HK VP9 Shines in All Areas Except for One

Hey guys, Daniel Shaw here. Today I want to tell you a little bit about the H&K VP9, or my experience with it rather.

I put about 2,000 rounds in the last few days in the class I was taking, and I’ve got nothing but great things to say about it. Let me tell you a little bit about the gun itself.

It’s got a 4.09-inch barrel. It’s a cold-hammer forged barrel. It’s got forward slide serrations and rear slide serrations. Pretty aggressive serrations. I like that for weapons manipulation. You can also see here on the right hand side we’ve got a slide catch and release right here.

It’s a full ambidextrous gun with a slide catch release on both sides. One unique feature H&K that I haven’t seen on any other gun – I’m not saying it doesn’t exist out there, but I’m not familiar with it – is these cocking supports that they’ve call them.

Right here on the back of the gun, they’re pretty nice for grabbing a that slide right into the rear. Your hand just really can’t miss them. Oh man, I like that a lot.

This is actually the LE model. The LE model comes with night sights on ‘em. Tritium night sights, and it’s got a forward leaning edge on that rear sight that we’re able to rack on the slide, you know catch on our gear our belt or whatever we need to for those one-hand manipulations. Those who have been following me for a while know that’s very important to me.

A few other things, they kind of made this gun for fighting. Problem-solving if you will. The grip’s cutout on the bottom of the grip so you can get a good grip on that magazine and rip it out during stoppage clearances. While we’re on the grip, one of the most impressive features of this gun was not only could you change out the back strap, the user can configure the side panels or the back strap to adjust the circumference of the grip to get what they want – the feel that they want or need.

Magazine release is your typical European style, as some call it, magazine release right there on the trigger guard, which is also ambidextrous, obviously.

One of the most impressive features on this gun is the trigger itself. The trigger has a very, very – I’ll pull it from the other side here – a very light take up right there, and then you get to a nice, solid wall. That’s a nice solid crisp wall, push a little bit harder and you break right through that wall. Firearm fires.

I’ve been really impressed with the trigger. Very challenging course that I was in, and trigger manipulation was very important when transitioning from target to target or putting multiple shots on the same target or what have you.

Being able to have that good clean press, that good consistent press, that manages to not be spongy like a lot of striker fires out there really helped me excel in the class. I ended up taking top shooter in the class. The VP9 did a great job. Served me very well, and part of the reason I was able to shoot so well I would have to say is because of that trigger on this gun.

I think H&K has a real winner here with the VP9. It’s going to appeal to a variety of people. It could be the little old lady who needs a really small grip because she can interchange her side panel and back strap to fit her hand or the super awesome tactical guru out there kicking indoors every day of his life.

All the way to the competition shooter. Great gun here. Very impressed with it. I’m actually kind of on the fence right now replacing my gun with VP9. The only thing that’s really holding me back H&K is having a VP9C, or you guys might refer to it as a VP9K.

I want a small concealed carry version of it, and you may have me 100 percent. Again, I’m Daniel Shaw. Thanks for watching this video. If there are any guns out there you’d like to see me review and talk about from a defensive standpoint, a realistic type review of how this thing could serve you if you had to use it to defend your life or defend your loved ones, let me know down in the comments section. I’ll be glad to take a look at that gun for you.

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