Glock 42 Review Video

Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. I got the Glock Model 42. It’s their new .380, single stack, very handy little gun, very lightweight, very comparable in size to many of the other offerings out on the market now these days. Feeds from a six round, single stack magazine.

The ammunition that we’re shooting today, we’re running a little bit of the Federal. I believe this is a 90-grain ball load, so pretty standard fare there. The carry ammunition for a .380 has been a little bit difficult to get these days. So I was hoping to have some expanding ball ammunition to shoot for you guys or expanding hollow point ammunition. We’re gonna run some ball for you.

As many of you know, I got to interview Gunny out on Range Day. We got to shoot the 42. It was a great gun. We’ve been really itching to get our hands on this gun to shoot it some for you.

The trigger breaks at around 5 ½ pounds just like you can expect out of any other Glock, very small. The interesting thing about the 42 is that they’ve pretty much changed the overall design of the gun. It’s pretty much a new Glock design.

So in the world of Glocks, I mean we all know that Glocks are relatively generic, relatively straightforward guns. A Glock is a Glock right. Double stack, polymer frame, striker fired not a whole lot to change, right.

This gun definitely has a very nice ergonomic feel to the grip. One complaint is that the grip is very small. If you have large hands, it’s gonna be a difficult gun to really get your hands on. Remember, it’s not a target gun. It’s meant to be a defensive gun and shot at defensive distances, which is you can see it definitely did the trick there.

I’m gonna shoot it a little bit more here while we’re talking. Got a few soda bottles let’s see if I can nail those little guys for you there.

Oh yeah, oh yeah whacks that little soda there, didn’t it? I grazed him. There’s one. I love the smell of root beer in the morning. All right, there’s one. There’s one. Put some in there didn’t it? I know you guys saw that got to count your rounds people.

The magazine loads fairly easy not really big deal there. I’m not gonna bore you guys with the details of that. I can imagine that down the road I’m sure that some company somewhere is gonna offer probably some kind of an extended magazine maybe a plus two base to go on this thing so you get eight shots in it.

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Of course, with a round in the chamber, you do get seven shots. People it’s a .380, so I know a lot of people tend to get real macho when it comes to a .380. They’re like oh well a .380’s not gonna hurt anybody. But I’ve never heard of anybody offering to stand in front of a .380. It is what it is guys.

When you understand that a .380 is an excellent gun for a backup. If you’ve got to run a backup gun or if you want to run an everyday carry gun that you’re gonna carry every day, honestly I would rather see somebody carry a .380 like this, every single day, without fail, than I would to see them carry a nine millimeter every other day.

That’s the nice thing about a .380. A gun in this size and this profile, it’s easy enough to just tuck in a waistband holster. Off you go. I haven’t really tried many holster options for this gun yet because it really hasn’t been out that long. I can see it as being a very slim gun that’s very easy to carry in that manner. As a carry gun, I can definitely see where it’s gonna be a handy firearm for a lot of people.

Also, Glock the thing they have going for this gun as well, is the fact that with this firearm, this is something that a lot of ladies, maybe elderly people, smaller frame shooters, children, people that just may not have quite the hand strength to shoot like a .40 cal, or .45. Maybe they’re just a little bit skittish of recoil.

The .380 is an excellent option to get younger people or ladies into shooting and also more importantly to get our ladies carrying guns. Now is that to say that this model, being the 42, is a ladies gun? Well no, of course not I mean a .380 is definitely not gonna be a nice thing to get shot with no matter how you look at it.

Oh yeah, I’m not gonna see anybody argue with that. I don’t care what you say. This little Federal Ammo seems to be running pretty good in it. We haven’t really tried running any other brands of ammunition in it. I’m not sure at this point, if the gun is picky, on what types of ammunition it may prefer or not prefer.

I’ve had pretty good luck with Blazer for the most part, which you know Blazer is basically CCI, same thing. I’m gonna take a few more shots here. I’m gonna let Chad trade with me here. I’m gonna run the camera and he’s gonna shoot it some. We’re trying something a little bit different with the camera work just to try to keep it kind of streamlined here.

The gongs that we’re shooting here are gongs. They’re AR 500 targets. And we have them angled in a very specific manner so that the rounds deflect downwards. I know we’ve gotten a lot of questions in our videos about, hey why are you guys shooting steel that close? Is it dangerous? No guys, it’s not dangerous.

So far so good, I mean I can see – the gun is not a target gun. You know what I mean. It’s meant to be a point and shoot, defensive tool. You know what I mean.

The gun does fit the hand quite nicely. I don’t know if you can tell here in the video, but the contour of the rear of the grip is just definitely very comfortable. Now depending on the size of your hands, that could be a bad thing or a good thing. Like I said if you’ve got large hands, it is what it is. You might not do well with this gun because it is a rather small gun. Honestly, if you’re a person with large hands, then you’re probably not gonna be worried about this gun too much anyway. You’re gonna go with a larger gun.

It fits my hand quite nicely. I don’t have small hands by any means. However, it fits the hand well. Just remember, you have to understand what your expectations with any given firearm are gonna be. It’s not a target gun. If you want a target gun, buy a target gun. If you want a defensive gun you can carry every day and you know it’s gonna work because it’s a Glock, well there you go.

Let’s try that gong back there. It’s probably about 10 yards away. See if I can hit it. Not bad, definitely would’ve been a dead bogey. All right, puts them in there.

Tell you what, I’m gonna trade places. Chad’s gonna take over. Let him shoot it a little bit. My opinion of the gun is definitely favorable. I think it’s a very handy little piece. I can see where it would ride inside of the pants very easy if you’re gonna carry inside the waistband. I can definitely see where it would be a good gun for a lady to carry in her purse every single day.

Of course, it’s a Glock, so you know it’s gonna be a reliable handgun. You know it’s gonna be a quality firearm. One issue that we were having earlier – we probably shot close to about a hundred rounds through it before we actually started filming today. Some of you guys that have the more aggressive target style grip, which honestly I can’t see anyone having to need like a really aggressive target grip for a little gun like this.

However, some of you guys that really wrap your thumbs hard on the gun, of course you can ride the slide stop up a little bit easier if you’re not careful. Just be mindful of that. Not to ride the slide stop up while you’re shooting it. I did get one stovepipe earlier and it was because I did that.

Bear in mind, either keep your thumbs off the frame or make sure you’re kind of pulling down or keeping your thumbs away from that slide stop because in a combat situation, that can come back to bite you if that slide locks open while you’re trying to defend yourself with the gun. That’s a master of arms thing. It’s definitely not an issue with the Glock. It’s just something I thought would be worth considering.

Accuracy wise, I’m definitely happy with the accuracy. It does have many Gen4 type features one being the magazine release. It has that nice large button, large surface area. It has the Gen4 style stippling on the grip. It has the recoil reduction system built in to the guide rod assembly, which is pretty standard fare.

Disassembly on this gun is identical to any other Glock, very simple and straight forward. Why don’t I swap with Chad here and I’m gonna let him take a few shots. See how he fares with the gun.

From a point and shoot standpoint, I would definitely feel armed with the gun in terms of putting the rounds on target in a defensive or reactive situation. I could see where the gun would definitely save your life.

Of course, it is a Glock. We are very big fans of Glock. Chad let’s swap.

All right, I’m gonna take a few shots with this Glock 42 here. A couple of things that Eric didn’t mention about the gun one thing in particular, are the sights. We actually put night sights on one of these for a customer the other day. And it will actually accept any sights that are fitted for the G36 because the slide size is very similar. It’s just a little bit thinner, but the sights fit on here just perfectly. It actually made it very well for it – just a set of Trijicons.

This is a real lightweight gun too. Weighs just under 14 ounces, unloaded. Put a full mag in there, about 14 ¼ ounces. I mean under a pound, I mean, come on you can’t beat that.

Let’s give this gun a little try. And see what we can do with it here. [shooting gun] Boy, it’s tiny. [shooting gun] I have big hands and this gun just gets swallowed in my hands. Definitely got to change your grip around for this thing let’s load up a couple more mags and see what we can do.

Six rounds of .380. A lot of people complain about this caliber being underpowered. Like Eric said, if you carry every day, then it doesn’t really matter. Especially for smaller framed guys or small framed women of course. This is a perfect little purse gun or it easily fits into a pocket with a proper pocket holster or in the waistband. I mean especially for like a summer carry, this thing right here would pretty much disappear on anybody especially some of us bigger guys. But someone like my frame size, this gun would be perfect.

Let’s take a few more shots. I’m gonna kill some of these sodas here and probably try out a few of these at about 15 yards away. Just to test the accuracy of the gun. We’re probably gonna hit that gong up on the hill about 50 yards.

All right, let’s try these sodas right up here [shooting gun] hard to get your hand out of the way for that mag release. [shooting gun] Oh yeah, [shooting gun] soda geyser over there. [Laughter] All right, let’s try some of these on the railroad ties. A little bit to the left, [shooting gun] a little to the left. [shooting gun] There we go.

Let’s see if we can load up these mags and try those sodas one more time. Sights could probably be regulated a little bit to the right for me, but that’s okay, we’ll just compensate and go from there.

One thing about this little gun too, is you’re probably not gonna be shooting more than about 15 yards away for its intended purpose. Like Eric said, it’s not a target gun. It is a defensive piece. It’s made for shooting. Someone is trying to kill you or attack you, from a very close distance. As long as you can do that, I think we’re good to go.

Definitely slings them out of there. Not really, a precision gun though. Let’s load up a mag and let’s try that 50-yard gong on the hill there. Need about 20 of these magazines laying around.

This is a tiny little gun. I think Glock did it right when they brought this out first. You know good and well that they’ve got a nine millimeter in development. I mean anybody who knows their assault knows that Glock probably has got a nine-millimeter sitting in the factory right now ready to come out. They’re gonna let this one sell out. Let the interest die off for a little while. Then bring out the nine mil., because you know that’s what everybody’s been wanting.

All right, let’s try that D28 right there on the hill. I hit it a few times earlier. Let’s see if we can keep all our shots on that one [shooting gun] a little low. [shooting gun] All right, I know where to aim now.

Around 50 yards with a .380, does okay. All right, we’re gonna try a couple more things. I’m gonna dump this mag into that target there. Try to fling the mag out of the way.

One problem that I notice is the way the gun sits in my hand. I’ve got this meat up under here and it’s hard to get my pinky and my hand out of the way to get the mag to drop free. We’re gonna try to work on that a little bit and fling it out. Do a mag change and then dump the other six rounds into that target right there.

Get that hand out of the way. [shooting gun] Puts them in there relatively easy definitely make somebody think twice getting hit with this thing. We’re gonna try that again. And see if I can get my hand out of the way enough to drop the mag free. Tell you what, we’re gonna put some in there. So fun to shoot we’re running out of ammo.

All right, let’s give this another try. [shooting gun] Definitely something to work on guys if you’re planning on carrying a spare mag. Try to work on getting that hand out of the way and get that mag to drop free. That’s one of the things that I notice about this. I’m having a little bit of an issue with. Other than that, I really like the gun. It shoots great. [shooting gun]

Dude, well I guess if a little .380 doesn’t do the job, you can always use a TruBall Slug.

No doubt man. Well shooting the Model 42 was a lot of fun today. We really enjoyed it. I’m glad that we finally got a chance to take the gun out and do some shooting with it.

We got to play with the gun at Shot Show on media day at the range. On Monday, we got to talk to Gunny really interesting experience.

That was a good interview.

My initial impression of the gun was definitely positive. Of course, this formal range review kind of further instills that in me. I do like the gun.

It was nice to be able to get it out and actually put it through its paces. I mean we put about 300 rounds through it today. Definitely, it’s broken in. Really, the only problem we had today was the one stovepipe, but really that was pretty much user error we’ve determined.


Like we said, the gun is small. If you got big hands, it’s hard to get those thumbs off of the frame and off of the slide lock to keep the slide from running a little bit with some friction and slowing the slide done. Other than that, no problems what so ever I mean the gun shot beautifully.

I think it just comes down to master of arms thing. It’s just training.

Oh yeah.

Just like any other gun. Each gun design is gonna have its own little intricacies that you have to worry about. Of course, the Glock is no different just like any other firearm. I do think highly of the gun.

To be honest with you, going into the video, I wasn’t sure, if I was gonna, buy this gun or not. I think I’m gonna have to pick up a 42. I think it’s gonna be a handy gun.

Yeah I think I will too. I mean especially for the misses. I think my wife would get a lot of use out of something like this.

Yeah well, my wife carries the LCP. She likes it a lot. The LCP – as you’ll see in a future video – we did a bench top where we compared the Model 42 to all of the different single stack carry options on the market both .380 and nine millimeters. If you haven’t seen that video, if you’re curious to see how this stack up against other offerings on the market, we do have that video available if you want to check it out.

I have to say that I’m definitely gonna be picking one up. Tell you what our job is so difficult. You know why?

Why’s that?

Because we always end up buying something. It’s one of those things that we cannot review guns without buying them.


That’s the problem. So this gets a little bit expensive. So that’s like a thousand bucks right there buying two Model 42s. I mean hey, at the end of the day we get to go burn up some .380 overall good day.

Oh yeah, very good day.

Absolutely. Well guys, we appreciate you watching today’s video. We work very hard and diligently to produce this content. We’re glad that you guys enjoy it. We have many more range videos on the way. We have filmed more pistol reviews. We have more rifle reviews coming. We’ve actually done some military surplus rifle stuff that you guys are really gonna like I believe.

Thanks for watching our video today. We hope you enjoyed it. We’ll catch you guys next time. Bring a 12 gauge next time.

I’ll do that.

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