Glock 43 Single Stack 9mm Pistol Review by Daniel Shaw

Hey, guys. Daniel Shaw here. Today I’ve got a Glock 43. I spent the day on the range with it, shot a little over three hundred rounds. As you would expect from any Glock, I did pretty well for those three hundred rounds. No issues whatsoever. No stoppages. No fires. Nothing like that.

I would expect that from a Glock, like I said, but we’re not going to be able to tell the full story until it’s got a few thousand rounds to it, which I’m sure I will do that in a pretty short amount of time. The Glock 43, as most of you know by now because they’re all over YouTube and there’s quite a few articles out there on it, was released at the NRA annual meetings and exhibits this year, 2015.

It’s a 9mm. We’ve got a slim slide here, quite a bit smaller than your Glock 19 and your 26. It actually uses the same sights as the Glock 42, which is a pretty cool feature of this gun. As it comes out, your regular Glock sights are just not going to fit the gun, but the Glock 42 sights fit the gun already. As soon as it hit the market, there were sights out there.

You can see this one I’m actually borrowing from a friend. He’s already replaced the sights on his gun. For those that have a question of whether or not they actually do work… I’ve been asked that question at least a hundred times in the past few weeks, because I was at the Glock release party. Yes, they fit. They work. This is it right here. Very, very slim grip. Where the Glock 42 was designed around the three eighty cartridge, this was designed to make the grip as small as it possibly can be on that 9mm cartridge.

It’s got a very, very short trigger reach. Just get here on this gun, and with my regular man-size hands, pretty large in most cases, I don’t find it uncomfortable to have that short reach. My wife being about a hundred and twenty pounds – she’ll be mad at me for saying that – five foot two, she enjoys shooting the Glock 43 quite a bit. That short reach was able to allow her to get a nice clean press on that trigger.

Speaking of the trigger, it’s a normal Glock trigger. Basically what we have here is that short take up right there. A little bit of a spongy feel on that take up. It’s not a smooth, very light take up, the way some people like. Some people love this little bit more rigid or more stiff take up. You get back to that trigger, and it does have a nice, crisp wall there. I find it better than some of the other Glocks out there. I would say it probably has a cleaner break than my stock Glock 19 does. I don’t know if that’s by design or something they did different or just this particular gun that I picked up. I have no idea, but I like the clean break on this Glock 43.

Glocks went with the gen four style grip. You got your little bit larger protruding magazine release right there to be able to hit that. Same slide stop that we see on every other Glock out there. Obviously there’s already aftermarket parts being made or coming out there for this gun. You come with a couple of magazines for the gun here. We’ve got one that’s got a little extra spot for the pinky extension there to get on the grip, which is very nice gripping the gun. I can get my whole hand on that gun. As I said before, I have pretty large size hands, but I’m able to get my whole hand on that grip with that smaller magazine, or that magazine extension.

Stay down!

I can’t quite get the pinky on the gun with the flush fit magazine, but this is the magazine I would probably be carrying the most in the gun. The concealability of this gun, it’s designed to be able to conceal it but still have that power of the 9mm. This is the way I’m going to be carrying the gun with that magazine, that flush fit mag in the gun. Then that extended magazine will probably be in my pocket somewhere or somewhere that I can get to it quickly if I need that reload.

Potential of needing a reload may be pretty high with this gun, because you’ve got one in the chamber and then six rounds in the magazine. It’s a 9mm. The sacrifice you’re making for having this gun this small is lower magazine capacity with that slim frame pistol. I find that this gun is going to be a very, very good gun for concealing. Consider my small frame wife liked it. I think it would be a good gun that she would carry. I think it’s important to have a gun, one, that they’re comfortable shooting, man or women, it doesn’t matter.

Also, something light enough and comfortable enough that they would actually put it on their body or if they choose to carry it I the purse. If that’s how they’re going to carry the gun, then I’m just glad they’re carrying a gun. We’ll go with that. Carry in the purse or carry off body. I think the Glock 43 is going to be a winner when it comes to that. It’s going to solve a variety of problems for a variety of different people. You’ll probably see me in the future with some things that I’m doing carrying a Glock 43, not for review but because it’s a gun that I carry pretty often. I’ve got quite a few guns that I like to carry, and I am now welcoming the Glock 43 into that group of elite firearms that I trust.

Of course, we need to shoot a few more rounds through it to make sure that I really, really, really trust it. Some more defense loads. Today we put about 30 Speer gold dots through the gun. Ran it off just fine. No trouble whatsoever.

Glock 43

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