The Glock Pistol – Why So Popular Video

The Glock pistol — for 25 years, one of the best selling handguns in America and whether you love it or hate it, we’re going to take a look at some of the reasons why, this is such a popular pistol.

Now, this is the Glock model 17, and it’s what started the whole block revolution. Designed in 1982, but entered U.S. markets in 1986. In fact, they just celebrated 25 years of Glock in the United States. It serves in 65 percent of all law enforcement agencies across the country. That’s over 2000 agencies that the Glock serves in and 150,000 pistols, that fact alone gives a lot of credibility for the reliability, the durability and this gun as for as its workmanship. In 1999, over two million Glocks were imported into the United States. To be honest with you, nobody knows how many Glocks have been sold because Glock is a private company and they haven’t released those numbers. It’s pretty vague.

The Model 19 is Glock’s best selling model and that’s the compact version of this pistol in itself. We’re going to safety check the pistol to make sure that it is unloaded. Why is such a popular pistol with so many different people?

Smooth like butter, you know be honest, the first time I bought a Glock, it was back in, it had to be 1987. It was a Model 17, it was one of the first gens. When I first saw it, I thought, man that is a blocky squared off looking pistol. I was used to the Berettas; I was used to the Smith & Wesson, the Browning High-Power, other pistols like that.

This was a completely different design from anything that I’ve ever seen. Once I picked it up, started kind of looking over it, and felt the weight, saw how simple it was, no external safeties coming off the side. The slide release, this is an extended slide release, and look how close it rides to the frame. What that does, it makes it really easy to draw and holster. It makes it really easy to manipulate. Once you pull the slide back, you just pull the trigger. Take your magazine out with your magazine release, just a very simple gun.

I think that was a huge appeal to many people. They didn’t have to think, they could draw it and if they needed to use it they could. Of course, the other thing, which was a huge boost for Glock, and because the weight was so light, because of this polymer frame, many people said plastic gun originally. Many people were like; oh, people are going to slip through airports with this gun. There were all kinds of crazy rumors going around. Of course, that’s obviously not the case. The other thing was is well this polymer won’t last, it’s not durable enough, then again, that was dispelled.

Especially after many law enforcement agencies started buying these handguns and then a lot of the test that were done, the endurance test, 100,000, 200,000 rounds through a Glock pistol without any malfunctions. Finally, after a 100,000 rounds the magazine malfunctioned only because it wouldn’t hold the slide back after the last round, but it still fed through the gun.

It was a good system, a complete system and then the price. The price on these has been very reasonable. For the quality, you’re getting, but they’ve risen over the past couple of years. For years, Glocks are running in the 450 range. Now you’re looking at about 525 and up, according to where you getting and according to how the market’s going.

Now one major thing too was the magazine capacity. It was holding 17 rounds, which your typical pistol at that time was about 14 to 15 rounds. You have a 17 magazine, super lightweight, and a pistol that was fairly reasonable and very simple.

That also led to a lot of the popularity, and two and one of the reasons why I really like Glock, is because these magazines run about 25 dollars. That’s one of the things I like to have a number of magazines with my pistol and a lot of times with some of the more premium brands, such as H&K and Sig, those magazines can be very expensive and sometimes difficult to locate.

Then when you bring in the 33 round magazines, Glock factory magazine, which is made for the Model 18 full automatic. This really is cool option to be able to put in the same gun.

Now, with that said, you have your Model 26, which is your subcompact 9 mm. Same magazine fits in here as does in the 17.  Then you have your 19, which is a compact version, and yet it feels like a full-size handgun. You have the same caliber with different models that all manipulate the same and to honest be with you, shoots pretty close to the same. You can interchange these magazines.

Another cool thing about the Glock magazines is they’re a number of rifle carbines that are made to use Glock magazines. You already have your 33-rounder and again it’s very reasonable. Also, with your 17-rounder and you can use these same type magazines is a pistol caliber carbine. Of course, you have different calibers like this Model 36, which is a .45 ACP. It holds six rounds and it’s an excellent concealed carry piece, but then you also have your Model 30 which is larger, and then you have your Model 21, which is a full-size .45 ACP, talking of big bore, here’s my 10 mm Block 20. This gives me a lot of other options with a 10 mm cartridge and so on.

They’re seven different calibers that Glock offers and there are 38 different models. There’s a lot of different options with all the same design, a lot of the same feel, all of the controls are the same. Once they started going with the Tenifer finish, which is a super hard finish on these slides. That really gave a lot of durability and kept these guns looking great longer.

Of course, another appeal, is how easy it is to break down, pull the trigger, pull the back just about an eighth of an inch, drop these little tabs, you pull it right off. Now, of course, they’re other pistols that are this easy to break down now. But, when these came out, this was revolutionary and it still has a lot of appeal.

They’re also a number of conversion kits where you can just change the barrel and the magazine and have a totally different caliber if the frames coincide. Which the 9 mm and the 40 and also the .357 Sig, all have the same frames. That’s just an easy option without having to go through all the paperwork with the different frames.

Now one thing to understand though about all the different pistols that are out there, is there are different people that are out there. Each of these pistols sells by the thousands. You have your Berretta 92; I mean what a great selling pistol, used by the US military. I love this pistol, I love the accuracy, I love how refined it is, how smooth it feels.

The Browning High-Power, such a classic pistol, excellent. You know many people just choose a pistol just because of the way if feel, the way it shoots in their hand. I mean you have the 1911, which is massively popular and this is a Springfield Champion and it’s just a great shooting gun. I grew up learning how to shoot on .45 1911s.

Of course, you have your CZ, and your CZ pistols are just excellent, they’re extremely ergonomic, they’re classic, they’re beautiful. So, while I’m speaking of Glock, I also totally enjoy all these different firearms. I understand why people go to this other than the Glock.

They’re a lot of reasons, listen people’s personalities are so different, and people have different hand sizes, they have different uses, they just have different mindsets, so all of these guns fall into that place. That still doesn’t change the fact that is so popular.

Of course, the Smith & Wesson M&P, which really is an answer to the Glock. This is an awesome pistol, I love it, I love the way it shoots, I love the way it feels. The Springfield XD(M) is also an excellent pistol, and then again, its a very nice selling popular pistol.

Then we have the CZ P-09, which is the answer to the Glock, over the CZ 75 the P-09 goes more toward a system that is close related to the Glock. You have Kahr, you have Beretta, you have Smith & Wesson, I mean they’re just so many different companies out there. I know I’m missing a bunch, because they’re so many out there and they sell well, but the Glock surpasses each and every one of these in sales. Because they’re such a sea of different type firearms and because Glock has been so widely known, I think that also has a lot to do with the popularity of the Glock pistol.

You know a lot of people asked me, why do you do such positive reviews on guns. Well, for one thing I love guns, I love different type guns. If I want to compare these two, I have certain preferences, but to me the same reason somebody went out and bought a Smith & Wesson M&P because that was the gun of their choice, that’s their opinion, that’s their prejudice on what they like, it’s the way it feels in their hand. Their hands are different, they weigh different, they’re different sizes, some are taller, some are shorter, some, just these appeal to others.

While millions of these are sold and millions of these are sold, it’s up to the person who’s buying the pistol. A lot of times, it’s just straight up marketing. I thing Glock does a fantastic job at marketing their pistols; I mean really, Glock perfection.

All of the different things I’ve shown about the Glock pistol and what’s made it so popular has now been copied and mimicked by a lot of different companies. That’s okay because it gives us a lot of other choices to enjoy the things that made the Glock so popular. It’s really up to the individual shooter, what you feel and I’ll tell you like I tell everybody: When choosing a handgun, go to a gun shop, a well-stocked gun shop and put different pistols in your hand. Check the natural point of aim and see what gun best suits you.

Don’t go out and buy a Glock because it’s the most popular, go out and buy something that suits your personality. Again, they’re different people, different hand sizes, different body shapes, different preferences and prejudices that lead to finding the right handgun for you.

Are there better pistols than the Glock out on the market, sure, they are. Are they’re pistols that are more refined, that are more accurate, of course there are, but for a medium priced handgun that just works and is really high quality, just hard to beat the Glock.

You know the Glock’s been called many things, it’s a block, it’s ugly, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but I’ll tell you, the more I own and shoot Glock, the more beautiful it is.

Be strong, be of good courage, God bless America, long live the republic.

The Glock pistol, the Glock pic — The Glock pistol. The Glock pistol, the Glock pistol, one of the best selling handguns.

So you can use these type of magazines in a carbine pistol.

Whether you love it or you hate it, we’re going to take a look.