Glock 42 380 ACP Hickok45 Review Video

Hey, Hickok45. Glock 17 really does look small in my hand doesn’t it? Wait a minute, it was only 25 but it’s actually a 42. Don’t pay attention to me.

Nice. Don’t me I missed that vase but maybe I’ll just put holes in it, let’s try it again.

We’ll get you smart Ellie. Hickok45 with a Glock 42, well actually Glock really got on to this people were requesting a small single size Glock model, maybe a pocket model and of course Glock got right on and made one on the way, it’s 25 years later wasn’t it. Anyway, that’s what we got. We’ve got a single stack pocket Glock, you could say, you could argue and it’s three aim so we’re going to take a look at it and first before we even start there’s good news and there’s bad news. Probably the biggest piece of bad news is everybody wanted this gun in what caliber? Nine millimeter, you are correct so that is the biggest negative. It is a .380 instead of nine millimeter. Biggest positive I guess if you, unless you’re a Glock hater is the fact it’s a Glock. All right, so we finally have a single stack Glock, pocket Glock very small Glock but it’s in .380, so let’s talk about it and let me show you what it looks like.

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The cool thing about this thing is funny, a lot of companies now make little biddy pocket guns but a lot of them don’t look like they’re big guns and this does look like a Glock 17 or a Glock 19 doesn’t it? It looks like you put it in a some kind of machine and just miniaturized it. It really does, you got the same operation breakdown here, breaks down the same way and it is a Gen Four, you got that Gen Four looking spring and cartridge spring I was trying to say. There it is your quick firing striker blockers, it’s a little bit different spot but it’s a Glock and it’s interesting it’s just what you’d expect just miniaturized, okay. One of the things we want to do today is show you how small it is or how large it is, okay and we’re glad to have one by the way early on and we thank Buds Gun Shop for getting this to us. It was here before we even got back from Shot Show, so that was nice, that was really nice we appreciate that.

Let’s put it back together and it goes back together the same way that all these babies do. Now, you noticed I’ve got some… it does have a fun grip, very thin and I shot this one without the grip, it has the serrations or the little dots, it’s got some roughage on the grip. The grips, the Talon grips always make them feel better to me so I kind of cannibalize and Frankenstein some that were meant for a Glock 26 and wrap them around there, so it’s not too bad and they fit okay. I understand they’re coming with them very soon to add grips to your Glock. With all that said, what it is this thing? It is .380 I have fired a hundred rounds plus, about 150 I guess total of different source of ammo and I dug around and found what I could. I have fired several magazine with blazer [phonetic] network, okay I fired several rounds of the PPU, several mags of that it works same with Lawman. I didn’t fired any PMC I got to found that box but I thought I would, fired a couple of Gold Dust got some exit ones there and it worked with those and I even fire Buffalo Bore bought those yesterday and I loved that Buffalo Bore, if you have pretty careless days it doesn’t matter what caliber it is, they put it on the same containers. This one is .380 and it’s big, you can put a .500 Smith & Wesson in there, I’ll get these later but I just want to let you know that I fired everything that I can get my hands on, okay.

I fired everything, I have one little bubble I’ll tell you about wit the Buffalo Bore when we get to that. Let me go ahead and load a couple of magazines that I have, I put a mag pouch around here just to, so I can make it a little more convenient. Generally speaking you’re not going to wear a big mag pouch probably carrying this. This is a carry gun, these are .380 and I don’t want to get too much into the politics and caliber religion and all that. What did we not try, we didn’t PNC so I guess we’ll try that. That’s one of the things I want to do, try different ammo and let you all see what works or what doesn’t work in it. The arguments between .380 and nine millimeter whether the .380 is powerful enough and that all sort of thing going forever. It is a weaker cartridge than of course a nine or .40 or .45 but it’s a gun and there’s arguments for there, a lot of cool little firearms chambered in we have some above here, dug out all my .380s and to do some size comparison.

By the way, there’s this myth out there and correct me if I’m wrong if somebody can prove me wrong, but for years I’ve had to correct people on this .380 Glocks that are in existence before this one, the Glock 25 and 28. They just couldn’t import them into this country and they’re made mainly for countries where you could use the military cartridge. Civilians couldn’t, denied generally speaking so the .380 fit the bill. Those were, those are the size of the Glock 26 which is this gun or the Glock 19 they’re big guns, okay. I think the 25 is the same size, it’s the same gun as the 19 and the 28 is the same gun as the 26. They just did a little bit of a modification to make more of a blowback gun, okay because it’s got a heavy slide and you shoot a .380 in it, so it’s not the lock breeze as I understand but it’s the same gun. That’s what it is and for years people I think of people have had this idea that guns are like are circulating all over Europe and Glock were just not let them or send them to this country or could not or whatever the situation was but that’s really not the case.

There are the big Glocks the 26, the 19 you consider those big compare with this, big yes. This is the smallest Glock that they have made to my knowledge if you can show me one I’ll be glad to see it, okay so I wanted to talk about that myth a little bit. Because it really is a myth, I’m just pretty sure. Now I did cover up a little bit of texture you have there but it’s not quite as aggressive by the way as it is on some of the other Gen Fours and I Gen Four Glock out here and the serrations. One of the negatives of this gun is and they did it intentionally, they wanted it smoother but the… real quick, the serration again are hard to, for me to get a good grip on. I like that little bite there, there’s really no bite so that’s a negative for me, okay. Glock 42, let’s do a little bit of size comparison before we go on and take some more shots. Here’s the LCP, let’s stand them up here a little bit they’re different shapes but see how they compare. Okay, see I’m going to get them even back there, okay.

The 42 is longer quite a bit, okay and I guess the 42 is also a little bit taller you’d say. Okay, so the LCP very small let’s also put the… this is the P380 from Kahr and it is, I’ll stick the magazine here so we’re apples to apples. Line the nose up and the Kahr might be the most the best quality firearm at here of the four in the .380 line up, it’s hard to beat let me weigh it on top over here, so that tells you you’re into. Now, look at that, okay so the .380 Kahr is a fine piece of equipments, it is and it is much smaller, much shorter and they both hold, I think it hold six let me double check. This is John’s mainly, so yeah so that is the difference right there, okay. Now, on thickness we’ll do some thickness comparisons. Let’s go ahead and heat the thing so it’s bigger than a Kahr, it’s bigger than an LCP and it’s a .380, right, the layers on. All right, let’s see if I can hit anything like a two liter.

All right.

That rascal, well I have to decide if we’d let him survive or not.

I’m just not sure where to hold exactly but I’ll figure it out.

Okay, it looks like pretty much right on.

Yeah. I’ll tell you what, it’s a soft shooter. That’s one of the positives because it’s a .380 it’s a very soft shooter. There will be a lot of them, let’s try a different ammo that seem to work. Let’s try some Blazer. The fact is .380 is the elephant in the room, you got a firearm here that looks like it ought to be a nine but it’s .380 so what can we say positive about the fact is it’s a .380 can we think of anything? One thing is it’s a very, very recoiling firearm it’s very pleasant to shoot. I mean it’s, nobody would be bothered by recoil. Sometimes this little pocket guns like this or guns this small pistols they’re in nine millimeter are pretty snappy I think we all know that. That definitely is a fact, is an incredibly soft shooting firearm it feels really good and again the fact is a .380 you can have a smaller rear to front measurement on your grip, so if you have really small hands that might appeal to you as well. A very soft shooting small pistol, okay let’s see if she’s going to continue to work here. Let’s go ahead and throw one out there at the gong.

Okay, I was going low I think.

Okay, thing’s pretty accurate.

By that I mean the sight to be on okay. It’s really easy to shoot it to the left I discovered.

The sights are right on. With a really thin grip like that and of course my large hands, it’s very simple to pull that sucker to the left, so it’s the firearm I need to work with if I’m going to shoot it a few thousand times in combat but it really is soft. I mean I can’t tell you how simple it is to shoot. Because this feels really… let’s go ahead and get it dirty. Let’s do some a couple of hollow points, if won’t feed hollow point we don’t want it do we? I guess, you say that but a lot of pretty knowledgeable shooters, experts in the field shall we say will carry a hard ball in a .380 because with the .380 penetration is very, very important. Whereas hollow points I don’t know, you don’t have a lot of power so penetration might be the most important factor but let’s see if it will feed these babies. Let’s pop this guy right here.

What did I tell you, it’s easy to full ramp.

Nice little pistol, nice little shooter, feels pretty good. Now, let’s try some couple of these. I’m getting pretty expensive here aren’t I? The Buffalo Bore supposed to be really some of the best cartridges. This got some wide mouth on them, if you want a hollow point mainly I’m just showing that it will cycle them or saying if it will and I was learning too earlier I’ve shot one magazine of these and they worked fined. The first time I pulled the trigger through the slide stayed back on me, it didn’t hang up it wasn’t, the next round wasn’t hung up on the feed ramp or anything, the slide just locked back. I’ve just noticed though, I think maybe I could have, I don’t know but I could have gotten my thumb against the slide lock as I was shooting. I would have to watch that, if you got a long time my knuckle head’s right at that and it feels comfortable to shoot that way, it sort of helps prevent me from shooting left if I get my thumb up there and with the recoil, that might be what I did, okay. I don’t know for sure but let’s try it again. I’ll watch my thumb more carefully. Try to avoid that, I’ll stick it out.

It did it again, that wasn’t my thumb for sure. Say we don’t have a malfunction we just have a well, I guess you’ll call it a malfunction but the round did not hang up on anything.

Okay, so it did on this first shot again didn’t it? Whatever that’s about, I don’t know. I’m like mark that magazine while I’m at it just to see if that’s what it is, okay. Anyway that’s weird, so as the round is in the magazine the second one up did that both times. All right, so maybe you know more about Buffalo Bore ammo although, it wouldn’t have anything to do with the wide hollow point mouth on it. It would have to have something to do with the, well what does it have to do with the power?

Factor over… I don’t know these are, this is the only thing that I’ve had a little bit of an issue with. These are what 90 grain, 1175 feet per second. Okay, so this is the only one, but I done it earlier. Okay, let’s try something different what else? I guess we tried all of these, let’s try a little bit more of these here. Before we do that though I want to, I know one of the most important thing is just not, it does shoot fine, it’s a sweet shooter.

It seems to be right on and we’ll shoot some more but let’s look at the weight because one of the things I know you’re most interested in I know I was, I don’t want to overdo the shooting here because we got really more important matters to look at. One of those is weight, okay specially if you’re going to put this in your pocket and I have had it in my pocket for two or three days since we got back from the West and this is actually a pocket holster for the PM9. It doesn’t perfectly but it fits okay for the way you carry it and it also slide down but it covers the trigger guard and everything when it’s that position, so it’s okay. I’ll get another one from Alabama Holster if I can for this. Let’s compare the weight with a couple of different firearms here, okay 13.7/8 oz, okay and I’ll tell you what if it’s fully loaded it weighs right out a pound. It’s like a quarter ounce over, okay so it’s under a pound just mess with 13 something there with nothing in just the magazine, 13 almost 14 oz, okay.

Let’s do the, a couple of these other firearms that a lot of people have, little .380s at the LCP 9.3/4 okay. That is very small, very lighter than the LCP hard to shoot well but it’s very small and very light and we got the P380 11.3/8 okay, 11.3/8 oz and again the Glock 14, so it’s a little heavier than that. All right, so you got a little bit bigger gun, bigger and heavier in the .380 so it size is the most important thing these two firearms right here are smaller and lighter, okay. This one is bigger, it’s longer it’s may be easier to shoot well, grip a little bit longer. The grip’s not much longer okay, it’s that slide that’s longer in the barrel, okay. Now, I got the PPKS and this added mainly because they’re .380s anyway we weigh that sucker I thought we [laughs] on count six ounces, that’s the old classic. Let’s see what the Bersa weighs it should be a little bit lighter, it’s over a pound, a pound 5/8 there’s no ammo in these. They weigh more, they’re heavier, okay.

What I like to compare it is the PM9 because I carry the PM9 a lot. It’s a really handy pocket gun. It’s about as big as I want to get in terms of weight and everything and it’s a nine millimeter. What I think in terms of whether I would want to carry that or this, I have to look at okay the weight and the size because I can carry this thing in nine, it goes in my pocket just fine in that holster it does okay and these are jeans not a baggy cargo shorts or pants it would be even better. Okay, so that’s a nine millimeter okay and that’s our quality firearm so let’s look at the difference in the size first. Because this is one of the comparisons I have to make. It’s standard, it’s a little longer the Glock is, okay it’s longer. I’d like to lay them down… and I’ll put the calipers on it, the PM9 is actually little thicker. One of things I was curious about was the thickness of the Glock slide and as I showed you can handle a bunch of them, I mean it’s kind of hard to tell unless you got your other favorite firearms with you but let’s take a look at the thickness because that is an issue because I’m on a pocket firearm.

The overall thickness without going to catch the frame there, there’s your PM9 thickness, okay and we’ll get the whole thing. Now you see the difference if you can see that. There’s quite a bit, this Glock is very thin. It’s longer but it is very thin. It is definitely a thin Glock, I don’t know if I can compare with the P380 now we moved down, this is again I was comparing it with the PM9 nine millimeter. Now with the P380 which is a .380 of course Kahr. Let’s see the thickness there I would say they’re about the same. Okay, let’s touch them put it on the Glock and open just a hair, so they are about the same. The Glock must just a tab thicker than the P380 the Glock is a little bit thicker. These two are fairly close in thickness but with the length dramatically, dramatically different.

There’s the argument a lot of people have. Now, if I’m going to carry a .380 pocket gun I want something really small. A lot of people think that way and it make sense, this is a big gun for a .380 it’d be great if it were a nine. If it shot well with function reliably and everything, I don’t know, so size-wise the other thing I had somebody on a comment said something about like on Facebook. It looks like a Glock 26, not at all look at this. You put it up with a Glock 26 and just kind of glancing it, it might look similar and the profile. There’s not a lot of different in the length maybe. The 26 is just a little bit longer, the grips are not all that different but when you look at the slides, that’s where you’ll see the story. Makes the Glock look big or makes the 26 look big doesn’t it? It’s like a Glock 30 or something in terms of thickness, so just to show you that real quick. I would consider this fairly thin and I’m just capturing the slide there and you’ll see the difference.

That might be one of the most telling measurements right there for you. Because mostly there’s no other Glock 9 or 40 looks like. If I capture the slide or the frame it’s even more dramatic. I capture the frame there, see on the 26 so there you go. You got a much thinner firearm, all right so you got a pound basically when it’s loaded, okay. Let’s shoot a little bit more and let’s see we tried about everything, let’s go with some Lawman here again. What else about this thing that I, I don’t know again, I’ve had it for about three or four days here. I’ve shot it and it’s a soft shooter, it’s a easy gun to shoot it really is it feels fine. I don’t know what that is about the Buffalo Bore, that ammo what’s going on with that because I did not hit the slide lock here today on video. I doubt that I did earlier when I was shooting it, so that’s perplexing. It’s especially perplexing with a Glock because Glocks I’ve never had malfunctioning issues with them.

I think it something to do with the power factor of those rounds or something. Let me try that again, see if we can do it again, all right. Now, I’m using a stealth gear inside the waist band which is for the XDS but it kind of fits all right it’s a little loose but not much because it’s better than the XDS but it just fits okay because it just contours with your body like this, so just the way you carry it, all right. Let’s actually put in the pocket holster, I think that’s the way I would carry this firearm. If I’m going to put a pistol on my belt, it’s going to be at least a nine, probably a .40 or .45 so I think I did not make it hot, let’s see if I did. I don’t like these iterations, okay. Trigger’s covered with a pocket holster very important especially with this one where it’s a little bit loose, so put it down in there. Okay, so gravity is going to keep it in that. All right, so it’s .380 but beats a hammer.

As I always say beats the sharp stick.

Not going to knock those arms around it, it’s a .380 not… let’s try this Buffalo Bore one more time just for kicks. She’s fine, I mean it’s designed for up close and dirty even at long range it seems like it’s, it’s on okay. I’m going to just have a couple of these and see if I can get that to happen again. Because everything else has been working just fine, I don’t mean to bash Buffalo Bore, I’ve used their ammo before it’s a good ammo. It’s just something about it in the Glock in this particular you might want to be aware, let’s just, okay. Let’s see and I marked that magazine didn’t I? Yes, it was the other magazine, let’s what happens here, okay. Now, keep my thumb out away from that gun.

Okay, didn’t do it this time maybe it’s the magazine. Pretty cool, one thing we didn’t look at, we got all these stuff out here but that’s what I wanted. I want to show you a lot of different ammo and I wanted to also compare with all of these firearms. We didn’t compare it with the XDS didn’t we, okay. Here is the XD… wow, makes the XDS look big doesn’t it? Now the XDS is, this one is nine millimeter and it’s not necessarily a small miniature firearm, okay so you can see the difference there. Try to bring out Fire at Will Firearms ahead with all that John has but firearms that most of you are family with to some extent and so it just gives you a better idea of the size and thickness and see again, there’s your slide, this again is an XDS nine millimeter to the left and the Glock 42 on your right. You see it’s a very thin gun no doubt about that. Makes the XDS look big, so it’s relative here’s what you compare it with. The XDS is a really sweet shooting firearm but is heavier and it’s bigger and so you get that.

If this gun were chambered in nine, this exact firearm it might just be fine but I’d say it really be snappy because it is light. Again, it’s a pound fully loaded, it’s a pound okay right out of pound so it would be a very snappy firearm. Who knows maybe they’ve got one on the drawing boards a nine coming up, coming out soon so nobody knows it’s hard to get information from Glock, right. At least we are happy that they had produced something like this, a lot of us have been wanting something like this for a long time, to have this .380 so again that’s the big negative maybe but it’s a Glock and Glocks tend to work unless you hate Glocks. They’re reliable and they’re pretty desirable amongst the large group of shooter, so it is a Glock. Again, the only time I’ve had any trouble was with that Buffalo Bore in that one magazine, so I was pretty much [phonetic] okay with that and I’ll keep you updated on that. Well, I’m not going to shoot 5,000 rounds of Buffalo Bore but I’ll be shooting a lot of different ammo and let you know if we have any problem or anything else.

Again, we appreciate Buds Gun Shop sending this thing to us and I don’t know when I would got one from Glock I would have eventually but it was great to go to the Shot Show and see these things and then be able to come home and fire one and then bring my impressions at least to you on it. Glock 42, hope that gives you a little information and we’ll some more shooting with it and probably drag it out again one day when it’s above 25 degrees hopefully, life is good.