, [background gun shots] M4 SD series suppressor mounted, one being the Tattle Compensator and the Mod version 3 with the flash comp. Here’s one of the flash comps here.


So moving onto the Mod2 series of the UIC, we kind of step it up. It’s kind of our flagship of the line. You see the one here on the stand is in a mil spec green cerakote finish. You have a billet ambidextrous lower receiver, just like you saw in the Mod1, and we step it up to a billet upper receiver as well; same fully ambidextrous controls. You have a QD end-plate that we do there. It’s a steel QD end-plate; our ambidextrous charging handling right there. It’s a BCM gunfighter ambidextrous charging handle, and our two-stage adjustable trigger group, all right. You said yesterday when you get your hands on it you really, really are going to enjoy breaking that thing in.

It’s amazing. Yeah, it’s amazing trigger, adjustable.

Yup. It’s made of proprietary tooled steel with a very high lubricious and wear resistant coating on there too, so. It’s going to be a good trigger group that comes straight from the factory in this rifle.

You do step up your options with the Mod2 for barreling and rail choice. So this one’s a 14 and a half inch barrel; a vice that’s 16”. We’re also doing a 12 and a half inch factory SBR that you just see on the machine gun right here.

Um hum.

So this is with the low light rail with a 12 and a half in barrel. We’re doing a key Mod rail, 13 and a half inch and 10.75”, as well as, excuse me, a M-Lok rail. Now the M-Lok rail we’re really proud of because obviously you get of lightning pockets there. With our barrel nut, two screws and the rail itself will come in just under 12 ounces of weight. It’s not physically made to be a lightweight component, but it does save a lot on weight. We’re really happy with the M-lock interface there. So that is the Mod2 riffle, and some of the inside features I want to go over real quick.

I know the part that a lot of people don’t see very often and kind of are skeptical about because we released it as an individual component a couple of weeks ago, is the HD reliability enhancing buffer. Based off an old colt patent that has since expired, it comes in at about 4.4 ounces. A little bit heavier than H2, and has this sliding platter of weights, no central rod. It actually staggers the impact of the weight to the rear, and coming forward. So it actually will lessen the felt recoil of the gun. Also another added benefit of those being coming forward will reduce any sort of bolt bounce that you’ll have, especially in the higher faster strings of fire.

Now if you put this into a machine gun, will it reduce the rate of fire?

It will slightly as you’ll see in some of the clips that we’ll put in there from some machine guns that we have today, making it extremely controllable.

I gotcha.

So we’re very, very proud of that. Next we’re going to talk about our Bolt Carrier Group. This is the component that’s included with all Mod2 and 3 rifles. It has a finished past done to it. So it’s a very, very smooth finish with the nitrite all over it. It’s all mil spec materials. So we’re looking at a very premium component there, coming with a Mod2 and 3 rifles.

The gas key is machined from billet as well?

Yup. It’s all billet.

That’s fantastic.

The whole thing is.

It’s a good looking bolt carrier group, and like you said machine gun.

Machine gun compatible, if you have that.

Very nice.

Um hum. So those are some of the options of our product line. The Mod3 will be coming soon. The only different between the Mod2 and Mod3, you’re going seeing a 3 position adjustable gas block, which will be coming out soon. We’ll definitely you guys a prototype to figure out with that.

You can’t pass up this little guy, the M-plate.

Yup, like I said, I pointed out there on the ambidextrous lower receiver, this is a steel quick to attach M-plate anti-rotational compatible so you have that single point sling you want to run, you’re very welcome to do that with this component.

On the Mod2 already.

Yup, on the Mod2 already from the factory.


So like I said, the Mod2 is kind of our flagship. You have the most options there for color and barrel length.


Colors we’re doing black, ADM gray, ADM bronze, flat dark earth and mil spec green.

What are we looking at price wise for these?

The Mod1 MS RP is $1,650. Mod2 in black hard coat we’re looking at $1,850. Cerakote colors are $2,000.


Sam thanks for coming out and bringing the UIC rifles. It’s really awesome to be able to finally shoot the production versions of the gun. If you guys follow the channel, you’ll know that I was playing around with these rifles when they were prototypes.

Um hum.

I had the opportunity to play with the recoil rifle [crosstalk] [12:17].

That’s a nice gun.

Yeah. That’s a cool gun.


So again I’ve been following the development of the guns for some time, so it’s good to see them hitting the market, which brings me to a point. One of the guys made a comment on the Facebook page about whether or not the guns were available. They are available right now, correct?

Oh yeah, they are. I noticed that comment you pointed out to me yesterday. So these rifles have been shipping to dealers since just before Shot Show. More information on these firearms can be found at All kinds of pictures and info about the full UIC line as well as links to all our dealers as well. That website eventually will be rolled over into a full new ecommerce website with the mounts and the rifle components and everything available on there itself. So that’s where you can find information on that. Specific questions you can go to our Facebook page, American Defense Manufacturing, and pose those questions, and then you’re also mention the military arms page too. I‘ll go on there and answer as many questions as I can and kind of keep up on the post as well.

Thanks again for watching everybody. We’ll talk to you guys soon.

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