H&K MR762A1 LRP 308 Gas Piston Gun Shooting Sub MOA

Hey guys. Welcome back. Today, I want to do a short video. I’ll tell you that I have decided to keep the Heckler and Koch MR762A1 LRP. If you follow me on social media, you’ll know I was really laboring on whether or not I could come up with the money to keep this rifle. Well, it is officially my rifle, so I will be featuring this rifle quite a bit more on the channel. I’m going to use it as my primary gas gun, my 308 semi-automatic, for testing optics and things like that.

The reason I decided to go ahead and keep the gun is because this rifle performs better than any other out of the box, military grade rifle that I’ve personally shot. That’s not to say that there aren’t more accurate 308 gas guns out there. There’s something like the Gap 10. This is the type of rifle that more appeals to me. The Gap 10 is more of a precision rifle with tighter tolerances. This is just a straight up, military MR762A1 with a G28 stock on it and different rail system.

This thing shoots sub MOA. When I say sub MOA, I don’t mean just barely eking out the occasional under inch group. It consistently and easily shoots one inch. Every once in a while, when I do my part with Federal Gold Medal Match ammunition, this thing will shoot groups as small as three-quarters of an inch. That’s a five shot group at 100 yards. That type of accuracy out of a gun this rugged and reliable is something I’m looking for.

Going forward, I’m proud to say that the LRP is my new gas gun of choice. This will not be replacing my DTA, my desert tactical. That’s still my bolt gun, but when it comes to a gas gun, semi-automatic and 308 this is my go to rifle. I’m going to test out different mounting platforms for optics, bases, rings and sights. This is the rifle. Again, I really enjoy shooting this thing.

It’s an extremely nice made rifle. The only downside is the fact that it costs $5,000. It is not inexpensive. As I mentioned, it’s really just a 762A1 with different features. If you’re looking for this type of accuracy out of a rifle without paying $5,000, this comes with a kit. It comes with the scope you see on it. It comes with the rings and rail system. It comes with the G28 stock.

You can buy an MR762A1 and get the same performance out of it. You don’t have to spend $5,000 to get this particular rifle unless you want the stock, rail system, kit and loop hole scope.

I was at 600 yards with this thing recently. I had a camera mounted to the scope on the rifle. The thing was whacking away at 600 yards with a brisk 15 mile and hour crosswind. I’ll roll some of that footage in. You can see I had to hold left of the target to compensate for the wind, but this thing was just pounding the snot out of that steel ringer at 600 yards. That’s what I’m looking for in a rifle like this.

The three to nine power scope is a little but lacking for 1,000 yards. It does not have enough elevation built into the turret. It’s not a 20 MOA base. It’s a flat base. I want to shoot this to 1,000 or beyond if I go back out to the academy. They proved to me that I could shoot a rifle like this out to 1,200 yards. If I want to go out to 1,000 yards regularly, I’m going to put a different optic on here. It will probably have a different base as well.

This scope at 800 yards is rock solid. It’s an outstanding performer. That’s it, guys. This is the rifle you’ll be seeing going forward on the channel. It’s a real pleasure to shoot. I dropped the stock out here. I’ll fire a few rounds for you. I am shooting some ZQI ammunition out of it. I haven’t accuracy tested it with this. I will soon. I did some testing with the ZQI ammunition recently. I found it to be extremely consistent in velocity. `

I picked up a new magneto speed chronograph. I strapped it to the barrel of this riffle to see how the ZQI was performing. I was really surprised at how consistent the velocity was. Let’s pop off a few round here. Then, we’ll sign off.

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