Hexmag HX30 AR-15 30 Round Magazine Test and Review

Welcome back everybody. Today we have another magazine review. This time it’s going to be the Hexmag that you see here. Made out in Colorado. Made in the U.S.A. right here. 30 round magazine, as you see here. Fits in any of the AR platform rifles and any rifles that take AR pattern magazines.

What we’re going to do here is keep doing a little bit of shooting and then maybe a drop test. I’ll let you know what I think about it overall.

One thing I always like to check out whenever I’m looking at a new mag is to be sure it’s going to function with 30 rounds. These claim to be 30 round magazines, so in my opinion there’s no reason to down load them at 28 rounds. They should function with 30 rounds so lets see.

Hexmag AR-15 Magazines For Sale

We’ve got a closed bolt here. Full magazine. Push bolt test. Good to go there. Drops free.

No issues, if I actually do my part. Lets chamber a round and see how it functions.

Looks like it functions just fine.

I know there are quite a few retail outlets carrying these now. If you’re looking for them in the stores this is what they’re going to look like here in this little plastic bag. The place that’s carrying them online right now, the biggest one I know of, is Apex Gun Parts. They’re great people to deal with. I’ve actually ordered from them for years. For those of you guys that don’t have many bulk gun stores, it’s a good place to check them out. You can pick them up there.

When you take them out of the plastic you’ll notice a few things. First the hexagonal pattern on both sides of it, good for gripping. Also on the front we have some lines for texturing as well as in the rear. Taking the mags down is very, very simple. You just push this button here, so no tool disassembly. You push the plate back, and you pull it out. Notice it has a nice anti-tilt follower in there.

The followers that it comes with are orange, as is the base plate, but it can easily be switched out with any number of colors as you’ve seen throughout the video and pictures. It comes with these little follower packs that you can switch it out for. You’ve got pink, black, red, etcetera. You can swap them out very easily as you see here.

One thing that’s interesting, on the actual follower itself there’s a serial number. This is only on the factory ones, on the replacements there are no serial numbers. They come with serial numbers because the Colorado law says that anything over 15 rounds if it’s manufactured there, has to be serial numbered. Now there is no registry as far as I know in Colorado, so it’s kind of an absurd law. They have to put a serial number on it, but they don’t have anywhere to record the serial number. Which is good I guess you could say.

For those of you guys that are worried about that, the easy fix is just to pick up some of the replacement followers and take care of that. It swamps out very simple, just like any other magazine. Pull it out and put your new one on and you’re good to go.

Some of the advantages there of having different colors are a lot of guys these days are having ARs these days of multiple calibers. For those of you guys that shoot 300 Blackout or whatever other AR caliber out there is available on 458 SOCOM, it’s an easy way to differentiate your mags. Also most of us do mark magazines and just for any reason. I do it, just so if I have a problem magazine I am able to identify it. I have had no problem magazines here with the Hexmags in terms of performance, but it’s good to know that you can do that just by switching out the colors. Then you don’t have to worry about actually writing on your magazines.

This one here was run over several times, dropped, and survived just fine. Those of you that have been watching the channel for a while know that I just can’t do a mag test without dropping it and smashing it. Now they have a bunch of videos on their YouTube channel, Hexmag does, running over it and dropping it. Now I’m running in some footage here of me doing similar things.

I ran this over with the car several times, I believe 3 times with my Mustang. I also dropped it multiple times on the base plate as well as the sides, trying to see if we had mags popping out or any damage to the magazine. I also gave it a standard drop test, where I dropped it from shoulder height or about 5 feet, fully loaded on the v-clip. The first time I did that no issues at all, which you guys can see in the video here. The second time I did it, we did have magazine failure. Now you can see a picture of what actually happened. The spine of it did crack.

That said, in terms of function. Actual function and actual rifles, there have been zero malfunctions to date in any rifles. I believe I’ve had it in five ARs as well as a Tavor, so zero malfunctions at all. It should be noted that really anything could break. I’m not trying to say this is a bad magazine just because it cracked on its spine. That’s a pretty extreme test. If you’re dropping fully loaded mags on concrete right on their v-clips, you’ve got other problems. It’s always good to test and see what the breaking point is though. It does seem that, that is possible at that point. I’ve seen other people do this exact drop test and they did not have any issues. Again it was on the second time and the same magazine. It survived it once for what it’s worth.

All in all excellent functions, great fit and finish. The price is competitive with other polymer mags out there. I think they’re pretty good mags. I have no issues with them. I like the grip texture. I like the aesthetics of them. I like the marking system. If you guys have any questions about these magazines as always you can post them in the comments section. Hexmag does have other products coming out as well. I believe they’re making a pistol grip next from what I’ve read on the forums, and they’re also working on forends, other furniture, maybe even some AK stuff. Look for stuff coming from them in the future.

Like I said if you have any questions post them in the comment section. You can always post over at my Facebook page. Thanks for watching. Thanks for subscribing. I hope to see you in the next video.

There you go. Box the bolts, hold those in, every time.